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Our Professional Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is the most comprehensive, innovative and inspiring educational experience in eating psychology you can find. It features a powerful curriculum delivered in an online distance-learning program that you can take from anywhere in the world. Graduates are certified as Mind Body Eating Coaches and receive a life-changing professional training. As a student in our groundbreaking program, you’ll come away with a strong skill-set and the confidence to work with the most important eating concerns of our times – weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more. And, you’ll be part of a new movement that’s forever changing the way the world understands eating and nutrition.

Hear what our Certified Mind Body Eating Coaches have to say about our Training!

Key Highlights

An Information-Rich 250+ Hour Training

Our training features two powerful and important new fields – Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. These provide an unprecedented foundation that positions you to serve clients like never before. The training is delivered via an easy-to-use multimedia platform that features videos, audios, slideshows, handouts, notes, protocols, live teleclasses, recommended readings, online forums, and an optional live event. Students enjoy cutting edge information along with a sense of community with like-minded and like-hearted others. We believe this is the way school should be – practical, authentic, inspiring, transformational and fun.

Convenient Distance Learning Format

Take this training with you wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling, have a full-time career, are a busy parent, or you’re in a life transition, the Training is designed to easily fit your lifestyle. You can access the material on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. All you need is an internet connection! We’ve created a user-friendly online experience that makes learning effortless and enjoyable. This is the way to study and advance your career – in your own time, and at your own convenience.

Study From Anywhere in the World

Our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is designed for you to learn from anywhere around the globe. We have a committed and inspired international student body. Our graduates have come from North America, Asia, Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Romania, England, South America, Europe, Central America, Scandinavia, Russia, New Zealand and more. And because the work we teach is so cutting edge, our students have a unique position in the marketplace, and many have established virtual practices serving clients internationally.

A Unique Combination of Nutrition and Psychology

Revolutionize the way you view eating, body image, and nourishment! The Institute’s groundbreaking combination of eating psychology and nutrition are all firmly anchored in clinical experience, timeless wisdom and mind body science. You won’t find a curriculum like this anywhere else! Our students love the natural blend of psychology and science. And your clients will benefit from an approach that’s results-oriented and in true alignment with all the dimensions of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart, and soul.

A Deep and Practical Understanding of Eating Psychology for Everyone

Are you ready for a groundbreaking approach? The Institute has originated the important new field of Dynamic Eating Psychology. It’s a positive, generous, and life affirming view of our relationship with food. It sees all of our eating concerns as powerful opportunities for growth and transformation. Though Dynamic Eating Psychology is applicable to those with eating disorders, it’s designed as an eating psychology for everyone. It addresses the vast number of people who face challenges with weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating and much more. When it comes to working with the most important concerns we face with food, Dynamic Eating Psychology is a game changer.

Be at the Cutting Edge with Mind Body Nutrition

The Institute has originated yet another important new field – Mind Body Nutrition. This is an exciting and timely new approach that provides the missing ingredient to nutrition. What we eat is half of the story of good nutrition. The other half of the story is who we are as eaters. Mind Body Nutrition is the psychophysiology of how our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, levels of stress and relaxation, our personal story and more profoundly impact our digestion, assimilation, calorie burning, and nutritional status. Our training provides a profound understanding of the breakthrough Mind Body Nutrition techniques that takes effectiveness with clients to a whole new place.

Enjoy a Teaching Style that’s Inspiring and Results Oriented

Marc David has been teaching this unique body of work for over 30 years, and his approach incorporates insights, connections, tools and strategies that work. Learn from powerful case studies, clear science, provocative ideas, and practical coaching and counseling distinctions that deliver. Far too many nutrition and coaching trainings are dry and uninspired. The good news is, in Mind Body Eating Coach Training you’ll experience a style of learning that’s information-rich, skills-intensive, full of wisdom, depth, and caring, and personally transformative. We’re confident that you’re in for a memorable, once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.

Curated Recommended Reading List

Learn from an eclectic and highly informative collection of books written by some of the most respected leaders in the health and personal growth fields. The optional reading list is a great support for the learning process and is designed to truly deepen you into both experiential and didactic learning. We also provide suggested introspective exercises based upon these books to help facilitate personal development, while honing your professional skills.

All Audio Files & Handouts are Yours to Keep for Life

Review our powerful, transformative content anytime and anywhere. Audio files and handouts are easily downloadable and yours to keep for life. Come back to material you want to spend extra time with, and go deeper into the learning experience for years to come. The amazing material makes every listening experience an opportunity for professional and personal growth. Many of our students share that they re-listen to classes whenever they need a refresher or extra inspiration.

Connection and Support

One of our top priorities is that students feel supported and connected in the learning process. Because everyone begins and ends the training at the same time, a wonderful sense of community is created. Lifetime relationships are made, professional alliances are forged, and students feel part of something greater. You’ll find our staff to be responsive and caring. Our optional private online forums for students are monitored by IPE staff who have gone through the training. They provide a high level of professionalism and insight. The sense of tribe that students experience is a well-loved part of this training.

Grow a Lucrative Career with Flexibility and Freedom

Launch Mind Body Eating coaching practice, work with clients in person or online, and do the kind of work where you can truly contribute and make a big difference in the lives of others. We live in a time where meaningful work is so important. Experience a career where you can be of real service while earning a rewarding income. Mind Body Eating Coaches can earn anywhere from $75 – $250 an hour in private practice. And career choices are endless. Our graduates work one-on-one and with groups; they teach; they work in clinics and health facilities; they build online businesses; they focus on a wide variety of different specialties, and so much more.

Enjoy a Competitive Edge in the Market with a Unique Certification

As a Mind Body Eating Coach, you’ll have a unique set of skills that so many people are hungry for and are fascinated by. People are tired of the same old messages that don’t work. Our training helps you stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. We’re the only school in the world that’s training practitioners in an eating psychology for everyone. You’ll be positioned at the leading edge in this new body of knowledge and you’ll have the confidence to know that you’re doing groundbreaking work that sets you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Powerfully Tap into Your Gifts as a Healing Professional

It’s a beautiful and rare feeling to know that we’re accessing our deepest inborn gifts and giving them to the world. We’d love for you to have that experience. Unlike other trainings, we don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach. We want you to discover your unique style and talents as a helping professional. We’ve designed this training to bring out the best in you. We believe it’s time for each one of us to share our special gifts with the people who need them the most.

Develop Confidence to Work with Clients

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training gives you the tools to transform knowledge into effective practice with clients. Confidence is everything when working with clients. When you receive a great education, the poise and self-assurance to work with clients naturally results. We take special care to teach the kinds of skills that will help you work with clients that others might consider difficult. With tools protocols, real case studies and demos, you’ll be poised for success.

Be Part of a New Movement in Health and Transformation

Walk away from outdated, disempowering approaches to health and nutrition and step into a positive and uplifting new movement of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology. The world is ready for a whole new approach to nourishment. Eating Psychology is the future of nutrition, and that future is now! We’re committed to creating community and tribe throughout the Training that you can be supported by for years to come. It’s a great feeling to be at the forefront of a new movement that’s making a big difference in the lives of others.

Help Others While Transforming Your Own Relationship with Food

Overcome your own challenges around food, body image, or weight and use this experience to deliver compassionate, penetrating coaching to your clients. You don’t need to be perfect to help others – you simply need to have skill, care, and be one step ahead of your clients. You’ll discover how your own journey with food can be a powerful source of knowledge, giving you an edge with your clients. The Mind Body Eating Coach Training is designed to help you address your own food and health concerns, while learning to be an effective and skillful practitioner.

Join an Exclusive Network of Professionals

We love to help our graduates succeed. The Institute provides advanced trainings and offerings that you’ll be the first to know about. We have private support groups for alumni where you can ask for support, receive feedback, and network with other professionals. We also have an optional online directory that graduates can join for a small yearly fee. This is a great way to expose your work and your message to thousands of potential clients who are looking for support and guidance.

Be Part of the New Generation of Healers

It’s time to bring effective counseling and coaching techniques out into the world to the people who need it most – those with weight loss and body image concerns, compulsive and overeating challenges, and anyone who experiences pain around their relationship with food. Millions of people are waiting to be helped in this way. Are you ready to be part of a whole new generation of helpers, healers, teachers, and counselors? Are you inspired to step up and serve others in a heartfelt and powerful way?

PayinFull Regular Enrollment
2pay 5pay 8pay PayinFull Regular Enrollment PayinFull Regular Enrollment

How The Training Works

Exclusive Access to Our Distance Learning Website
Videos with Marc David
Hundreds of Narrated Slideshows
Powerful Collection of Worksheets, Handouts and Protocols
Live Teleclasses
Inspired Reading List
Bonus Modules
Downloadable Audio Files for All Classes
  • When the program begins, you’ll be given access to the Distance Learning Program Website.
  • The course materials are delivered in 7 Modules, which will be released once every 4-6 weeks.
  • This Training is now by application only:   Apply Here Now!
Each module has an introductory video that outlines the important concepts in that module, along with a series of voice-over slide show narrated by Marc David, Founder of the Institute. You’ll experience a style of teaching that’s uplifting and inspiring.
Module content can be watched online or downloaded as mp3 files onto your computer or mobile device. The material is yours to keep for life and to return to as needed. Each of the 7 modules contains approximately 20-30 hours of teaching.
A powerful collection of written notes, worksheets, highlights, protocols and more are also included in PDF form that you can download. And introspective exercises are provided to facilitate personal development while honing your professional skills.
Each section has a recommended reading list to support the learning process.
Short tests are due at the end of each module, and a final exam is required for graduation and certification.
All audio files and handouts are downloadable and yours to keep for life.
Included in the training are two live teleclasses each month with Marc David. All teleclasses are recorded for those who cannot attend. Teleclasses are 90 minutes and happen live at 1:00 PM or 6:00 PM EST.
Each student has the option to participate in our Peer Coaching Program where you can meet regularly with a fellow student to practice your coaching skills.
A comprehensive online forum lets students engage with each other and with IPE staff, and a private Facebook group creates professional networking opportunities.
A Foundational Nutrition Module.
A Business Coaching Module to help you launch your practice or expand your currently existing business.
Admission to a free live Conference.

PayinFull Regular Enrollment
2pay 5pay 8pay PayinFull Regular Enrollment PayinFull Regular Enrollment

Our Eating Psychology Curriculum

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is a unique and fascinating blend of eating psychology, holistic nutrition, mind-body science, coaching skills, body centered practices, cultural studies, transformational disciplines, business development, results driven protocols and practical techniques that provide a powerful foundation for life-long professional success in a nutrition and health career. We believe in an approach that’s grounded in the real world, while rooted in the best insights that science and psychology has to offer.

