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Mind Over Food

One of the most fundamental building blocks of nutritional metabolism is neither vitamin, mineral, nor molecule. It’s our relationship with food. It’s the sum total of our innermost thoughts and feelings about what we eat. This relationship with food is as deep and revealing as any we might ever have. The great Sufi poet Rumi […]

How Do I Control My Appetite?

These days, a lot of us feel like we’re struggling to control our appetite. There is often the impression that appetite causes us to eat more than we want to, and leads to weight gain. As a result, many of us approach the situation from the perspective of reining appetite in. It’s not hard to […]

Insight into Appetite – Video with Emily Rosen

If you’re alive on planet Earth, then you likely have an appetite. The problem is, many of us have a challenging relationship with food. And those challenges often lead us into confusion around our appetite. So if you’re the kind of person who finds yourself fighting appetite, wishing it would go away, or simply not […]

Does Anyone Know How to Stop Overeating?

Did you know that “how-to” videos are the most-searched type of video on YouTube?  So many of us want to know how-to do something, or how to fix our problem, whatever it is. Overeating is no different – we naturally would love to know the “how-to,” to stop our overeating; the exact steps that will […]