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4 Tips for a Positive Body Image

Pills to control hunger, ads for facial injections, songs about the size of body parts, spray tans, hair extensions, padded bras…What do all of these have in common? They’re messages that you hear several times a day, telling you that you are not good enough as you are. That you need to be improved and […]

Men and Body Image

Body image is a widely discussed topic these days. Many health experts and media outlets report on negative body image, especially in the celebrity arena. There are even new “body love” campaigns that celebrate real women, and a backlash against photo retouching and unrealistic images of women and models. This is good news, and we […]

4 Tips for Helping Kids Love Exercise

It’s easy to see why children and exercise are no longer synonymous. Gone are the days when kids had an hour of P.E. in school, and were able to safely run around their neighborhood for hours on end. There is tremendous pressure on children to do well in reading, math and science, while the creative […]

5 Simple Tips for Daily Detox

These days, detoxing has become quite popular – and for very good reason. We live in a time when the body is subjected to a vast amount of human-made toxins, and this can have a profound impact on our health, our energy, and our future generations. Cleaning out the body as best we can is […]

Body Image and Exercise

At first glance, it may seem like exercising and having a positive body image are at odds. After all, we often exercise in order to lose weight because we do not have a positive attitude about our bodies as they are. But, as a University of Florida study suggests, exercise can actually help us to […]