  • In-depth study of today’s major eating challenges – weight, body image, overeating, binge-eating, chronic dieting
  • In-depth study of the most common nutrition-linked health concerns – digestive issues, fatigue, immune challenges, mood concerns, depression and chronic pain
  • Powerful case studies
  • Engaging group discussion
  • Insights, connections, and strategies that work
  • A comprehensive mind/body/spirit approach

Weight Loss

A unique and compelling look into the profound topic of weight loss through the lenses of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. You’ll learn basic and advanced coaching and counseling techniques, along with an in depth series of maps and checklists that will shed a whole new light on working with this complex challenge. Some of the key highlights of this module include:
  • Nutritional and metabolic factors influencing weight loss
  • Masculine and feminine weight loss psychology
  • Influence of stress and relaxation physiology on weight
  • Bio-circadian nutrition and weight loss
  • Working with social and cultural influences on body weight
  • The importance of macro and micro-nutrient balance
  • The metabolic power of pleasure, awareness and presence
  • Neuropsychology, placebo science and weight loss
  • Spiritual and soul dimensions of shape-shifting
  • The power of story and core life challenges in weight concerns
  • A deeper understanding of caloric science
  • Working with body wisdom and intuition
  • The hidden connection between weight, money and work
  • Weight and menopause
  • Shortcuts for creating breakthroughs with difficult clients

Body Image

An original, fresh and results oriented approach to body image concerns that will give you the tools to help others see and experience their bodies in a more healthy and compassionate way. Using principles from Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, you’ll learn the listening and coaching skills that will give you confidence to work with this important issue of our times. Some key highlights include:
  • Understanding the origins of body image
  • The deep connection between body image and sexuality
  • Body image tools/distinctions for working with different age groups
  • Family of origin and body image
  • The influence of stress and relaxation physiology
  • The hidden connection between movement and body image
  • Working with embodiment practices
  • Masculine and feminine distinctions in body image
  • Navigating the influence of media and culture
  • Yoga Psychology and body image
  • The impact of PTSD on negative body image
  • Healing and transforming body image with Archetypal Psychology
  • The connection between pleasure, desire and body image
  • The neuropsychology of presence and “loving what is”
  • The special relationship between women, food and body image

Overeating, Binge Eating, Compulsive Eating

A truly holistic approach to overeating concerns based upon the core principles of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. Help others achieve breakthroughs with compulsive and binge eating using easy-to-practice tools and techniques that promote a positive and nourishing relationship with food. Some of the key highlights of this module include:
  • The practical psycho-biology of appetite
  • The cephalic phase digestive response and binge eating
  • The psycho-dynamics of control and willpower
  • Pleasure chemistry and overeating
  • Breakthroughs using nutrition-dense food strategies
  • The powerful and hidden gift of compulsive eating concerns
  • Moving beyond cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Practical short-cuts for transforming compulsive eating
  • The impact of stress and relaxation chemistry on overeating
  • Using bio-circadian nutrition techniques for fast results
  • The hidden connection between body image and overeating
  • The powerful effects of macro-nutrient balance on binge eating
  • How work and corporate culture impact overeating concerns
  • The spiritual psychology of nourishment and deeper hungers
  • The influence of life transitions on compulsive eating

Chronic Dieting

Chronic dieting is a hidden contributor not only to emotional pain, but also to many health symptoms that are wrongly diagnosed and treated. Learn how to indentify and work with this powerful nutritional/emotional/lifestyle challenge using the principles of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. Some key highlights of this module are:
  • The potent effects of chronic dieting on nutritional status and health
  • How chronic dieting impairs calorie burning capacity
  • Chronic dieting as a hidden epidemic of the soul
  • The special relationship between women and dieting
  • The connection between chronic dieting and compulsive exercising
  • Dieting, culture, and the media
  • The secrets to creating a long term, sustainable diet strategy
  • The influence of dieting on energy level and oxygen metabolism
  • Confronting the false and outdated science of dieting
  • The hidden effects of chronic dieting on digestive metabolism
  • Working with complaints of “slow metabolism”
  • Chronic dieting and the psychology of romantic relationships
  • Using powerful languaging techniques to heal chronic dieting
  • How to re-educate clients around caloric theory, dieting and weight
  • Designing a diet approach that can truly transform your client

Energy and Fatigue

Lack of energy, and the desire for more of it is a powerful concern that grips a fantastic number of people across the globe. Unfortunately, many of our strategies to battle fatigue leave us exhausted and without a true and lasting source of greater vitality. Our Training will provide you with an integrative mind/body/heart/soul approach to this important health challenge. Some key highlights include:
  • Mind Body Nutrition approaches to working with energy and fatigue
  • Nutritional and metabolic influences on fatigue
  • The hidden effects of food allergies and sensitivities on energy level
  • Core life issues and their effects on energy level and fatigue
  • Somatic Psychology skills for enhancing energy
  • The healing power of story in chronic fatigue
  • Breathing, oxygen and energy
  • How key soul lessons impact our energy level and metabolism
  • The influence of thought and beliefs on fatigue and energy
  • The bio-emotional impact of work, purpose and mission on energy
  • The potent connection between digestion and energy
  • Stress chemistry and adrenal fatigue
  • Simple and effective nutritional strategies for more energy

Digestive Health

Digestive health has become a rare and precious commodity. Complaints of digestive distress, heartburn, bloating, and ongoing discomfort are some of the most commonly seen nutrition issues. Learn simple and effective strategies from Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition for increasing digestive power and function. Key highlights from this module include:
  • The impact of stress physiology on digestion and assimilation
  • The enteric nervous system – the brain in the belly
  • Digestive status as a barometer for personal empowerment
  • The emotional psychology of the digestive system
  • Simple and effective protocols for common digestive complaints
  • The importance of the gastrointestinal immune system
  • The influence of food allergies on digestive health
  • Cultural speed and its impact on digestion
  • Digestion of food as a metaphor for digestion of life experiences
  • The hidden connection between sexual abuse and digestive health
  • How fear, judgment and self criticism diminish digestive metabolism
  • Breathing, oxygen, the relaxation response and digestion
  • Quick and easy strategies for working with GERD (heartburn)
  • Digestion, gut wisdom and body wisdom
  • Important distinctions from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine

Mood Concerns

Working with mood and depression is an important part of every nutrition and health coaching practice. Fluctuations in mood teach us powerful life lessons, while calling our attention to key metabolic and lifestyle changes that are asking to be made. Our Training features Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition approaches that are practical, holistic and effective. Highlights include:
  • The influence of stress physiology and stress psychology on mood
  • Key nutritional deficiencies and excesses associated with mood
  • Brain physiology basics for understanding mood fluctuations
  • Impact of immunity on mood
  • Insulin, blood sugar, food and mood
  • How chronic dieting silently impacts mood
  • Archetypal psychology approaches to mood and depression
  • The spiritual psychology of mood – the language of the soul
  • Powerful and simple strategies from Yoga and Buddhism
  • The hidden psychology of depression
  • Importance of macro-nutrient balance and mood
  • Mood disorders and the psychology of perfectionism
  • Feminine and masculine differences in mood
  • Influence of genetics and family lineage on mood
  • Understanding mood through the life cycles

Immune Health

A strong immune system is both a gift and a rarity these days. When the immune system functions with efficiency, we can navigate a toxic and challenging world with greater ease. At IPE, we teach a fascinating and creative blend of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition approaches to working with immune health. Some of the key highlights of this module are:
  • Nutritional strategies for improving immune strength
  • Psycho-emotional influences on immunity
  • The impact of dietary beliefs on immune health
  • The profound importance of the gastrointestinal immune system
  • How gastrointestinal immunity is impacted by thought and emotion
  • Cultural and social influences on immunity
  • Immune strength as a metaphor for presence
  • Psychoneuroimmunology meets Mind Body Nutrition
  • Soul Psychology and immune health
  • The hidden transformational messages in immune challenges
  • Key strategies for working with highly sensitive clients
  • Simple Mind Body Nutrition protocols for immune enhancement
  • How environment impacts immunity
  • Somatic and embodiment strategies for low immunity

Women, Food, and Health

The special relationship between women and food cannot be overstated. It’s beautiful, powerful and rich in complexity. For this reason, it’s high time that we elevate a woman’s connection with food to the lofty place it deserves, and learn to understand women and nutrition from a fresh perspective. This is an important theme throughout our Training. Some of the highlights from this module include:
  • Genetic/evolutionary influences on women’s relationship with food
  • The powerful impact of culture and media
  • Masculine and feminine distinctions in stress physiology and metabolism
  • Feminine sexuality and its influence on eating habits
  • Women, dieting and weight
  • A woman’s relationship with food through the life cycles
  • Archetypal Psychology and the feminine principle
  • History-taking skills for women clients
  • Woman-specific listening and coaching skills
  • Working with teenage girls
  • Insights into bulimia
  • Working with Queen and Princess distinctions
  • A deeper look at women and hormones
  • Creating a feminine approach to nutrition
  • Embodiment practices for women

Coaching Skills

Our training is designed to give you the tools, techniques, protocols and strategies that enable you to be an effective practitioner. We teach coaching skills that truly make a difference with clients, and that get to the heart of how to successfully manage our relationship with food. Navigating eating challenges and nutritional concerns requires a specialized understanding, and solid coaching tools. We’re proud to deliver an excellent education in this realm. Some of what you’ll learn includes:
  • Coaching tools for the most commonly seen eating concerns
  • Strategies for working with difficult clients
  • How to help clients who feel “stuck”
  • Coaching skills for working with women
  • Coaching skills for working with men
  • Effective communication with young people
  • How to use “teaching skills” in a client session
  • How to create a powerful first session
  • Deep listening skills
  • How to inspire your client vs. how to motivate your client
  • Managing client resistance
  • Tools for creating client compliance
  • Soft coaching skills vs. direct coaching skills
  • How to convey scientific information to a client
  • How to measure progress and success

PayinFull Regular Enrollment
2pay 5pay 8pay PayinFull Regular Enrollment PayinFull Regular Enrollment

This Highly Valuable Training Includes:

Our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is the most comprehensive distance learning health coach program in Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition that you can take from anywhere in the world.

We know that you want a solid value for your investment. We’re committed to giving you way more than your money’s worth, and providing you with a unique training that allows you to have the kind of lifestyle and earnings that make for a life you can truly love. The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training gives you the tools and skills to help others in a deep and meaningful way. We’re proud of this one-of-a-kind professional offering that goes far beyond a typical health coach program.

200 Hours of Videos and Slideshows

This is the most complete, innovative and inspiring educational experience in eating psychology you can find. The Institute is the worldwide leader in combining results-oriented nutrition with a deep understanding of our fascinating relationship with food. Our curriculum is personally and professionally transformative, and our content is unparalleled in the marketplace. You’ll receive access to 7 information rich modules delivered over 8 months. Each module has introductory videos with Marc David, Founder of IPE that outline the important concepts in that module followed by 20-30 hours of narrated slide shows that dive deeper into the work. And you can access it all from anywhere in the world on your computer or mobile device.

Hundreds of Handouts

In addition to the video and audio classes, you’ll receive a powerful collection of written notes, worksheets, highlights, lessons, protocols and more that are included in easy-to-read PDF form. These handouts cover topics such as weight loss, body images, overeating, binge eating, digestion, coaching techniques, nutrition strategies, and so much more. They’re great for ongoing reference and reinforcing your learning experience. And all handouts are downloadable and yours to keep for life.

Introspective Exercises

Each module includes optional exercises to help you deepen into the material. These are many of the same exercises you’ll be giving your clients. Here at the Institute, we believe strongly that doing the work to transform your own relationship with food, health and body will greatly enhance your skills and effectiveness as a practitioner. Most students report that these introspective exercises catalyze significant insights and breakthroughs in their own lives.

Live Q&A Tele-Calls with Marc David

This is a valuable and unique opportunity to interact directly with the Institute’s founder and primary teacher. Marc David is an internationally acclaimed teacher and skilled facilitator. You’ll receive insightful feedback from one of the most well-regarded and cutting edge leaders in eating psychology and nutrition. All classes are recorded for those who cannot attend live. Participate in 2 teleclasses per month – over 16 Live Tele-calls!

Bonus Business Training Module

Our bonus business module delivers the same cutting edge information that the leading business programs for coaches and entrepreneurs address today. Learn basic through advanced skills that will set you apart from the crowd with strategies for building your brand, defining your business model, creating programs, on and offline marketing, social media, and more. This Business Module is taught by Emily Rosen, Chief Operating Officer for IPE, and is a huge value for those just starting out, or for anyone looking to expand their practice or business.

Bonus Nutrition Module

Receive a solid foundation in nutrition with topics ranging from digestive physiology and anatomy to the fundamentals of whole foods nutrition and macronutrient balance. This optional, holistic, evidence based module is a great review and an excellent way to learn the basics. Our core training itself features a great amount of content in Mind Body Nutrition, functional and clinical nutrition, as well as results-oriented nutrition recommendations. We include this bonus module at no additional cost for those of you wanting a clear understanding of the nutrition fundamentals so you have the information you need to make a powerful impact with clients.

Live Conference

All students are welcomed to attend an optional live event for their graduating class that’s held at the end of the Training. Get inspired by IPE staff and fellow students, experience live client demos, hear new content, work in small groups, and network and celebrate with others. Marc David hosts this event along with the IPE team. You’ll have the opportunity to meet so many of your fellow students who are committed to making a real difference in the world. This is a popular and well-loved part of the training and a great way to launch into the next phase of your career!

Done-For-You Forms & Marketing Copy

We’re committed to giving you the tools to succeed! We provide you with effective marketing and website copy to help you communicate your work and your message. We’ll give you the kind of copy that’s clear, catchy, and helps tell the world exactly what you’re about. You’ll also receive essential intake questionnaires, client agreements and more to help launch or elevate your practice.

Peer Coaching Program

In this optional part of the training, we’ll match you with a fellow student so you can practice the skills you’re learning throughout the training. Each month you’ll receive topics and discussion points to explore with your peer coach. All sessions are done over phone or Skype and at your convenience. This is a great opportunity to get grounded in your educational experience, learn how to work with phone clients, and connect in a whole different way to the material.

