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The Brain in the Belly – Video with Emily Rosen

One of the most fascinating developments in the field of nutritional science in recent years has been the discovery of the enteric nervous system, known as the “gut brain” or the “brain in the belly.” Although we’re used to thinking of the brain in our head as the commander in chief of our body systems, […]

The Science and Psychology of Intuitive Eating

Imagine a world where you woke up each day and had an easy relationship with food. You ate when you were hungry and stopped when you were full. There are no moments of being hard on yourself. No beating yourself up when you ate something “bad.” No shame or guilt. No eating out of anger […]

The Brain in the Belly

If you’re a lover of intelligence, then it’s reasonable to assume that you’ve got some high regard for the brain. How many people would argue against the supremacy of one of our favorite and most useful organs? Modern medicine understands the head-brain to be “command central” – the place from which our entire life receives […]