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The Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode 137: Difficulty Gaining Weight – It’s More Painful Than You Think

Chloe developed anorexia at age 14, and though she was able to pull herself out of the the restrictive behaviors, she never fully dealt with the feelings of unworthiness and unlovability that were underlying the eating disorder. Before long, anxiety and obsessive thoughts about food and body grew into orthorexia (fixation on a healthy or […]

The Brain in the Belly – Video with Emily Rosen

One of the most fascinating developments in the field of nutritional science in recent years has been the discovery of the enteric nervous system, known as the “gut brain” or the “brain in the belly.” Although we’re used to thinking of the brain in our head as the commander in chief of our body systems, […]

Pleasure and Metabolism – Video with Emily Rosen

Do you remember being told as a child that you needed to finish a certain food, even though you didn’t like it, because it was “good for you”? Or maybe you’ve pushed yourself to include certain tasteless, joyless foods in your diet because you’ve heard they’ll help you lose weight or manage an unwanted symptom. […]

4 Ways Stress Impacts Digestion

You have been hearing for years that stress isn’t good for you, and that it can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. What you may not realize is that stress has a hugely negative effect on your digestive system. It’s not just the big stressful events, like moving or losing your job, that can […]

3 Surprising Reasons Why Your Digestion Isn’t Great

Most people with good digestion never even notice how good it really is. We usually tend to notice the importance of our digestive system only when it’s being uncooperative. So if you feel isn’t where it should be, then it’s time to look a little deeper. There may be some some simple yet powerful changes […]

The Science of Appetite

Appetite, as distinct from hunger, encompasses so much more than a biological urge to correct low blood sugar. It is the desire to eat. Our relationship with food, pleasure, and nourishment exists in this gap between biological hunger and our desire to eat. It is a complex, dynamic interplay between our hormones, senses, habits, past […]

The Stress – Metabolism Connection

I’ve had hundreds of clients over the years with digestive challenges and pains, many of whom had gobs of medical intervention, testing, poking and prodding – only to be told that “nothing was wrong.” This is one of my favorite medical diagnoses. Oddly enough, a vast majority of our digestive woes become medical mysteries simply […]