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5 Things to Avoid in a Health Coach Training

As the demand for health coaches continues to expand in the market, more and more health coach trainings are becoming available to meet the need. If you do a search online under health coach trainings, you’ll find both virtual programs and brick and mortar schools that promise to prepare you to help people improve and […]

8 Attributes of the Best Health Coach Trainings

If you are someone who is passionate about the desire to help others lead healthier lives you may be a natural health coach. But as you look around for potential trainings you decide that you do not want to be just any health coach: you want to help transform lives! Arming yourself with powerful skills […]

Beyond Health Coach Training

If you’re a health coach, chances are you know that being a health coach is more than a profession – it’s a calling. In fact, you’ve probably come to the world of health coaching because you’re personally passionate about healthy living. Your own journey of health and healing may have led you to pursue health […]