Private Online Community

Built into the training website, we’ve created an exclusive online forum for you to engage with fellow students and IPE staff around training content. Monitored by senior IPE Staff, this is a great way to have discussions with not only the IPE team, but your colleagues from various backgrounds. We also have a private Facebook group for professional networking opportunities. These platforms allow you to dive into course content, professional development and your own relationship with food, while receiving support from peers and IPE staff.

Downloadable Digital MP3 Recordings of Every Class and Call

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training includes over 200 hours of information rich classes that you can watch or listen to by logging into our exclusive training portal. And because we want you to be able to return to the material for years to come, we’ve made ALL the classes available to download as audio files. You’ll be able to save them to your computer or mobile device and enjoy the material for life whenever you need a refresher or an infusion of inspiration

Eligible for Certification

All students, upon completion of the training, are eligible to be certified as an Mind Body Eating Coach and receive a professional quality certificate in the mail stating their name and certification by the Institute. You’ll feel both proud and confident knowing you’ve integrated and learned a powerful body of work. Certification is not a requirement to participate in the training – some students choose to simply audit the program without any testing, but for those of you looking for a competitive edge in the Nutrition and Health industry, don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity for certification.

As you can see, this is a fantastic value, and we’re proud to provide our students with a one-of-a-kind education that empowers them both personally and professionally.

PayinFull Regular Enrollment
2pay 5pay 8pay PayinFull Regular Enrollment PayinFull Regular Enrollment

Is This Training for You?

Our Training is a 250+ hour, distance learning 8 month professional program that you can take from anywhere in the world. You’ll be certified as a Mind Body Eating Coach with a powerful skill-set to help you work with the most common and compelling eating concerns of our times: weight, body image, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, endless dieting, digestion, immunity, fatigue mood and more. The training is designed to help you launch an exciting new career, or to turbocharge your already existing professional practice. You’ll learn to help others by transforming your own relationship with food and body. If you’re inspired about a powerful, results driven body of work that’s far more than a health coach training, then please read on!

Is the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training right for you? See if any of these statements ring true:

I'm passionate about health and healing
I'd love to have a careerhelping & serving others
I want a lucrative career with felxibility and freedom
I'm excited to be part of a bigger movement in health & transformation
I prefer a learn-at-home format
I'm fascinated with cutting edge approaches to food and body challenges
I want to learn coaching skills that truly work
I want a unique certification that stands out in the marketplace

You will come away with great value for your investment and commitment. As a participant and graduate of our Professional Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, here are some of the benefits we’re proud you’ll receive:

Practical counseling & coaching skills in Dynamic Eating Psychology™
To enable you to help people with weight loss, body image concerns, compulsive or binge eating, overeating, chronic dieting, compulsive exercising, fear of exercising, fear of food, avoidance of pleasure, nutritional extremism, self sabotaging food behaviors, self imposed dietary imbalances, nutritional apathy, stress based eating, fear of illness, and others.
Mind Body Nutrition™ strategies and education skills
To enable you to help people with digestive concerns, energy and fatigue issues, mood, depression, immune challenges, women’s health, men’s health, insulin resistance, detoxification, inflammation, cognitive function and brain health, cardiovascular function, and other nutrition-linked health conditions.
Multi-faceted coaching and counseling skills
To help you work with the life dimensions that powerfully influence all of the above-mentioned concerns. These life dimensions include relationship, work, money, sexuality, spirituality, culture, family, purpose, love and the search for meaning and happiness.

PayinFull Regular Enrollment
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Your Career

Contemplating a career in nutrition and health? Then why not consider the most unique coaching certification that focuses on nutrition AND eating psychology? We live in a time when so many of us are discovering our deep heart’s desire to do good work in the world and make a living from our earnest efforts. A new career as a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach™ is a powerful way to give your greatest gifts, serve others, and have the freedom and financial stability you deserve.

We’d love for you to consider what a new career as a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach can look like for you. Here are some powerful questions to ask yourself to see if this is the right choice for your needs:

  • Is life calling you to be healer, a teacher, a counselor, or coach?
  • Do you hold the vision that it’s possible to do good work and make good money?
  • Are you attracted to the kind of work that is holistic and cutting-edge?
  • Can you see yourself helping others as they move through their journey with food and body?
  • Are you inspired to step out of the traditional forms of education and participate with fellow learners who share the same values as you?
  • Do you believe in a vision of the world where we can truly connect with one another and reach out to those who need guidance and support with their eating struggles?

The Professional Training at the Institute is designed to take you into the future of nutritional healing, now. You’ll be at the forefront of a new movement in eating psychology that addresses all of who we are as eaters – body, mind, heart, and soul. The skills you’ll learn are unique and revolutionary and will empower you as a practitioner or teacher. You’ll come away with confidence and inspiration and we have no doubt that you’ll be thrilled with your choice.

Here are some of the many ways graduates have used thier IPE education:

Career change in less than a year and embark on a new and exciting professional journey where you can feel great about what you do
Accelerate and expand an already existing professional practice with a cutting edge set of skills
Work one-on-one in a private coaching practice while setting a time and schedule that works best for your lifestyle
Work in corporate wellness designing and teaching programs that people are hungry for and excited about
Teach small groups, classes and retreats and enjoy the benefits of this intimate and effective style of learning
Work with Digestion, Immune, Mood and Fatigue issues in a unique and innovative way that yields meaningful and lasting results
Specialize in Weight loss coaching, Emotional Eating, Overeating, Binge Eating or Chronic Dieting where you truly address the root causes of any eating concern
Own or work in a health clinic or wellness center and work with clients who are motivated and inspired
Augment your career as a fitness specialist and serve your clients in a deeper way

Create a virtual business working with clients internationally and enjoy the ease of earning an income from anywhere in the world

To enhance your success we provide a free, optional Business Module. Some of the topics covered include:

How to get started
How to build your practice
Practice management
Determining your target market
How to market and promote yourself
How to attract clients
Your program offerings
Key facts to know for website development
Using social networking
Important communication skills

To learn more about the Business Development Module, click here.

We strongly encourage you to take what you learn at the Institute and “make it your own.” We want you to take what we teach you and put your own unique and fabulous spin on it, find your own voice, and offer your special gift to the world…

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Bonus Holistic Nutrition Module

Our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training now includes a Bonus Holistic Nutrition Module.

Though we focus on the Psychology of Eating here at IPE, we strongly believe in the importance of good holistic nutrition. That’s why we have added as a special value for our students, a holistic nutrition course that’s suitable for those who are beginners in this field, and for those who want a solid review course. Want to start your own career in nutrition as a Mind Body Eating Coach™? The bonus nutrition module has been produced in conjunction with Hawthorn University, one of the premier professional nutrition schools in the country. This module provides a holistic approach to nutrition with relevant and practical information. This optional, self-paced module is a great value for our students.

Topics in the Bonus Nutrition Module include:

Whole Foods Nutrition – including Whole Foods, Fresh Foods, Seasonal Foods, Plant Based Eating, Chemical Free & Organic, Lifestyle Factors, Irradiation & Pesticides, Water, Dietary Systems, and more
Digestive Physiology and Anatomy – including Digestive Health, Dysbiosis, Digestive Assessments, Mouth, Stomach, Small Intestines, Villi, Pancreas, Liver, Gall Bladder, Large Intestine, Colon Health, Transit Time Test, and more
Macronutrients – Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates – including Introduction to Macronutrients, Overview of Carbohydrates, Glucose, Fructose, Fiber, Overview of Fats, Metabolism of Fats, Intro to Amino Acids, Protein Needs, Select Amino Acids
Micronutrients – Vitamins and Minerals – including Introduction to Micronutrients, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium & Potassium, Heavy Metals, Intro to Vitamins, RDA, ODA, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Supplements
Fundamentals of Diet Evaluation and Planning – including Diet Plans, Food Characteristics, Nutrition Analysis, Client Diet Record, Client Intake Process

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Bonus Business Coaching Module

Though we focus on the Psychology of Eating here at IPE, we also want to provide our students with a foundation in business practice and management. That’s why we’ve added as a special value for our students a bonus Business Development module that’s suitable for those who are just starting out their practice as a Mind Body Eating Coach™, and for those who want to implement new strategies for increased success.

Some key features of the Business Development Module:

  • The ABC’s of starting your own business
  • Strategies for marketing and social media
  • Relevant and practical information
  • Optional & self paced – study in your own time
  • Downloadable mp3 files and handouts to keep for life
  • A great added value your Mind Body Eating Coach Certification at NO additional cost

Here is some of what's included in the Business Development Module:

Getting Started
  • Overview of Starting a Business
  • Generating Your Brand “DNA”
  • The Hidden Metaphysics of Business
  • Your Relationship with Money
  • Core Values of a Helping Professional
  • Managing Inner Obstacles
  • The Coaching Model
  • Legal Do’s and Don’ts forCoaches
Building Your Brand and Business
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client
  • Defining Your Niche
  • Identifying Your Target Market
  • Your Unique Perfect-Client Avatar
  • Understanding Your Customer Pain Point
  • How to Build “Know, Like and Trust” Factors
  • Creating a Community or “Tribe”
Defining Your Business Model
  • What are Your Services and Programs
  • Getting Clear About How You Work
  • Defining Your Rates
  • Offering Support in Between Sessions
  • Creating Packages
  • Working with a Sliding Scale
  • High End Offerings
Your Client Flow
  • Phone vs. Live Sessions
  • Scheduling Clients
  • Communicating and Interacting with Clients
  • How to Create a Safe Space
  • Intake Forms
  • Client Contracts and Agreements
  • Cancellation Policy
Setting Up Your Business
  • Naming Your Business
  • Understanding Professional Insurance
  • Filing Systems
  • The Importance of Business Banking
  • Financial Record-Keeping
  • Taking Payment
  • Invoicing Clients
  • Contact Management Systems
  • Creating Your Support Team
  • Backing Up Your Content
  • Highlighting What Makes You Different
  • Elevator Speech
  • Communicating About What You Do
  • Networking
  • How to Attract Clients
  • Where to Market Yourself
  • Copy for Website
  • How to Build your List
  • Using Social Proof
  • Getting Testimonials
Building Your Website
  • Website Options
  • Buying a Domain Name
  • Web Hosting Options
  • Website Theme
  • Website Outline
  • Social Media Integration with Websites
Creating an Opt-in
  • The Purpose of an Opt-in
  • Designing an Opt-in
  • Important Opt-in Pointers
Social Media Strategies for Success
  • The Best Social Media for Your Business
  • Understanding Facebook
  • Understanding Twitter
  • The Importance of LinkedIn
  • Understanding Pintrest
  • Using Hootsuit to Manage Social Media
  • How to Create a YouTube Channel
  • How to Create a Meetup Group
  • How to Use Meetup to Build Tribe
  • Basic, Moderate and Advanced Social Media Set Up
  • Blogging Basics
  • Important Pointers for Blogging
  • Building Trust
  • Creating the Right Newsletter
  • How to Write a Great Subject Line
  • Understanding Your Audience
The Flow of Information
  • Understanding Copyright Law
  • Internet Copyright Etiquette
Done for You Website Copy
  • What is Mind Body Eating Coaching
  • How is My Approach Different
  • What is Mind Body Nutrition
  • What is Dynamic Eating Psychology

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Module Release Dates:

  • Module 1: March 5th, 2019
  • Module 2: April 16th, 2019
  • Module 3: June 4th, 2019
  • Module 4: July 2nd, 2019
  • Module 5: July 30th, 2019
  • Module 6: August 27th, 2019
  • Module 7: September 24th, 2019
  • Final Test date: Friday, October 18th, 2019

Tele-class schedule:

All tele-classes will be held live. All tele-classes are approximately 90 minutes in length, recorded, and available as an audio download the day after the live call.

  • Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 – 1pm EDT
  • Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 – 6pm EDT
  • Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 – 1pm EDT
  • Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 – 6pm EDT
  • Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 – 1pm EDT
  • Tuesday, June 11th, 2019 – 6pm EDT
  • Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 – 1pm EDT
  • Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 – 6pm EDT
  • Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 – 1pm EDT
  • Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 – 6pm EDT
  • Tuesday, August 20th, 2019 – 1pm EDT
  • Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019 – 6pm EDT
  • Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 – 1pm EDT
  • Tuesday, Ocotber 1st, 2019 – 6pm EDT
  • Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 - 1pm EDT


Anita Avalos

It is hard for me to put into words just how much this work has meant to me. By far, the training I have received from IPE has been the best thing I have done for myself both professionally and personally. It has completely changed the way I coach and connect with my clients, not to mention how I show up in my own life. I knew I wanted to take my clients to a whole new level with their relationship to food and body, but felt really limited in how to make that happen. I struggled with how to take them out of the diet mentality and into feeling more trust and compassion with themselves. That was until I discovered Marc David. I knew I had found my teacher, my mentor, and HAD to study with him, but I could have never imagined just how rich this training would have been. What Marc and IPE have created is unlike anything out there. It is a soul-level kind of training that asks you to look deeply and honestly at yourself, life, and the cultural connections we have about the body, food, and health. Covering everything from fatigue to weight-loss to how to show up fully for your clients, they have left no stone unturned. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am a better coach, person, daughter, and partner because of this work. I feel so excited to share these teachings through my work because I know first-hand how powerful they are. It's a one-of-a-kind training that I feel so lucky to have experienced.
Anita Avalos - Holistic Health, Eating Psychology + Body-Food Relationship Coach

Nina Puckett

When I made the decision to enroll in IPE I was already a certified Health/Nutrition Coach, but felt the need to go deeper. I knew this was my life calling, but I lacked the understanding and confidence to work with clients in the meaningful and profound way that I knew I needed to. It is difficult to sum up in a few words how grateful I am for IPE and how much it has impacted my life. Simply put, it has been life-changing. Marc David is one of those rare teachers and mentors who has the ability to share his heart and soul with his students so generously and with so much authenticity, wisdom and insight, that you can't help but pour yourself into this work. He shares himself and his wisdom in such an open, sincere and transparent way that he holds nothing back. His enthusiasm and passion for his life's work shines through and is so powerful, so inspiring, so deeply valuable that it is truly priceless. I can't express my gratitude to him and his staff enough, and my only regret really, is that I will miss them dearly when I graduate.
Nina Puckett - Holistic Health + Mind Body Eating Coach

Elise Museles

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Marc David and his teachings. Throughout IPE's Professional Training and after reading, The Slow Down Diet, I experienced a personal transformation that was so profound and affected me in many facets of my everyday life. After years and years of reading all the books and looking for answers from the “experts”, I finally learned to listen to the true expert, my inner nutritionist. I am liberated from the constant search for the “right” answers and come from a place of clarity and connection to my own body that was once missing for me. I am now able to use my energy and focus in a more productive manner. On a professional level, Marc’s words of wisdom and language have empowered me to create a platform for my workshops and one-on-one coaching. I never give a talk or work with a client without delving into the missing piece of the puzzle that became evident during the IPE program: It is not just what we eat, it really is about how we eat. My clients are fascinated and achieve long-term results when they slow down, take pleasure in the eating experience, and become fully engaged in the nourishment process. They usually come to the realization that feeling nourished is not just about the food. I have the skill set and am able to guide and encourage this mind-body connection since studying at IPE. I love what I do not only because it is my passion, but also because I can work with people in a meaningful and transformative way. As I continue to grow personally and professionally, I will hear Marc’s voice and always have him to thank as one of my greatest and most influential teachers.
Elise Museles - Eating Psychology + Nutrition Expert - Founder of Kale & Chocolate

Dameda J. Finney

During the many years I practiced as a personal trainer and nutritionist, my un-ful?llment with the nuances of “calories in and calories out” left me wanting to further explore my “purpose" in the realm of health and nutrition. So, when my partner suggested I sign up for the Eating Psychology Symposium, I enrolled in the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training instead, and was offered more than I ever imagined. Studying with Marc David at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has inspired me to be the best person I can be. It has given me con?dence to inspire others through individual transformation and healing, and to love sel?essly while embracing uncertainty. I have been exposed and held accountable through compassion and acceptance, and have learned how to af?rm my wholeness while accepting my imperfections. This has allowed me to hold an open and loving space for my clients on their journey to reconnect with self, mission, and their goals. The content of the IPE Eating Psychology Training is rich with soul and authenticity, and beautifully weds the science of nutrition with the psychology of eating. In other words, it not only looks at what we eat, but how our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affect us as eaters. The training is transformative, on both a personal and professional level. It has helped me to reestablish my “purpose” in this ever-changing ?eld of health and nutrition, empowered me to be more present in my relationship with my world, body, and food, and has ignited my relationships with my clients. I highly recommend this training if delving deeper empowers you, if transformation in self inspires you, and if integrity in?uences your action. It’s genuine, life-changing, and educational. I walk away transformed and am grateful that I leave with the con?dence to transform others. In Growth…
Dameda J. Finney - Mind Body Eating Coach

Nancy Loeffler

My experience with the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training has been life changing. I entered the training following my deep intuition, not knowing exactly what to expect, and at the same time knowing that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. This work has not only enhanced my professional work, it has been personally transformative as well. My own relationships with food, eating challenges and body image issues have been given a voice to express a full, vibrant life in each moment. The timing of the training was perfect for me both personally and professionally. The structure of this training is so similar to the work I do as a Samyama Practitioner. I now have deeper places to work with clients. Samyama, a heart-centered practice of presence and embodiment, dovetails so perfectly with everything I have learned. I have a whole new understanding of how challenges with eating can be a portal into a person’s soul. The success of the program is transmitted through the gifted people who bring this work into the world, Marc David and Emily Rosen. Their dedication to the integrity of this work sets this program apart from most other programs of this kind.
Nancy Loeffler - Center of the Hearts Longing-Psychology of Eating Coach, Samyama Practitioner

Susan Beckman Reagan

Most of us have heard the saying "opportunity knocks." When I registered for the IPE Professional Mind Body Eating Coach Training, I knew that I was signing up for a unique program taught by Marc David and that the content would be very interesting and valuable to me. But what I didn't know was that I would also be given the opportunity to heal my own relationship with food, become part of a community of smart, like-minded individuals, and graduate with a tool kit of advanced skills to help others in my coaching practice. This program exceeded my expectations on every level. Each module was interesting, well organized, professionally delivered, and full of supplemental materials and recordings. The IPE staff is very accessible and supportive, making this distance learning program feel very personal. My heartfelt thanks to Marc and Emily for creating a wonderful program and to the IPE staff for all you do in support of it. This valuable information can now travel around the world and back. I hope these brilliant teachings, full of wisdom and insight, help heal all who are still waiting to learn these lessons. Thank you again to the Institute for so generously sharing this work with me.
Susan Beckman Reagan - Founder + Director of Defining Nutrition

Lauren Noreen M.Ed., R.Y.T.

In all of the other nutrition and coaching programs I have participated in, I felt like something was missing. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I always felt hungry even after the last meal of the course was served. As a Health and Wellness Coach, I knew I could inform my clients with the health and nutrition knowledge I possessed, but I also had a feeling that it wasn't necessarily enough to create change and transformation. That was 6 months ago. Today it's a different story. Why? Because I studied at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and it changed everything. This program is the real deal. The introductory classes were full of “aha” moments and pages and pages of notes for me. Although, it was just the beginning, my perspective on nutrition and healing was completely changed. In this training, I have laughed, cried, jumped for joy, and gazed up above and said thank you. One of the most important messages I connected with from the very beginning of the training is the idea of looking at unwanted symptom, disease, and habit as a message from the divine to be listened to, embraced, loved. By using this metaphor with clients, I have seen amazing transformations. The main teacher- Marc David, possesses an enormous amount of experience, training, and insight into this work and it shows. He is not only very well trained and educated, but also an effective teacher. My perspective and coaching philosophy changed because of his teachings. And my own life and the lives of my clients have been forever touched. I would recommend the IPE training to anyone looking to fully understand issues related to food, body, and weight and who want to work with clients to create lasting transformation. The modules cover everything and anything you will need to know to do this work. The community is very supportive. The weekly calls with Marc are alone worth the value of the program. It's everything you need to be an effective coach, an inspired, fully-alive human being, and more.
Lauren Noreen M.Ed., R.Y.T. - Eating Psychology + Wellness Coach | Beyond Food Wellness


