• Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #227 – Making Peace with the Past

    Dorothee, 29, is learning to navigate her own body wisdom, and step into her present and future in a healthy way. This means she will need to make peace with the past, and let go of the opinion of others. As she shares her story with Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we learn she has challenges with inflammation, digestion, allergies and anxiety. Marc invites her to move forward by trusting herself, and being unattached to others, especially her family, about whether or not they buy into her holistic health practices. Dorothee comes away with new insights on how to navigate her nervousness, and trust her own path and align with others who share her values when it comes to searching for answers about health.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #225 – Is Self Expression Connected to Weight?

    Batul, age 23, comes to Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, with very clear intention she wants to lose 20 more lbs to get to her goal weight... a weight she has never weighed before. This goal is tied to her desire to step into self-expression, and own who she is. As we get deeper into the conversation, Marc explains the typical mother-daughter psychological connection, and we see how it pertains to Batul and her mother. There are so many ways she has wanted to be different than her mom, not because she doesn't love her, but because she is following her own intuition and path of personal growth. As she grows into her own woman, Marc invites her to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Batul realizes she will never be able to fully express her own truth and her body will never settle into it's natural weight if she keeps trying to please everybody else first.

  • The Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #223 – When 2 Partners Have a Different Approach to Food

    Claudia, 34, opens up to Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, about her current inner conflict with food. There is the ideal she has about what to eat when it's in her control, and how she would like her and her partner to eat, especially since they are trying to conceive. Then, there is the never-ending confrontation of environments that don't include this way of 'healthy' eating. Marc relates to her with his own experience of raising his kid with the intention of instilling healthy eating habits, and also realizing everyone around us eats differently. Claudia begins to see how she can focus more on the positive with herself and with those around her, and learn to empower and trust, instead of being in a state of stress, control and force.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #221 – Bloating & Weight Gain: What’s Next?

    Stephanie, who recently turned 40, has some health issues that have accelerated over the past 2 years. Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, gets the whole picture of her symptoms and almost immediately recommends she sees a naturopathic doctor who can do some hormone testing for her. In the meantime, Marc and Stephanie take this time to acknowledge that her body is on a journey right now, and that she has every reason to be in a state of 'whoah, what's next?' Her kids are out of the house. They were her world. Her marriage is ending. Marc is compassionate yet straight forward with her, and starts to paint the picture of what an empowered future would look like for her.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #219 – A Young Woman Finds Her Beauty

    Rain, 35, opens up to Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, about her challenges with overeating, and using food as a coping mechanism. She describes the reason for her coping with food as a possible result of loneliness, and is open to seeing what else may be underneath it. As the conversation opens up, we learn she has also had a journey with having different physical challenges. Blind in one eye, hard of hearing, and wearing a prosthesis, she calls it a disability, but also says she doesn't feel in victimhood about it. Through the challenges of not having many friends as a girl, and learning to look at her journey of moving from one coping mechanism to another, her and Marc come to a point of enlightenment around how she can own all of herself, nourish herself in new ways in relationship, and acknowledge that she has actually done a great job overcoming so far.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #217 – A Big Breakthrough After 42 Years of Dieting

    What would it be like to have something you've wanted since you were 12? And now, like Deb, you're 58, and you still don't have it. For Deb, this 'something' she wants is to feel comfortable in her own skin. As she shares with Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, she has tried all the diets, and lost the weight a number of times, and nothing has worked. As they dig deeper, Deb gains 2 major insights from Marc. He empowers her to reprogram the belief 'food is calories, must restrict calories' to a more nourishing relationship of 'I love food. I enjoy whole, nutritious foods and even have a treat every once in a while'. The second, and big takeaway for Deb, stems from her feeling of 'not fitting in' since she was a teenager. Instead of continuing to try to fit by worrying about what she looks like, or how much she weighs, Marc has another strategy. Check out this episode to see what it is!

