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Can Happiness Be Learned? – Video with Emily Rosen

Can Happiness Be Learned?

Is happiness an inborn personality trait? Or does happiness simply come about when the right combination of circumstances appear? Sometimes happiness can seem elusive, and you might even wonder if it will ever come your way. But a number of recent studies tell a different story. The exciting truth is that we actually have a […]

Five Ways to Become the Happiest Version of You

Happiness is not just a random emotion that comes over us when everything is going our way. Happiness can also be cultivated and learned. That’s very good news, because the world isn’t always a happy place. Life can be hard, and we could all use more reasons to smile. So in the spirit of cultivating […]

Can Happiness Be Learned?

There are a lot of happy people out there, and there are a lot of miserable people out there, too. Are happy people happy because of habits and outlook, inborn traits, or life circumstances? On the other hand, are unhappy people unhappy because they’re born that way, because they don’t have enough stuff, or because […]