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7 Tips for Teens and Body Image

These days, it seems like a lot of us have insecurities about our bodies that can be intense at times. And it feels pretty terrible. It can be particularly challenging for teens—both guys and girls–who are often struggling to fit in, at the same time that they’re beginning to discover who they are as independent […]

2nd Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference!

Marc David here: We just wrapped up one of our most popular and well-loved online events! The 2nd Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference was such a very sweet success. The feedback was wonderful, and so many people had life changing insights and moments. Still others found new hope and new resources, and were inspired in […]

5 Great Paleo Principles that Anyone Can Use

Perhaps you’ve heard about the “paleo diet” that’s gained so much popularity over the last several years. If you’re not familiar with the approach, then it will be helpful to know that proponents of the paleo diet lifestyle eschew the major agricultural influences of the Neolithic Age or “Agricultural Revolution,” in particular: dairy, grains, pulses […]

6 Tips for Self Care

These days, we can find all kinds of great advice when to comes to self care. In a world that’s not always so easy to navigate, where good health is often a rare gift, and where pain, symptoms and ill health are so often a given, tips for self care may be more important than […]