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #215 – Learning Self Love & Empowerment

    Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, talks to Kayla, 37, about what she describes as post traumatic stress, getting worked up with life's stresses, and turning to food in a way she doesn't want to in order to cope with it all. After learning about her past experiences, not having a strong father figure, being cyber bullied, and noticing strong negative reaction to everyday happenings, Marc connects Kayla's debilitation from these experiences with her having a sensitive nervous and immune system. Without any barrier, everything is allowed in. This stems from the feeling of abandonment as a child. Marc makes a connection between the stressful situations and abandonment, and even sheds light on the possibility that in these moments of stress and overwhelm, Kayla is abandoning herself. She walks away with a new practice of learning to stand by her own side, honor herself, and embrace her journey, so that she can feel empowered, safe, and whole.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #213 – A Woman Confronts Her Anxiety About Food & Health

    Elle, 29, can't seem to find a positive thought to dedicate to her body. Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, reassures her she is not the only one in this boat. He also gives her his honest view about how much this is gripping her, to the point of her obsession with food and body occupying so much space and energy, he would consider it her primary relationship, above her husband, her dog, her friends. It's taking up the most of her life energy. So what's the answer when we feel stuck? When we feel like our happiness will be directly tied to losing weight? But when the weight comes off, Elle has admitted, she still wasn't 100% satisfied. Marc introduces the opportunity to finally let go, to begin stepping into her womanhood more, learn to receive love and support, and in doing that, finally find peace with food and body.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #211 – Binge Eating & Emotional Eating: What To Do?

    Leslie, 58, finds herself on a continuous hunt for happiness as she opens up to Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, about her use of overeating to disconnect. By digging deeper into relationship with Mom and Dad, the loss of her own child, and where all the past has brought her in the present, Marc and Leslie take a journey of discovery around what happiness might look like to her, some good practices moving forward, and letting go of past disappointments by starting with a true, deep self love.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #209 – Dieting for Over 60 Years

    Susan is 69 and knows she still has a lot of work to do when it comes to loving her body. She has been focused on her weight, her body image, and dieting since she was a small child. Growing up in the world of television and eventually building her own successful career as a writer and producer for a popular soap opera, she has inhabited a world obsessed with body image. Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, challenges Susan to rethink her thinking when it comes to weight. Feeling adored and supported by her father, Susan never felt the same acceptance from her mother. She felt her mother was in competition with her to have the best figure. With the best of intentions, her father also encouraged her to diet early in order to have a successful acting career. Both of her major relationships have also felt this sting of rejection or not being enough with the best body or perfect diet. Susan wants peace with food and her body. She and Marc explore where she is now, how she can step up into her Queenhood, and really own her worth.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #207 – Her Childhood & Her Weight

    Ana, 29, is talking to Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, about her desire to find contentment with her weight. What comes along with this will be a freedom from guilt and anxiety for her. The problem is, Ana is in a battle with herself, often going back and forth daily about thinking "I am who I am and I'm good like this" and "But I also want to lose weight". As the discussion goes a little deeper, we learn that this guilt around food can actually be traced back to a memory when she was only 2 years old! To help her relax into the journey, Marc invites Ana to befriend herself instead of battling herself. We see a playful shift that will allow her to accept herself, even if she wants to make changes at some point.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #205 – Successful in So Many Ways Except Weight Loss

    Danielle, 41, is experiencing a lot of confusion about how her body is reacting to food. She has gained about 28 lbs. over the last 4 years, and has tried just about every way of eating, allergy testing, dieting, doctors, etc. Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, takes in her journey and acknowledges the complexity of it. Many factors such as her relationship to food, past traumas, international travel, and potential biological imbalances could all be playing a part. A lesson we can all take away from the insight Marc delivers to Danielle, is that this is our journey. And how can we relax into our symptoms as opposed to fighting them? What would it be like, if even while we are in the unknown, while we are discovering the next thing to try, or the right foods for our body... we could relax into it? Danielle walks away with new opportunity to allow herself to feel instead of fight, to be curious instead of obsessed to find the answer.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #203 – What To Do with A Big Weight Gain?