Marc David M.A. is the Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, a leading visionary, teacher and consultant in Nutritional Psychology, and the author of the classic and best-selling works Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet. He has held senior consulting positions at Canyon Ranch Resorts, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, the Johnson & Johnson Corporation, and the Disney Company. Marc worked in product development in the natural foods and supplements industry, combining expertise in clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and natural health. He also served on the editorial board of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. His humorous, engaging, and informative speaking style have made him a popular and well loved presenter and his non-dogmatic approach to nutrition appeals to a wide audience of eaters who are looking for positive, inspiring, and innovative messages about food and metabolism. Marc’s work has been featured on CNN, NBC and and in publications such as The New York Times, Chicago Times, McCall’s, Glamour, Elle, Utne Reader, Yoga Journal, WebMD and numerous others. His books have been translated into nine languages. Marc has presented at a long list of professional settings including Harvard University, The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, Omega Institute and many more. Marc earned his M.A. at Sonoma State University and trained at the Harvard Mind Body Medical Institute. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our Mind Body Eating Coach™ Certification Training and how you can start a new career in nutrition and healing? Below are answers to the top questions we receive around our online health coach training. If after reading the frequently asked questions your question is not answered, simply contact us and we'll be in touch!
Is this a Nutrition Program?
Our program is entirely unique because it teaches about food, eating and health by NOT focusing exclusively on nutrition. You will learn extensively about Mind Body Nutrition™ – however, this field is not centered solely around what to eat, how much to eat, or nutrient needs. We love nutrition here at IPE, but this is not a nutrition training per se – we teach eating psychology, mind/body science, coaching and counseling principles. That said, we do talk extensively about many different aspects of nutrition, and the most important clinical nutrition principles to understand for the most commonly-seen eating and health challenges. For our Training, it is very useful to have basic nutrition knowledge. If you don’t, we can recommend books to read to help get you quickly caught up. We also provide an optional bonus module on key concepts in nutrition during the Training at no extra cost, for those students who need a refresher course or an introduction to the basics.
Is this a program about eating disorders?
This Training is not about eating disorders. Our curriculum focuses on the kinds of eating challenges and issues that most people tend to face – weight loss, body image challenges, binge eating, overeating, chronic dieting, stress induced eating, emotional eating, and others. We don’t talk about eating disorders such as anorexia or extreme obesity. Our program, which focuses on Dynamic Eating Psychology™, addresses people who don’t have a clinical disorder, but have everyday concerns that are meaningful and important to them. We do talk about bulimia and how to recognize it and understand it, and since we teach “an eating psychology for everyone,” everything in the program can be easily applied to clinical eating disorders and useful to a client’s recovery. However, this is not a training about working with clinical eating disorders.
How is this Training different from other programs?
The Institute for the Psychology of Eating offers a curriculum that is unlike any other school’s. In our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, you’ll learn specific coaching and counseling tools and how to work with clients, as well as understanding the underlying problems that are causing the food and body issues your clients may be facing. There are many ways to learn about nutrition and health coaching, but the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the only school that emphasizes an extensive approach to eating psychology along with Mind Body Nutrition. Here at the Institute, we’ve originated a whole new approach – Dynamic Eating Psychology. This emphasis on our relationship with food makes for a professional educational training that teaches the most effective tools and protocols to successfully address weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, unwanted eating habits, and the most common nutrition related health challenges such as digestion, immunity, fatigue, mood and more. We provide a very solid skills-intensive training that gives graduates a great tool kit to work with clients. Our graduates consistently give our Training very high praise. For so many people, our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is life-changing. IPE is also the only school in the world focusing on the study of Mind Body Nutrition. This approach to nutritional metabolism addresses how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning, and all the nutritive functions of the body are powerfully impacted by stress, relaxation, breathing, pleasure, thoughts, feelings, rhythm, personal story, and so much more. Mind Body Nutrition goes far beyond the common nutrition conversation called “eat this, don’t eat that”. It examines how the relationship between who we are and what we bring to the table profoundly impacts the metabolism of a meal. In addition to the bonus nutrition module that we offer at IPE for those students who need a refresher course or an introduction to the basics, our training has important nutrition principles that are woven in throughout all of our content. We also offer additional online conferences with leading industry experts that our students can participate in. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is well known for educating practitioners who come away confident and truly skilled to help others. We attract already practicing professionals from many different and diverse fields, as well as career changers and students who wish to learn this extremely unique and cutting edge body of work. Other schools that train health or nutrition coaches focus primarily on different nutritional systems, and give their students a basic, broad-stroke nutrition education in different dietary theories. There is very little overlap between this approach and our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. In fact, many students who have previously studied at other schools are attracted to our Training because they truly wish to learn how to help clients in a results-oriented and skills-intensive way. We take great pride in providing our students with a more personal touch as we are a smaller school that takes students by application only. While some schools accept thousands of students each year, our application process ensures that each person in our training is truly a good match, and that we maintain a high standard of education. The smaller size of our Institute also affords the opportunity for more personal contact between fellow students and staff. Our student body is inspired and engaged, and our Training is both personally and professionally transformative. Lastly, IPE is the only school that certifies you as a Mind Body Eating Coach, which is important to consider as it gives you a competitive edge in a marketplace that’s filled with tens of thousands of health coaches.
What if I am totally new to nutrition?
Prior nutrition knowledge or training is very helpful for our program, but not necessary. If you are totally new to nutrition, we will recommend books to easily help you acquire a foundation of nutritional knowledge before your Training begins. In addition, we offer a free Bonus Nutrition Module for those who wish to have a refresher course or learn the basics.
What if I am totally new to psychology?
No previous training in psychology is necessary for students in our program. Our Training features easy-to-learn and easy-to-practice counseling and coaching principles. Those with an already strong background in psychology will find the kind of psychology presented in this Training to be very effective and a great advanced training.
What if I am already a health or counseling professional?
Great! Our Training is especially designed to help take professionals to the next level in working with the psychological, emotional and mind body dimensions of the most common food, eating, and nutrition-linked challenges. A great number of our students already have some kind of practitioner training and have found our Training to be a powerful next step in their education. We have students from all kinds of backgrounds. Coaches, fitness experts, psychologists, dietitians, nurses, medical doctors, social workers, chiropractors, naturopaths and other medical professionals have graduated from our Training and found it to be a very effective, transformative part of their toolbox. If you’re already seeing clients or patients, you’ll very likely notice that your effectiveness will increase soon into the Training! Everyone starts at the same place when they come to study at IPE – and while some might have experience from past work, the approach of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition will create cohesion between all the you’ve learned and elevate you to the next level. It really is an incredible body of work.
Does this Training support personal transformation as well as professional development?
The short answer is yes! The Training strongly supports personal growth and transformation while also teaching you the skills you’ll need to help your clients move through their own process. At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we think of our approach as “an eating psychology for everyone.” We help you as a student in our Training explore your own relationship with food and eating, and learn more about how this foundational relationship connects to every aspect of your life — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You’ll be doing all of the exercises and reading all of the materials that you will eventually share with your clients. If you truly engage with the Training, you are certain to have many “aha” moments, insights, and new ways of understanding the role of food and eating in your own life — an understanding which you will be able to use to meet your clients where they are. Quite frankly, it’s difficult to go through this Training and not have some life altering openings and breakthroughs! The Training is designed to help you learn how to serve others by catalyzing your own personal growth when it comes to food, body and health. To hear some inspiring stories about how our students have used this Training to change their own lives, check out our testimonials page HERE.
Can I take this Training if I am not interested in using it professionally?
Definitely. Many of our students intend to use their education personally – for themselves, or to help their family and friends.
Will I lose weight in this Training?
At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, we understand weight as a complex and nuanced topic that has many things to teach us all. We cover the issue of weight in a big way, and through MANY different approaches within the Training itself. We know that weight-related issues are some of the most common reasons that people seek out coaching, and this Training will prepare you to work with your clients’ weight concerns on many levels. We cannot say whether any individual student will lose weight as they work through the Training — partly because what you get out of the Training depends on your level of personal engagement, and partly because, as Marc David has written, we don’t know how much anyone “should” weigh (link). However, generally speaking, we can say:
  • Many of our students who want to lose weight indeed lose it in this Training
  • Many students who aren’t even expecting to lose extra weight lose it as well
  • Many of our students who are trying to lose weight come to realize that they truly had no weight to lose
  • Most people are not aware of the Heath at Every Size approach, and the research on weight and health that shows that for certain people, what we often consider as an “unhealthy” weight is indeed healthy
  • So, our approach focuses on if indeed someone truly needs to lose weight, how much weight loss is truly doable and reasonable, if they indeed experience health related challenges associated with their weight or not, and to what degree self attack/shame/stress impacts their weight loss physiology.
We address the issue of weight with science, psychology, respect, patience, and lot of openness and non-judgment.
Is this Training a substitute for therapy?
Our Training is not a substitute for therapy. But, it is still designed to be personally impactful and meaningful, so students often receive benefits that are life-changing and life-enhancing. Some of our students also choose to work one-on-one with a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach while they are in the Training.
Who is teaching the Training?
Approximately 90% of classroom hours are taught by Marc David, the Founder of the IPE. The remaining classes are taught by a collection of highly skilled and compelling guest faculty who bring a wide range of expertise.
How does the Training actually work?
Once the Training begins, you’ll gain access to an exclusive, password protected website specifically designed to deliver videos, mp3s, downloadable handouts and an online student forum. Each module includes an introductory video and several voice-over PowerPoint slide shows. You can either stream the slide shows online, or download the audio files and listen to them on any mp3-playing device. Each module also contains many handouts that include summaries of the main ideas of the Training and journaling questions and exercises for you to work on. You’ll also receive a list of recommended readings that are specially chosen to deepen and enhance your learning process. A new module is released every 4-6 weeks. You can proceed through the module at your own pace, but there are tests at the end of each module that must be completed by specific dates. In order to keep on track, we recommend that you set aside about 6-8 hours per week for the Training. The majority of our students take this Training while also working, raising families, or pursuing other educational goals, and they tell us that it is definitely doable — especially if you’re able to make a plan for when and how you will work on the Training each week, and stick to it. Consistency is a key factor in successfully integrating this Training into an already busy life. The Training is designed so that you can fit it into your schedule in the way that makes the most sense for you. You can view the videos or listen to the recordings at your convenience, and whenever it fits your schedule. Since all of the audio and PDF materials are yours to keep for life, you can always go back to them after the Training is finished and work with them in greater depth. We often hear from our students that they continue to return to the materials many times after the conclusion of the Training, and discover new insights each time. Included in the Training are two live teleclasses each month with Marc David. These teleclasses are question-and-answer sessions, and they are great opportunities for you to ask Marc your questions about the content of the Training. All of the teleclasses are recorded and available online within 24 hours for those who cannot attend the live calls. Also built into the Training are multiple ways for you to connect with your fellow students. You will be invited to join both an online forum within the Training website, and a private Facebook group. These groups will give you many opportunities to connect with your fellow students, share insights, and support one another as you progress through the Training. The Training also includes an optional peer coaching program. If you sign up for this, you’ll be matched with another student with whom you will meet monthly to practice the coaching techniques that you’re learning. This will not only give you solid coaching practice, but it will also help you to gain new insights about your own process. And finally, the Training ends with an optional LIVE event where you’ll have a chance to come together with your fellow graduates and meet in person!
Is the Training entirely online?
The entire content of the Training is delivered online through a distance learning website. The live teleclasses each month can simply be accessed by phone or Skype. At the end of the Training there will be an optional in-person “finale” event. Attendance at the event is not necessary for completion of the Training, but it is a great way to meet the people you’ve interacted with throughout the Training!
Is the Training self paced?
Although it is very flexible, the Training is not completely self paced. We operate more like a traditional school, where everyone starts and ends at the same time each year. We find that this creates a great sense of community, as everyone is progressing through each of the 7 modules as a group. This includes the bonus modules for Nutrition and Business Coaching, which are released at different times throughout the Training once Marc has laid a solid foundation. We deliver the Training via a multimedia platform distance-learning website, which you can access anytime, and view the videos or listen to the audio recordings at your convenience once the appropriate module is released. Each module concludes with a brief multiple choice assessment. You’ll need to complete the assessments by the due dates provided for each module. All of the classes are also available as downloadable mp3’s so you can listen to them on the go – and these are yours for life. Many students return to the material further down the line if they didn’t have enough time to dive in as deeply as they wanted to during the actual Training. So, you can choose how deeply you immerse yourself in the material as a way to manage your changing schedule.
How are students assessed?
The Training consists of 7 time-released modules. The Training duration is approximately 8 months. At the end of each module there’s a brief multiple choice test, which will be due on a specific end-date. These are not complex or difficult questions, but rather a reflection of the core concepts that were covered in that module. Students will also have a final multiple choice exam due at the end of the Training. There’s plenty of time before it’s due to prepare for it. There is no grading system in this Training, as this is a stand-alone certification rather than a series of separate courses.
What kind of Certification will I receive?
Students who complete the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training will be certified as an Mind Body Eating Coach. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is fully approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education – Division of Private Occupational Schools.
What does this Certification qualify me to do?
Ultimately, a certification is only as good as the practitioner who receives it, and the integrity of the institution granting it. Your certification as a Mind Body Eating Coach lets the world know that you have put in the time and commitment that qualify you to educate and coach in the Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition fields. It acknowledges that you have a unique skill-set and a cutting edge education. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is fully approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education – Division of Private Occupational Schools. The rigorous process we have undergone helps ensure that our standards are high and your education is backed by a strong, respected, and demanding governing body. This Training is a stand-alone professional certification process that will prepare you for the coaching profession. It is an advanced and unique Training that is comprehensive and is meant to prepare graduates for a career. We graduate our students with the ability to go into business for themselves with skill and confidence, regardless of prior educational background, and we often see our graduates making back the money that they invested in the Training in less than a year. As an Mind Body Eating Coach, you can open your own consulting business and see clients one-on-one or in group settings. This is a very popular choice for many of our graduates. In addition to seeing private clients, you can create digital products or in-person group programs, among other things. Some graduates also work in wellness centers, spas, chiropractic offices, retreat centers, fitness centers, or as part of a team with other coaches or counselors. In addition, the Institute provides an entire business module that is highly effective for learning things like setting up a website, networking, creating a mailing list, and all the basics needed to get a business going — as well as envisioning how you might wish to place yourself in the field as a coach. This module will give you lots of new ideas that you haven’t yet thought of for how you can put your new skills into action. Of course, it’s up to you to make things happen — and the only limit to your possibilities is your own imagination! Here are some ways that our graduates have used their Training: • Accelerate and expand an already existing practice • Career change in less than a year • Work one-on-one in a private coaching practice • Work in corporate wellness education – designing and implementing programs • Work with small groups – running classes and retreats • Teach and work with children – creating youth programs • Work with digestion, immune, and fatigue issues in a unique and cutting-edge way • Specialize in weight loss coaching • Work with emotional eating – binge eating, overeating, and chronic dieting • Mentor other professionals • Own or work in a health clinic or wellness center • Augment your career as a personal trainer or fitness specialist • Create a virtual business working with clients all over the world • Teach teleclasses or lead online seminars. • Augment your skills as a nutrition teacher • Supplement a traditional psychology education • Branch out from being a health coach • Be a better and more well rounded dietitian • Incorporate Mind Body Eating Coaching into your yoga or Pilates practice • Be a better nutritional professional • Supplement your career in the culinary field • Launch a website, blog, and private practice • Expand your client pool • Enhance personal growth and healing • Gain more confidence with clients • Discover new tools and techniques that truly work • Increase income with specialized offerings and increased proficiency To read more about what our graduates are doing, check out our Testimonials page!
Is this Certification recognized internationally?
This Training attracts students from all over the world. As a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, you will be able to practice in any country as a coach. Our certification will not legally allow you to be a licensed clinical psychologist, counselor, nutritionist, or dietician. In most countries (including the U.S.), coaches cannot receive insurance payments unless they also hold other credentials. You also would not be able to diagnose ailments or prescribe any particular dietary plans. Coaches offer insight, advice, suggestions, give tools and skills to clients, offer strategies, and more. Every country has different rules and regulations regarding how they address various certifications. As with any certification or degree, there are both limitations and options – it depends on the type of work you want to do. As long as you stay within the parameters of what a Mind Body Eating Coach can and cannot do – which we fully discuss in our Training – you will be able to practice from anywhere with our certification.
What careers will be open to me as a Mind Body Eating Coach?
There is a wide range of opportunities you can pursue. When you graduate from our Training, you will be certified as a Mind Body Eating Coach. As such, you can open your own consulting business and see clients one-on-one or in group settings. This is a very popular choice for many of our graduates. In addition to seeing private clients, you can create digital products or in-person programs, among others. Some graduates also work in gyms or wellness centers in conjunction with doctors, chiropractors, or other health practitioners. You can read more about career opportunities HERE. We also include a Business Development Module in this Training to help you launch your practice. This section of the course is offered at no additional cost and will cover the basics of what you need to get started. You can learn more about that HERE. The rest, or course, is really up to you and how you envision yourself making use of this wonderful education! To see what some of our past students are doing, check out our testimonials page.
Can I get Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for this Training?
We are approved by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) to offer 250 NANP Category 1 CEUs for our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. Upon completion of our Training you can submit your certificate to document the CEUs. To learn more about the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, you can go here: nanp.org. We are continuing to seek alliances with other professional organizations for Continuing Education credits. In the meantime, many of our students have independently submitted this Training to their professional organizations for CEU credits. We are happy to provide documentation of hours of study and topics covered for you to independently apply for CEUs.
Will I learn business skills?
Our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training includes a free Bonus Business Coaching Module where we focus on practice building, business skills, how to use social media, marketing skills, and much more. Learn more about it here.
What ongoing support do you offer to graduates?
We do provide online forums on social media for peer support once the Training is complete. These forums have many active participants and they’re a place where our graduates can network with each other, brainstorm together, and support one another. Many students also form local groups to get together in person after the Training is over, as well. We also offer listing in our Mind Body Eating Coach Graduate directory for a small annual fee. This is where we refer anyone who is looking to work with one of our coaches. We frequently promote the directory, and it gets quite a bit of traffic. This is one of the best ways we support our students once they are certified. You can check out our Directory HERE. Additionally, we periodically offer continuing education and advanced trainings to our graduates.
Who is your student body?
Our students are a vibrant community of learners and professionals from all walks of life and from all over the world who are committed to making a difference by being counselors, healers, educators, coaches, and change agents. Our students are motivated, energetic, unique people who are comfortable learning and growing at the leading edge of psychology, nutrition, and health. In our Training, you might find yourself alongside a nutritionist, dietitian, psychologist, mental health counselor, nurse, doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist, yoga teacher, dance instructor, health coach, business-person, a mother, a college student, a secretary, a massage therapist, an administrator, a career-changer, and more…
Do you have any admission requirements?
Our Training is by application only. If you are interested in filling out an application, please click here. Admission to The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is not determined by any academic prerequisites or previous scholastic achievement. Your enthusiasm for this kind of study is what counts the most. Please contact us if you’d like some help in making the best choice for your needs and goals.
Why do I need to apply? Do you accept everyone? What are the criteria for acceptance?
Each application is carefully reviewed by Marc David, Founder of the Institute, and Emily Rosen, Director of the Institute, to determine whether the applicant would be a good match for this Training and for this type of work. There are no academic prerequisites; rather, we look for qualities such as passion, enthusiasm, commitment, and innovative thinking. As a result of the application process, our student body is a wonderful and inspired group of individuals from many perspectives and walks of life who are committed to a fresh, new, breakthrough approach, and to making a real difference in the lives of others.
Are there any age requirements for the Training?
There are no age requirements for our programs. Most of our students range between 20 – 70 years of age. Our students include recent high school graduates, retirees looking for a new passion, and everything in between!
What materials will I need for the Training?
Since the Training is delivered through a distance-learning website, you will need a computer or tablet and an Internet connection. A high-speed Internet connection is desirable, because some of the file sizes are large, and may take long time to download with a slower speed or dial-up connection. We strongly recommend that our students get a blank journal or notebook so that you can keep all of your responses to the Training exercises in one place. Finally, the Training includes a number of recommended readings. These books are completely optional, and you can either purchase them or get them from the library.
What books will I need for the Training?
Upon registering for the Training, we’ll send you a list of the recommended books for the Training. This optional reading list is highly recommended for your study and advancement.
Will the work be “too much” for me? Will I able to do it, given my busy life?
An education is best when it’s fulfilling rather than stressful. We want you to succeed. Our Training has components that are designed to be self-paced. You’ll have many opportunities to create your own desired level of learning. The Training is intensive, but the amount of reading, homework, and preparation that we suggest is highly doable. We have done our best to create a learning experience that fits your personal style and needs. Expect to need between 6 to 8 hours per week.
Does the Institute adhere to a specific dietary philosophy or approach?
The Institute does not espouse any specific nutritional approach. We believe in a huge spectrum of nutritional possibilities that are unique to each individual, region, culture, and community. We encourage our students to let go of nutritional dogmas and find what truly works best for them, and their clients. We teach about cultivating body wisdom and a healthy, natural, intuitive, body-based sense of what’s best for each one of us. We do tend to support organic, natural, quality, non-toxic, non-GMO and humanely produced foods as a wise strategy for people and planet.
Does the Institute have a religious affiliation?
The Institute for The Psychology of Eating has no religious affiliation. Our approach does reflect a healthy appreciation for spirituality, and an encouragement for each student to find the kind of spiritual or religious connection that works for them.
Do you offer other programs - classes, workshops, or lectures to the general public?
Yes! Our most popular offering for the general public is our 8-week online program – Transform Your Relationship with Food. This program is designed to help you transform your personal relationship with food when it comes to overeating, binge eating, body image concerns, unwanted eating habits, weight challenges, digestive issues, fatigue, dietary and health concerns, and so much more. It is a great way to benefit from the powerful principles and strategies that we’ve originated here at the Institute in Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition. Transform Your Relationship with Food is not a professional training, but it’s a good way to get exposure to the work we do. We’ve had many participants in this program become so inspired that they’ve gone on to take the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training so that they could help others transform their own lives! You can go HERE to learn more about this powerful virtual retreat. We also periodically offer other programs, online conferences, and special events. Please sign up for our mailing list to be notified of any new programs as soon as they are announced, or simply visit our events page.
How is the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training different from Transform Your Relationship with Food?
Our two major offerings, the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training and Transform Your Relationship with Food, both draw from the foundational concepts of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, but these programs have very different structures and intentions and are COMPLETELY different! Here is a breakdown of the differences: Transform Your Relationship with Food (TYRF) is a program for the public that takes a cutting edge approach to help people with body image concerns, emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, weight challenges, endless dieting, and health issues such as digestion, fatigue, immunity and others. It’s a personal growth program, NOT a professional certification training. It features powerful concepts designed to help people get unstuck – coaching tools and personal growth strategies that are results driven. The entire online program is designed as a transformational experience to help people create the change they need most. Our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification(MBECC), on the other hand, is a powerful, information-rich, 250 hour professional program that certifies you as a Mind Body Eating Coach and provides an unprecedented professional training that’ll leave you with a strong skill-set and the confidence to work with the most common and compelling eating concerns of our times – weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more. We offer this training in an online distance learning format that you can take from anywhere in the world. This professional training lasts for 8 months and when completed, graduates are certified to practice as a Mind Body Eating Coach from anywhere in the world. To Summarize: TYRF is a personal development program for the public that lasts for 8 weeks and is approximately 20-25 hours. MBECC is an 8 month training that’s well over 250 hours of course material and study. The EPCC Training is by application only. TYRF is open to anyone who wishes to participate. MBECC is our premier professional training. TYRF is our premier public offering. The total tuition for EPCC is $6,950 and confers a certification as an Mind Body Eating Coach upon completion. The total cost for TYRF is $495.00 and is a unique personal transformational experience that confers no certification. Please note: In the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training, it’s highly likely that you’ll experience some powerful personal growth and transformation in your own relationship with food, body and health. We’ve designed this professional training so that going through the materials and exercises helps our students have their own breakthroughs as a way to prepare them to work with clients. The Training provides lots of opportunity for you to go deeply into your own personal relationship with food.
What is the inspiration behind the Institute for The Psychology of Eating? When was it founded and why?
The Institute was officially founded in 2008. It is the inspiration of Marc David, who has been teaching, authoring, and exploring in the fields of nutrition, psychology and health for over 3 decades.
How can I decide if this Training is for me?
One of the best ways to determine whether this Training will be a good match for you is to view the free videos offered throughout our website, and especially the free video series The Dynamic Eating Psychology Breakthrough. You can sign up HERE to view the series. Our videos offer an introduction to the approach that we teach at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and also give you a chance to check out Marc David’s teaching style. Marc David is the primary teacher for the Training, while Emily Rosen presents the Bonus Business Development Module. We also encourage you to visit this page and see if the statements resonate with you. This will help you to determine if this Training is what you’re looking for.
Are you an accredited school?
The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is fully approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education – Division of Private Occupational Schools. The rigorous process we have undergone helps ensure that our standards are high and that a strong, respected, and demanding governing body backs your education. We are a growing, mission-driven organization and are here to stay!
Do you have any payment plans?
We offer several payment plan options. Click HERE for details about the payment plans:
What is your refund policy?
Our refund policy is regulated and approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and is explicitly designed to protect our students’ financial investment. If you have questions or if you would like a detailed explanation of our refund policy, please reach out to us at info@psychologyofeating.com.
How would you describe the Training in the simplest of terms?
Practical – The Training is rich in skills, techniques, and protocols that build your confidence as a practitioner. Powerful – The work is deep, real, immediate, and goes to the core of what ails our relationships with food, body, and health. Soulful – Our whole approach is grounded in the richness of the soul, and the teachings of timeless wisdom traditions that view human affairs from a greater, more artful and compassionate reality. Scientific – The Training is rooted in nutrition knowledge that is clear, concise, and clinically useful. Intuitive – In addition to exercising your cognitive muscles, you’ll honor and strengthen your intuitive ones as well. Transformational – The Training is designed to assist you in your own alchemical growth and healing, which truly qualifies us more deeply as a healer and counselor of other.

