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What is Mind Body Nutrition – Video with Emily Rosen

“Mind Body Nutrition” is a term we use a lot here at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. So, what exactly does it mean? We think this phrase perfectly expresses something that’s been lacking in the field of nutritional science for far too long. Nutritionists typically study the vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that […]

3 Surprising Reasons Why You Keep Getting Sick

You don’t go around licking Petri dishes with illnesses in them, you sleep decently, and you eat some nutritious foods, so why are you still getting sick? In spite of good nutrition, plenty of sleep, and limited exposure to illness, some other factors may be at play. Here are three surprising reasons why you keep […]

Nutritional Self Defense – Video with Emily Rosen

Environmental sensitivities are a hot topic in the wellness world these days. Some people have a strong reaction to chemicals in their food, while others experience discomfort when they’re exposed to perfumes, mold, or loud noises. The rays of the sun are healing and comforting to some people, but can send others into major physical […]

What Exactly is Bulimia?

In our high-pressure, image-focused society, some people turn to drastic, unhealthy measures to try to change their bodies. No one wants to develop an eating disorder, but what may start out as experimentation with a disordered eating behavior can escalate into a habit, and then a consuming lifestyle. In this blog, we will investigate bulimia […]