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Men, Food and Body Image – Video with Emily Rosen

The topic of body image and its connection to eating disorders is getting some much-deserved air time in the media these days. But if you’re paying attention to these conversations, you may have noticed that something is missing: the men. Both body image challenges and eating disorders are typically portrayed as women’s issues. Not only […]

Here’s Why There’s Hope if You Have an Eating Disorder

If you have an eating disorder, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with their relationships with food and their bodies. But for those struggling beyond disordered thinking or eating into full-blown eating disorders, don’t give up! There is hope. The Predisposition Science has shown that the same genetics that predispose people toward alcoholism can predispose […]

Body Image and the Elderly

Typically we think of body image concerns as a problem that affects adolescents and young adults, but this is not always the case. As several new studies show, the elderly, and in particular elderly women, are increasingly concerned about body image and physical appearance. If you work with the elderly or simply have a beloved […]

How to Stop Overeating: 6 Great Tips

You know what it feels like when you overeat—you’re stuffed, sluggish, and you probably didn’t even enjoy the meal all that much. But you keep doing it anyway. Why is that, and what can you do to stop overeating? Here are six tips to get you going in the right direction. 1- Slow down when […]

How Do I Control My Appetite?

These days, a lot of us feel like we’re struggling to control our appetite. There is often the impression that appetite causes us to eat more than we want to, and leads to weight gain. As a result, many of us approach the situation from the perspective of reining appetite in. It’s not hard to […]

4 Ways to Help with Emotional Eating

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: we are all emotional eaters. We bring food to friends and family, to show our care and concern, we make our children their favorite foods to show our love for them, we celebrate happy moments with a special meal,  we give chocolates to our sweetheart […]

Who is Marc David? – Video

If you’d like to learn more about the founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating – Marc David – then check out this brief and thoughtful biographical video from a self proclaimed introvert! Marc shares some words about his own personal journey and what inspired him to do his pioneering work in Dynamic […]

Top 5 Causes of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are complex psycho-physiologic challenges that require much more than simple determination and a strong will to conquer. One of every fifty children in the United States will deal with them at some point in their lives. And while eating disorders are generally seen as a form of mental illness, here at the Institute […]

Eating Disorders – 7 Deeper Insights to Consider

I just returned from a teaching excursion to the Big Apple – my hometown of New York City. The Institute sponsored two evening presentations – The Future of Nutrition was our first event that sold out and was so well received by many of our old friends and new followers. It was a great experience […]