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The Secret to Fixing Any Unwanted Eating Issue

For so many years, I’ve been a professional fanatic when it comes to self-help and personal growth. I think it’s done me some good – but I could surely recall a time when I was convinced I was broken. This was a reasonable diagnosis to make, especially given that I came across all sorts of […]

Why Be An Eating Psychology Coach?

The professional field of coaching has exploded over the last decade, becoming more and more widespread. Why has this happened? Well, for a number of very good reasons. In terms of life and health coaching, many people are beginning to feel that there is more to life than simply making a living. Quality of life […]

Women, Body Image, and the Media

It’s no surprise that, for most women, body image is negatively impacted by messages in the media. In fact, there is a growing awareness around this, even within the media and our popular culture itself. But how exactly are these negative messages delivered? What makes them so insidious? Let’s take a look at a few […]

Who is Emily Rosen? – Video

If you’d like to learn more about the Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating – Emily Rosen – then check out this brief and heartwarming video. Emily shares some details about her own personal journey, and what led her to her position in bringing the Institute to a […]

Emotional Eating – Is It Really A Problem?

The bookshelves are currently locked and loaded with volumes of advice on how to handle our emotional eating issues. True it is that we have some epidemic concerns around weight, overeating, under-eating, binge eating and bulimia. It’s a noble undertaking to find the healing ways that would bring relief to these poignant challenges. But I’ve […]