New Free Presentation – Why We Can’t Control Emotional Eating

If you’re curious about why we can’t stop Emotional Eating, I’d like to share a few common misconceptions surrounding this topic:

It’s easy for those who don’t struggle with this every day to say things like, “Why can’t you just get it under control?” But if you’ve ever dealt with emotional eating, you know it’s much more complicated than that. We try hard to control ourselves and not overeat or not binge, but it feels like we just can’t stop it from happening. It’s almost as if there’s an outside force that takes over our body and drives us to eat those 2 pints of ice cream! While helping people with emotional eating over the last 30 years, I can honestly tell you that’s there’s an elegant way to work with this eating challenge and transform it. In fact, there’s some simple science that can help make a huge difference. But first, here’s 3 common strategies that tend to make emotional eating worse:

1: Dieting

I like to say that for every diet, there’s an equal and opposing binge that happens. The whole idea of going on a diet creates the mindset for failure because it sets up a pattern of good and bad. Things are good for a few weeks while the diet is going well, but then things go bad when the binge occurs. The cycle of good and bad, on a diet then off of a diet, is extremely stressful and promotes deeper feelings of shame and guilt around food.

2: Getting more willpower

We only have so much willpower in a day and when people try to “get more willpower,” they’re setting themselves up for failure. It can work for short periods of time, but typically we’ll “fall off the wagon” after a few weeks and lose the ability to resist, kick starting another cycle of emotional eating. If more willpower was the right strategy, it would have worked a long time ago.

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3: Fighting food (or trying to control yourself)

It’s incredibly stressful on the body to try to control or suppress ourselves around food. Fighting food can actually lock us into a stress chemistry that leads to a binge. That’s why those of us who try to “control ourselves” and fight food on a daily basis might do okay for a short period of time, but we’ll inevitably fall into a binge and go right back to square one.

If you can relate to any of these three examples, then you know what it’s like to be caught up in the cycle of emotional eating and not feel like yourself.

With so many different ways of addressing emotional eating that don’t seem to work, how do you take control of your relationship with food?

Well, instead of giving you the same advice about emotional eating that you’ve heard over and over, I want to go deeper into the science behind why we can’t “get control.” I want to help you understand what’s going on inside your body that’s causing this cycle of emotional eating and what you can do to stop emotional eating.

That’s why I’m doing this special presentation on the hidden metabolic reasons why we can’t control our emotional eating.

You’ll learn about some important details, including information on:

  • The impact of stress chemistry on appetite and calorie burning capacity
  • The mindset shift you can use to stop emotional eating – without having to rely on willpower
  • The metabolically driven reasons we emotionally overeat

I’d love for you to tune in, and if you’re struggling with emotional eating right now, I know this simple presentation can make a big difference. Here’s all the details on how to reserve your spot and join me next week:

Free Presentation:
“Why We Can’t Control Emotional Eating”

When: Monday, 12/9/2013 at 6 pm PST / 9pm EST

Registration is free and takes about 15 seconds.

If you’ve been dealing with emotional eating for months, or even years, but you haven’t been able to get control – I want to help you understand what’s going on in your body.

I hope to see you next Monday night.

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