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3 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Tired

If you’re constantly feeling tired and run down, it may not be for the reasons you tell yourself. You’re probably not lazy or boring. Nor are you suffering from caffeine deficiency. The reality is, many of us are fatigued, yet we don’t always have a window into why. At the Institute for the Psychology of […]

4 Surprising Ways That Food Can Impact Your Mood

Managing our mood and feeling good about who we are makes life worth living. These days, we are inundated with all kinds of strategies to tweak our brain chemistry, and far too many people find themselves on prescription drugs that can have numerous unwanted side effects. It’s time for a more empowered approach to managing […]

4 Tips to Heal Your Relationship with Food

Many of us are in a battle with ourselves when it comes to food. We might be fighting our weight, our body fat, our appetite, our endless thoughts about food, or the feeling of being stuck in a food prison. From this place it’s easy to spiral downwards and feel isolated and hopeless. But there […]

Nutritional Self Defense – Video with Emily Rosen

Environmental sensitivities are a hot topic in the wellness world these days. Some people have a strong reaction to chemicals in their food, while others experience discomfort when they’re exposed to perfumes, mold, or loud noises. The rays of the sun are healing and comforting to some people, but can send others into major physical […]