    Is there a connection between weight and fear? Christie, early 50's, dives into her life-long challenge with weight, as Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, guides her through some insights about the connection of her relationship with Mom, or lack there of, to her relationship with food and body. In this episode, we are taken on a journey to learn that the decades of struggling with weight bring Christie to now facing aging and the true desire to focus on her health. But instead of scaring herself into weight loss, Marc instead gives her the tools to uncover and shift the fundamental causes of her situation. She walks away with practices of affirmation, gratitude, and possibly a new way of looking at her body for the first time.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #201 – The Brilliance of Having a Sensitive Body

    In this session, Marc, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and Sandra take a deeper look into what she describes as low energy and inability to focus and get things done. As the discussion unfolds, we learn that she is an overall sensitive soul, and Marc gives her a new way of recognizing what this means when it comes to her energy, and her desire to "fix" things. Sandra comes away with a new perspective around honoring her sensitivity, as well as practices to allow herself to take a step back before trying to rush in, plan, and then end up getting overwhelmed. Marc even invites her to have chocolate every day!

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #199 – Learning To Free The Mind from Obessessive Food Thoughts

    Taylor, almost 23, talks to Founder of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Marc David, and they unravel her feelings of wanting to be able to control her mind around food and body. A life-long athlete and recently graduated college cheerleader, Taylor recognizes that she is in transition into a move, a job, a different level of physical activity, and she's looking for some guidance on how to find freedom from negative thoughts and unwanted behaviors with food. Marc works with her to uncover where the work is, and how she can actually use the desire to control her mind, in order to be patient with her journey, instead of letting the negative thoughts take over. She walks away with some key tools and breakthroughs to carry her forward.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #197 – An Unexpected Connection Between Food & Sexuality

    Scott has been feeling that he isn't enough for some time. He wants to change his body, lose weight, feel more secure with money, and feel more at ease with food. He and Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, explore what's really at the root of his unease in his own skin. Scott connects the dots when it comes to his own self-rejection and where he has felt rejected by his parents for his sexuality. He reflects on forgiveness and letting go of the imprint of some of his earliest experience of coming out and not feeling fully accepted. He commits to changing the story in order to radically change his situation and his life.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #195 – A Lifelong Journey with Weight

    Rachel has hit a wall with her unexplained weight gain. She has been dedicated to fitness, she eats well, and she stays in control of her habits. Yet, in the last year, she has seen the weight come on and can't figure out why. Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, dives into this question head on with Rachel. He challenges her to rethink her relationship with control and ask her body what it is trying to teach her right now. Rachel shares more about her relationship to stress, her lifestyle, and her tendency to stay in control of her diet. Marc helps her see how all the ways she is trying to maintain control could be sabotaging where she really wants to get in her body and with her health.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #193 – Discovering the Deeper Meaning of His Mysterious Pain

    Patrick has been experiencing a mysterious pain for some time without any medical explanation. He has done the tests and has seen the doctors and has received a good bill of health each time. So why the pain? Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and Patrick dig for the hidden lessons of the mystery pain. Patrick reveals what triggers the discomfort and is sure it is triggered by particular stressors, especially since the pain really started during his very painful divorce. Marc and Patrick dive into a really important conversation about the divine masculine, what it means to be a "good" man in today's world, and where he is being called to step more into his role as a leader in life.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #191 – A Woman Discovers the Root Causes of Her Eating Challenges

    Melissa's relationship with her body, her weight, and with food has been off for years. What she desires is just to find a peaceful place with it all. But, there many reasons Melissa struggles with what she does, and it has little to do with food. Follow this session as Melissa really opens up with Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, about how her experiences have led her down this path and where she is going from here. Marc and Melissa discover a lot about how her relationship to her mom, to the men in her life, and even her job have played a role in her relationship to her body and to food. Her entire identity has been impacted by these experiences and she is ready to shed some the self-inflicted restraints she has placed because of her weight and who she thinks she is supposed to be for other people.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #189 – A Bodybuilder Confronts Her Body Image

