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What is Food Addiction?

What is Food Addiction?

Food Addiction is a hot topic in the health and wellness industry. There are countless programs that promise to break your addiction to food. Help for your addiction can be found through 12 step programs, cleanses, detoxes, and even hypnosis. But is there more to the story then just stopping consumption of certain foods? Food […]

What Is Orthorexia? – Video with Emily Rosen

These days, it’s just about impossible to turn on your computer, TV, or cell phone without hearing about another new discovery in healthy eating. Either there’s a new superfood that you need to incorporate into your diet, or a certain ingredient or chemical is being added to the “bad list.” Keeping up with the latest […]

The Eater’s Agreement – Video with Emily Rosen

Marc David’s classic piece, “The Eater’s Agreement,” originally appeared in the book Nourishing Wisdom in 1991. Since then, it has been used in countless college courses, community workshops, and coaching sessions, and has helped untold numbers of people come to a new, positive, empowered understanding of their relationship with food. Almost 25 years later, this […]

What is Mind Body Nutrition – Video with Emily Rosen

“Mind Body Nutrition” is a term we use a lot here at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. So, what exactly does it mean? We think this phrase perfectly expresses something that’s been lacking in the field of nutritional science for far too long. Nutritionists typically study the vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that […]