PayinFull Regular Enrollment
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Elisa Markhoff

When a dear friend suggested I sing up for IPE’s new training, I was rather hesitant: wasn’t I already a Health and Life coach? Didn’t I know enough about nutrition already? Hadn’t I taken other top-notch classes? Was the investment really worth it? Looking back, I needn’t worry. During our first class Marc David promised us to give us back every penny’s worth of tuition, and oh, did he over-deliver! Marc is both a passionate and compassionate teacher, gladly sharing every nugget of wisdom that has come his way - and trust me, with over 25 years of experience in the field, that’s not to be taken lightly. The personal and professional growth I have experienced during my time with IPE is unlike any other: it’s been a deep and joyful journey, and it’s still bearing wonderful fruits. Before starting this training I knew I was a good coach. Now, thanks to Marc and his team, I know I am a special one.
Elisa Markhoff - Mind Body Eating Coach + Founder - Smart Girls Don’t Diet

Toi Holliday

I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition Training. It has truly been one of the best choices I’ve ever made as it relates to education and training in the field of nutrition. Marc truly revealed the root cause of many concerns that millions of people deal with daily. When I signed up it was with the idea to learn more in order to help my clients. However, I soon realized there were areas in my own life I needed to address around weight, stress, and learning how to relax. Because of this training I’ve made changes in my life and I’m empowered and more encouraged than ever before to do what I love most – to bless others by sharing knowledge. I now feel the freedom to have an open mind to look into the deeper issues with my clients than what shows on the surface. I certainly believe clients need more than just a regimen of supplements, exercise, and diets full of restrictions; but instead we should embrace the body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend this training for anyone who is seeking to better themselves and for any practitioner who wants to guide their clients to a place of total health and wellbeing.
Toi Holliday - Consultant + Founder of Toi’s Natural Health Center

