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What is Metabolism – Video with Emily Rosen

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism has been a hot topic for a long time now. So many people want to change their metabolism and make it faster and more powerful. But when someone says “I want to boost my metabolism,” what do they really mean? As it turns out, the term “metabolism” means different things to many different people, […]

The Eater’s Agreement – Video with Emily Rosen

Marc David’s classic piece, “The Eater’s Agreement,” originally appeared in the book Nourishing Wisdom in 1991. Since then, it has been used in countless college courses, community workshops, and coaching sessions, and has helped untold numbers of people come to a new, positive, empowered understanding of their relationship with food. Almost 25 years later, this […]

Five Surprising Reasons You Might Be Constipated

This isn’t always a topic people feel comfortable talking about, but it’s important when it comes to good health! You may consider yourself a healthy eater, but for some reason you get constipated. No matter what you try, nothing seems to work, and you are left feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Pooping every day is healthy. […]