    Is it possible to practice self-love and mindful eating while also entering a bodybuilding competition? That's the question Megan is asking herself. As a fitness trainer and a IFBB bikini pro, Megan is grappling with her desire to compete and her desire to heal her relationship with her body and food. Can she have both? In this unique session, Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and Megan discuss what's possible for her future in fitness. She wants to end the torture of obsessive dieting and the fear she feels around weight gain and tracking her food. She also wants to continue pursing professional bodybuilding. Marc guides Megan into how to create balance and awareness so that her next competition is one she is ready to face with less fear and anxiety and more compassion, forgiveness, and self-acceptance.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #187 – A Man Has a Breakthrough with Food & Life

    Joel's life has felt uncertain and out of his control. He feels like he copes with the uncertainty in his life through food. At times, it's as though he can't stop eating and one meal turns into a several hour affair. Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, helps Joel put the pieces together on what is really going on behind the overeating. Rather than focusing on the eating as the problem, Joel discovers that what he is yearning for is something bigger in his life, using food as his outlet. Joel takes on his masculine, his feminine, his resistance to structure, and makes a big commitment to his life.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast: Episode #185 – A Young Woman Has A Big Breakthtrough

    Huguette can remember when she was the "pretty" girl and had what seemed like the perfect body. Still, she sought approval from others and when she was hurt and betrayed in some of her relationships, it was hard to bounce back from. She started binge eating to cope and slowly started to put the weight on. Now in her mid-20s, she is done with hating her weight, hating her body, and feeling controlled by binge eating. Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, helps Huguette truly own where she is in her journey and just how far she has already come. They dive into her story with food, her body, and her relationships in life. Huguette makes a new commitment to herself and to her body that will positively impact both her and her clients as she pushes forward.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode #183: Learning to Finally Trust Her Body & Her Life

    Elizabeth can't remember the last time she felt completely okay about her body or her health for a long period of time. She has spent so much energy and time second guessing her decisions and looking for the next best fix or solution. Like many others, she feels tortured by the contradictory nutrition advice and can work herself into a tizzy trying to find the right answer. The only time she feels completely comfortable is in silence and meditation. In this really relatable session, Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, works with Elizabeth through some issues that many can relate to. He helps her appreciate all that she already knows and to really trust her innate body wisdom. He guides her into really stepping into and owning her queenhood. And he gives us all an important reminder about relaxing into the unknowns of life and releasing the reigns on having to know all the answers all the time.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode #181: Letting Go of the Bully Within

    For many years, Devorah has fought her body to lose weight. Going on diet after diet, she has the ideal weight in mind and is continually frustrated with how out of reach it has been. Even with her husband's support and reassurance that she is fine the way she is now, she knows there has always been that little voice inside that says she needs to keep pushing herself to look better and weigh less. In this really important session, Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, walks with Devorah on this journey to discovering where these thoughts and beliefs about herself began. He helps her see how she, the victim of bullying as a child, has become her own worst bully. Listen in as Devorah makes great discoveries about herself, her body, her health, her relationship with her mother, and how to begin healing in a really big way.

  • Psychology of Eating Podcast Episode #179: A Doctor Rediscovers Self Care

    As a doctor, Dan has devoted his life and energy to helping others heal. Lately, though, he finds his own energy is dropping day by day. Waking up feeling exhausted and burned out, Dan feels embarrassed that even his patients are beginning to notice. When his blood tests did not reveal anything unusual, Dan started to wonder if an answer could ever be found. In this breakthrough session, Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, works with Dan to uncover what's really behind his fatigue, and why Dan needs to start taking more responsibility for his self-care. Find out what he discovers and listen in on this inspiring conversation.

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