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3 Ways to Raise Health Conscious Kids

Kids learn by watching their parents. If you want to raise a healthy eater and a child who likes a variety of foods, then it is best to model this behavior. But even if you have eaten a salad in front of your kids every day since they were born and they still don’t like […]

Becoming a Mind Body Eating Coach: Do the Numbers Add Up?

Becoming a Mind Body Eating Coach: Do the Numbers Add Up?

You’re passionate about nutrition and wellness, and you want to channel that passion into a career where you can help people heal from challenges around food, eating, body image, weight, digestion, and more. That’s great! Now what? If you’re just starting out, or if you’re changing careers from a different field, you’re probably thinking about […]

What is Mind Body Nutrition – Video with Emily Rosen

“Mind Body Nutrition” is a term we use a lot here at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. So, what exactly does it mean? We think this phrase perfectly expresses something that’s been lacking in the field of nutritional science for far too long. Nutritionists typically study the vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that […]

The Psychology of Cleansing – Video with Emily Rosen

We’ve all seen the magazine covers proclaiming the miraculous benefits of various fasts and cleanses. Many people who want to make big changes in their diet begin with a period of fasting, and nutrition coaches will frequently recommend detoxifying cleanses. But what are we really doing to our bodies, minds, and spirits when we undertake […]