Junia Pais Macedo van Overbeek

Even though I had great doubts about doing an online education, the IPE program turned out to suit me extremely well. I so appreciated it because I could listen to the lessons at a time that suited me and at my own pace, and take my notes without missing any part that I deemed important. I value group exchange immensely and making genuine connections with others is important to me. In this regard, I had plenty of opportunities to interact with my colleagues in the online forums. I was also fortunate to meet most of them personally during the two gatherings organized by IPE in Boulder. In addition, as a book worm, I delighted in reading the recommended books for the program. Some of these books were written by authors who were unknown to me, thus bringing new and refreshing views on old subjects as well as giving me a better and deeper understanding of the principles of Dynamic Eating Psychology. As for Marc David, the founder of IPE, he had been teaching me through his books and blogs long before I became his “official” student. Marc is a nutrition alchemist and one who infuses the mundane and seemingly irrelevant events of life with the sacred. His views of the world are intense, inspiring and, above all, he can be quite fun! He is a passionate being, a man who “got it”! Marc has also a great and eclectic wisdom. Somehow, he has managed to collect and sew together all that really matters in life in a sort of exquisite patchwork quilt design! Marc’s impact on people’s lives is so great that I even wonder if he will ever be truly able to grasp the extent with which he can touch others and be an instrument of transformation in their lives. One thing for sure: if he would die today, he could go with the absolute certainty that he has changed the world for better! Be prepared though: as you go along the course material, life will be the one “testing” your knowledge of everything you learned during the program. If you are not willing to evolve, don’t apply! Capacity to change and expand as well as to step out of your comfort zone are main requirements to a successful completion of the program. Last but absolutely not least, I had all support that I needed from everybody who works at IPE. They stand on their own right as very special, loving and caring people! It was a wonderful and fulfilling journey for me. I feel very privileged that I could do this training and highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to leap both professionally and personally!
Junia Pais Macedo van Overbeek

Nafissa Shireen

As someone who has lost and kept off a significant amount of weight after years of yo-yo dieting, I knew when I started on my coaching career that there was something missing in my training. The technical skills of holistic nutrition and the life skills of coaching seemed to leave out the most important part of the equation - the PERSON. My nutrition training taught me how to make meal plans, and my coaching training taught me to ask the client “what” they were going to do, but none of it ever taught me to ask “WHY”. In fact, most traditional coaching programs tell us NOT to ask “why”. We're taught to pull the client out of their story, and to focus on “what” they'd like to do and create an action plan. While this approach works for business and career, when it comes to something as deeply complex as food and body image, simple instructions and goals just don’t work. There needs to be something more, something needs to shift INSIDE the person first - but none of my training equipped me for that. I was ecstatic when I found Marc David and the Mind Body Eating Coach Training. It was so refreshing to be in a program that “got it”, and where my teacher and mentor shared my deeply held core values that, as humans, we are so much more than “calories in, and calories out”. I learned that when it comes to a person’s relationship with food, it is such a personal journey and that their story is truly THE most important aspect of the whole journey. Finally, I have the tools to really help my clients learn to make the internal shifts they need to make. I feel like my eyes have been opened, and just that portion alone well worth the investment. As I serve a corporate market, this has totally changed my approach with clients, as slowing down and relaxing into life is truly the first place I need to work with them, not just on a meal plan! On a personal level, I would also like to add, that I LOVE food, I express my creativity in the meals I prepare, I share love in the meals I share, and going through this training, it was so wonderful and liberating to finally be able to celebrate that relationship and to know it’s not only okay, its beautiful. I am forever changed both personally and professionally. For anyone who really wants to truly serve their clients, I cannot say enough about this training. Do it, it will change your life!
Nafissa Shireen - Executive Health & Success Coach

Maureen Wielansky

When I first found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating I was floundering as a Holistic Health Coach, wondering if I had made a mistake. I loved what I was doing but something was missing, and my clients were not getting the long-term results that I had hoped for. I felt like a fake and a fraud and, as a result, the weight that I had fought so hard to release was coming back and I didn’t know why. During the Mind Body Eating Coach Training, I learned the power of stress physiology and how so many factors can place you into stress, especially one’s thoughts. Marc David also confirmed what I had suspected: sugar, caffeine and alcohol are not necessarily the devil, and they can be enjoyed in moderation. Slow eating, deep breathing and gut wisdom gave me the tools to help my clients increase energy, release weight and keep it off. As I finished my Mind Body Eating Coaching Certification, I am stepping into my mission in total confidence that I can help women transform by sharing tools that allow them to heal and grow. My need to "fix" my clients has left, and I am full of relief that I don’t have to be the perfect eater while strutting the perfect body. Through my experience with IPE I am continuing to heal myself and that healing makes my work with clients so powerful.
Maureen Wielansky - Holistic Health + Mind Body Eating Coach

Arielle Brown

My experience at IPE has been a major catalyst for my growth as a human being on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Not long after beginning the program, I felt an instant shift in the way I negatively judged my eating habits and body weight. Instead of seeing my compulsions around food as a horrible and shameful behavior, I began to see them instead as a doorway into a deeper understanding of what truly hindered me from loving myself as I am. IPE has opened my eyes to the many ways that our culture helps create an unhealthy view around food and body. We are trained to value physical appearance over our innate authenticity - which leads to a host of common issues, like negative body image, binge eating, chronic dieting, and feelings of unworthiness, to name a few. In acknowledging how our values have been skewed, IPE teaches us to realign with our highest goals - which should be to become our true authentic selves. In becoming the person we are meant to be, the body will inevitably become what it is meant to be. Through taking this training, I have developed into an informed, awake, and inspired healer. IPE has also helped me to develop a more solid understanding of the Divine - the belief in something beyond what I can see with my own two eyes. For a long time, I considered myself an agnostic, in that I acknowledged that something greater than myself existed, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. I now hold a more trusting, magical, and inspiring view of the world (or the Universe), and hold the belief that every physical symptom experienced in the body is a Divine message nudging us in the direction of self-evolution. As a final comment on the program, Marc David presents the material in a way that is engaging, fluid, and natural. He is inspiring, piercing, and light-hearted all in one breath. I have such a deep appreciation and respect for him, as a healer and as a revolutionary in the world of nourishment and nutritional science. Having the ability to call in and ask questions via live teleclass bi-monthly has been such a connecting and integral part of my IPE experience. I am beyond satisfied with my training at IPE. Not only has it prepared me for a career in the healing profession, but it has also empowered me with the internal guidance and wisdom to align my mind, body, and soul with my highest goals.
Arielle Brown - Nourishment Psychology Coach

Amy Bondar

If you are looking to grow and evolve, both personally and professionally, look no further. The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is full of refreshing insights, cutting-edge nutritional wisdom and practical and powerful tools. This Training goes far beyond foundational nutrition. It soars into the heart and soul of the eater. It is an exploration into how we can transform our relationship with food, our bodies and ourselves, and help our clients to do the same. I have been practicing for 10 years and have never found this nutritional wisdom anywhere else. This course has inspired me, energized me, reignited the love for what I do and has made me a finer Nutritional Therapist. Marc David is truly a Nutritional Sage and one of the greatest mentors and teachers I have had on my journey.
Amy Bondar - Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist + Mind Body Eating Coach Canada

Ronda Bartley

First heard Marc David speak several years ago and was absolutely fascinated by what he had to say. I bought his book The Slow Down Diet and have referred to it many times. When I heard about his Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training and saw the wide range of topics covered in this program, I knew I wanted to dive in deeper and learn more. The training more than exceeded my expectations. I have not come across the information taught in his program anywhere else. IPE has been hugely transformational in my life and allowed me to understand areas of my past where I had undigested life experiences as well as how important it is to experience the wide range of emotions that we all have.The training goes way beyond looking to physical food to nourish us and outlines how we are nourished as a whole person, in our life experiences, our relationships, our careers, our spirituality and with our own body. I was impressed with the abundance of counselor tools that were offered through this program and feel more than equipped with the skills I need to work with a wide range of clients. I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to expand and grow both personally and professionally.
Ronda Bartley - Mind Body Eating Coach

Marilyn Aspen

Thank you, Marc David, for offering this fabulous training! The material covered along with your amazing presentation skills were well worth my investment on every level. I appreciate the clarity and frankness of your approach along with your sincerity, love for others, and respect for the human condition that you so radiantly emanate. Your depth of knowledge and perspective is a rarity in this arena. I wholeheartedly recommend this work for everyone!
Marilyn Aspen - Mind Body Eating Coach + Owner of Good Chia, LLC

AnaLisa Rutstein, MA, CHC, CHT

Marc David is rare and precious. He is a Teacher’s Teacher, a Coach’s Coach. He is singularly gifted in his ability to convey complex material in an easy to grasp, and easy to use manner. I have had the great fortune of taking two excellent trainings with Marc. The second training was the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. Marc is a modern sage, sharing his deep wisdom and how he uses working with eating and food and the body all as an entry point to what is really an opportunity for an ultimate and deep spiritual and personal transformation. As a result of the training, I learned the central importance of being whole, authentic, and integrated, and bringing this lived experience into my coaching. By simply listening to Marc and how he teaches from the depths of his experience, it modeled a powerful way for me to coach and teach. I discovered how to present material to my clients at different levels and to be able to share the science and facts that really help support what I am teaching my clients. And I came away with so many great and creative examples of homework assignments and exercises for clients. I cannot recommend his training highly enough! The material is comprehensive, and presented it in an engaging, easy, and comfortable style. I loved my time with the Institute, and I incorporate the teachings on a daily basis in my life and work.
AnaLisa Rutstein, MA, CHC, CHT - Certified Mind Body Eating Coach

Nancy Thompson

Participating in IPE's Professional Certification Program was a transformative experience for me both personally and professionally. Having spent the last 25 years in the arena of health and wellness, I was transfixed by the depth and wisdom Marc David brings to his Professional Programs. There is no doubt that he is the international leader in the world of Eating Psychology. His body of work is a critical additional to anyone working in the world of nutrition, nourishment and wellness. I was a changed woman upon completion, and my client base has deeply benefited and flourished as a result.
Nancy Thompson - Cook, Health + Nourishment Coach

Renee Pletka, CHHC

My experience with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating was both personally and professionally transforming. Marc David’s revolutionary yet timeless concepts and thought-provoking exercises resonated deeply with me. They revealed many profound insights about what shapes my beliefs and behavior, as well as my clients’, regarding our relationship with food, weight, health and body image. As a result of the inner work I did in the course, I began cultivating a more soulful, loving relationship with my body—one full of ease, grace, gratitude and acceptance. Thanks to the knowledge, experiences and wisdom that Marc, the IPE team, and my fellow students so graciously shared, I have become a more confident, creative, effective and relaxed coach. I feel more empowered to help my clients cherish and honor their beautiful bodies just as they are. My calling has become more clear—to help women understand, accept, bless and release their life-alienating struggles with food, weight and body image so they can relish a more joy-filled, carefree, peaceful and present-moment life. I am tremendously grateful for all the gifts I have received, and continue to receive, from IPE.
Renee Pletka, CHHC - Eating Psychology + Holistic Health Coach

Alana Morrison

Marc David’s teachings are nothing less than profound, deep, comprehensive, innovative, complex, inspirational, and full of love and wisdom. Through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating’s Certification program I have not only acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective and compassionate counselor, but I have gained the thorough understanding of our inner world’s profound effect on our outer expression, relationship with food, metabolism, health, and happiness. If your desire is to facilitate the healing and transformation of people on this planet in a meaningful and lasting way that transcends the standard mentality of “fixing” people who are “broken”, if you want to be part of a necessary shift in the way our modern day culture narrowly defines beauty and personal worth, then I wholeheartedly recommend this program. Marc’s many years of experience as a leader in the field of nutritional psychology make him the ideal teacher in this realm. IPE provides a stellar educational experience that is accompanied by tremendous support. From the staff to the private online community there is always someone there to hear you out. The value of this program far exceeds the monetary realm. If you are committed to igniting that internal spark of personal realization and growth for you and your clients, then you have arrived at the proper place. IPE has given me the tools to continually assess my own life in order to live it as fully as possible, as well as be a counselor to those who are in need of an inner awakening.
Alana Morrison - Eating Psychology + Nutrition Counselor


My history as the manager of a high end catering company in fast paced New York City had left me facing issues around my health prior and during my studies with IPE. Marc David is a master teacher and gave me solutions for my health concerns far beyond the standard medical approach. As a Health Coach and "health nut" I knew about the importance of good nutrition. But what IPE provided me was a whole new understanding of how the thoughts we think and our stress levels have a profound impact on our health. The Training imparted a lesson I will never forget - "The way we assimilate our food is usually a direct mirror of how we assimilate life." And no matter how many amazing supplements and how much organic food we ingest, if we can't digest it we aren't able to assimilate it. The IPE team wove together an extraordinary learning experience, some of which was quite unexpected. I received a whole new perspective on women and their relationship with food and body image that's distinctively different from my own. Since incorporating what I learned at IPE, I have become a much more compassionate communicator and coach. I will be forever grateful to Marc and his work and recommend IPE to people everywhere I go.
KB Nau, EPC, HHC - Eating Psychology and Health + Wellness Coach

Ingrid Arna

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has radically changed my life and has given my practice the cutting edge approach that so many fellow professionals desire, both for our clients and our business. Marc David’s brilliant appreciation of women's healing around food and body is unprecedented. It's easy to see why he is the world leader in mind-body nutrition. Marc is an absolute rock star without the ego, sharing his wisdom with enormous deep generosity, love and enthusiasm. The most powerful insight I learned was how to tap into pleasure to heal and nourish the body. The slow-down effect has radically changed not only my relationship to body and self, but it's also been the core of my rockin' new love life. Why? Because this course grounded me and cemented my divine feminine. When you discover how the body, mind and soul really work, the sense of liberation is one of the greatest gifts. If you want to become a force to reckoned with and boost your business you must study with IPE. You deserve it!
Ingrid Arna - Holistic Health Expert + Founder of Body Love Australia

Julie Felsher, CHHC, CPT

I knew this program was going to be powerful, as I have followed Marc David's work for some time. Little did I know the profound impact this work would have on not just my business, but my life, as well. As a personal trainer and Holistic Health Coach, I came to the program with wonderful tools to help people change some of the habits and behaviors that caused them frustration and excess weight. What I've come away with is an incredibly enriched tool set and a sense of freedom in my own body that I've not felt for many years. Taking the stigma out of excess weight and reframing it as a beautiful message from your body was a paradigm shift in my work. No woman is broken. There is nothing to fix, but rather awareness to cultivate. One of the biggest gifts from the program is the clarity I now have in WHO I'm here to help, HOW I help them and that being FREE in my body allows me to be the best coach I can be. The puzzle of my own story has come together into a mission to heal women from body unhappiness. From this training, I understand that when the spirit heals, the body heals. As women open up to the truth in the messages of their bodies, they can become who they are meant to be. THEN . . . the body can become what it is meant to be. This program is so much more than a certification. It is a journey in healing for the coach and all of the lives he/she will touch.
Julie Felsher, CHHC, CPT - Body Transformation Coach

Annelise Woitulewicz

From the first time I heard Marc David speak, I knew this was an approach I needed to learn more about. At first, I tried pushing away the training because I was involved in too many other programs, but it kept appearing in front of me. I was nervous making the investment at first, but that didn’t last long! I cannot imagine my coaching career without the knowledge I have gained in the Mind Body Eating Coach Training. The authenticity, truth, and integrity delivered in this training has been a life changer for me. I finally let go of old patterns and am now free in ways I didn’t realize even existed. I am free from dieting, free from the scale, and free from toxic thinking that has surrounded me my whole life. I've now learned to truly step into my body and build real awareness to living a full life - and I'm thrilled to bring this to my clients. I have the confidence to help each and every person that comes to me. The logistics of the course delivery itself provided a seamless experience throughout. I really appreciated the ease of use of the website, and the labeling and descriptors of all the content making organization of the downloads very easy on the computer and iPod. Help was always available in a heartbeat for all questions. There was definitely not a shortage of content! And I LOVED every bit. I am so happy that I plan to go through the material again and again. I could not offer a higher recommendation of this training for anyone coaching clients in the realm of nutrition, food, disordered eating, weight loss, energy, stress, immunity and more! My only regret is that the course has ended. I am honored to be able to help spread this life-changing message to the world. Thank you to the IPE staff for awakening a new me, personally and professionally. And thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community.
Annelise Woitulewicz - Mind Body Eating Coach

Florence Cameron

When I started practicing nutrition advice and therapy, I quickly realized that nutritional knowledge could only take me so far with obtaining long term healthy results with clients. While the clients I was seeing did not have eating disorders, the majority of them had challenges around food and body image. So I looked for a training program to complement my nutritional expertise and address these challenges. Initially, I could only find traditional nutritionist programs or eating disorder courses, until I discovered IPE's Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. As I was reading the details of the course, I felt I had landed on my feet. I enrolled and have not looked back since. My practice is busier than ever and I feel I am making a real difference in my clients’ lives. The training also turned out to be extremely beneficial on a personal level too. I would go as far as saying that this training has changed my life. I learned to love and accept my imperfections, to have a free and peaceful relationship with food and with my body and to relax more into uncertainty. IPE’s professional training is much more than a training program, it’s a personal growth journey and a community of skilled and experienced practitioners based all around the world. I could not recommend it highly enough.
Florence Cameron - Nutritional Advisor and Mind Body Eating Coach United Kingdom

Jessica Vazquez

For me, the community and the resources are some of the most memorable part of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. I remember the sense of peace and release that joining the training gave me. I signed up a day after an intense episode of bulimia. That episode was the last time the symptom came in my life. The most powerful lesson was the one regarding binge and compulsive eating. I was able to understand under a new light and perspective the wholeness and sacredness of the symptoms. I also found great resources regarding nutrition. Personally I’ve graduated from the symptom of compulsion. This was the most radical healing I had in my life. Professionally I feel empowered and whole, and now I am able to guide my clients also from an emotional and nutritional perspective. I really understand the role of food, not only in body and mind, but also in emotional life. This has been a great experience in my life; one that was full of wisdom, compassion, and growth. I really recommend you to join IPE training - this is not only cutting edge perspective, but has been my golden ticket to home.
Jessica Vazquez

Deborah Van de Grift, CPC, PCC

In 2009, while working with one of my health coaching clients on his digestive problems, I inquired about his "eating rhythm." He immediately asked if I read the Slow Down Diet by Marc David. I told him I hadn’t heard of the book or author, however my curiosity was piqued and planned to look it up my next opportunity. I landed on the Psychology of Eating website, loved what I read and purchased the book immediately. I couldn’t put it down - I loved the content and resonated with Marc’s style, which was very near and dear to my heart. I then read Nourishing Wisdom. Again, another fantastic book. I knew then I would be taking the training. My ‘world of health,’ through this training, has taken my coaching practice and my personal practice to a whole new level and depth in the areas of digestion, energy, fatigue, eating disorders and challenges, weight loss, and immune health to name just a few. Through Marc David's work, education, experience and passion he has created a program like no other. He has developed a comprehensive eating psychology training along with a fantastic team of people that are as committed to the mission and doing this unique work. They have impacted the world with this training and have made my experience all the better as a result of their passion and dedication. Thank you!
Deborah Van de Grift, CPC, PCC - iPEC Coaching, Owner/VP Being Health Coaching, Founder

Ashly Torian

When I first learned of the Mind Body Eating Coach Training, I knew intuitively that this is what I had been looking for - the missing piece not only for my clients success, but also for myself. I was in awe of all the tools, materials, methods, and information Marc David shared in this course. My own health was feeling the effects of operating in a stressed state 24/7. As a Personal Trainer for more than 24 years, I have seen clients lose weight and reach their goal only to gain it back a year later. This was not fair to them - there was a huge flaw in the calories in/calories out method. This training presented the missing piece to the lifelong success my clients were looking for. During the training, I was able to completely immerse myself in this process of stressed state vs. relaxed state living, and realized why I and so many others struggle with food, body and life issues. This one tool of the many I learned allows me to guide and inspire my clients in a whole new way. No more “surface” training for me. Now I can really dive in and help my client get to the root of their issue. I know I'll continue to review this material and learn something new each time. This training has truly made an impact on me personally and professionally - a big Win-Win! I highly recommend this program if your heart is led to helping others on a deep level, and if you want to truly make a difference in your work and in the world. Thank you Marc and IPE staff, your program is awesome!
Ashly Torian - Body Balance – Mind + Body Fitness

Maria Montemayor

I can’t thank Marc and Emily enough for putting this wonderful program together. IPE’s training has profoundly impacted the way I now understand health and its challenges. Not only have I found powerful tools that have helped me heal my own journey with food and body, I have also received amazing skills and confidence that have enabled me to help transform the lives of people around me. The Training is a must for anyone interested in being at the forefront of a new revolution that is transforming our understanding of food, weight, body and health. I'm honored to be part of this powerful movement.
Maria Montemayor - Holistic Health + Mind Body Eating Coach Mexico/Hong Kong

Wendy Martens, MA, NCC, CHHC, AADP

When I think about my training at IPE I am amazed at all that I have learned and how much I’ve changed in the past few months. In all of the courses I have taken in the past, I have learned facts and details, but Marc David has taught about how our and our client’s issues are more than just a tweak of a diet or more exercise—they are present to teach us about our personal journey through life. The most powerful lesson for me was about the stress response and how it changes our body chemistry, our inability to lose weight, causes digestive difficulties, leads to fatigue and a host of other body issues. “Slow down” are the key words to live by and have an enormous impact on our overall health and wellness. This training has benefited me both personally and professionally. Personally, I was ‘stress’ walking around—inability to lose weight, digestive issues and sleep issues. When I began practicing mindfulness, I found that I could minimize the stress effect in my own body and without changing how I ate (which was good nutrition), the weight has decided to depart on it’s own. My digestion has improved along with my sleep. Professionally, I am changing my entire coaching program. I am listening to my clients and allowing their journey to be at the forefront, allowing them to be who they are and to reach their highest purpose, without trying to fix or give them a list of ‘shoulds.’ I would, and I have, highly recommended the IPE Training to anyone who asks. I feel that IPE is truly a holistic approach to health and it values the client and their journey above all else. The training gives incredible insight to being a magnificent counselor which leads to incredible improvement in the life of our clients.
Wendy Martens, MA, NCC, CHHC, AADP - Founder - New Pathway to Health LLC

Autumn Smith

I am incredibly grateful for the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training. It completely transformed my beliefs about what it means to have a healthy relationship with your body and with food. As a culture today, there seems to be the pervasive idea that when you lose weight you become happy. I can honestly say that before this program, part of me still ascribed to this notion. Due to our current health and psychological crisis, we can no longer ignore the psychology of weight loss. When Marc David mentioned that "true innovation comes from the fringe," he could not have been more correct. He is leading the charge with a revolutionary approach that transforms the pervasive grief, suffering and frustration that so many people experience around food into peace, happiness and nourishment. The strategies taught at the Institute positively impact all areas of life and are designed to create sustainable change. I began this program as one person and left as quite another. I learned lessons and techniques that gave me the tools to transform my client's relationships with themselves first, then food later. The training taught me to stay committed to my client's highest goal and to remember that this is all about service. Because of what I learned, I feel confident that I will be an agent of positive change in the lives of those I work with. This program is for anyone who truly aspires to serve others effectively and I could not recommend it more highly.
Autumn Smith - Mind Body Eating Coach

Emma Teitel

I started IPE’s professional training program when I was at a crossroads in my life. I knew that I was ready to start working with people to support healing, growth and transformation, but I didn't yet know how I was going to get there. I had many different skills that I acquired over the years, but something about IPE's training and approach resonated deeply with me. Through my education at the Institute, I was able to put together so many different pieces about counseling, nutrition, food and the mind-body connection. Not only did I experience profound personal transformation around my relationship with food and body image, but I also gained invaluable skills that allow me to work with women and teen girls around these very issues. The clients I work with have experienced miraculous changes in their lives because of the way I am able to understand and guide them. I love the work I do. Having such passion for my profession is one of the greatest gifts in my life.Marc David is a true expert and a pioneer in the field of Eating Psychology. His decades of clinical experience and masterful teaching style empower professionals to go out into the field with greater confidence, immense skill and a huge heart. I am profoundly grateful that I found IPE. This program will change your life and infinitely enhance your ability to work with people and support them in meaningful life changes.
Emma Teitel - Teen Girl Mentor + Eating Psychology Counselor

Thoby Solheim

In early 2012 I decided it was time for a complete career change and I started looking for an online course that would offer me both an academic training and a skill set I could use to fulfill a desire to work, and help others. I have been in recovery since 2009 and my role as a sponsor in AA kindled a deep interest in helping people overcome their problems with addiction. I started looking for a course that would combine my interests in mental and physical health and nutrition with coaching - a training where I would be able to learn practical strategies to work with people and help them live happier, more balanced lives. Its is always tempting when changing careers to cling to the need to retrain academically, to chase professional qualifications, and I started looking for online psychology degrees. It was a search for "nutrition and the brain" that brought me to the IPE website, and I will be forever grateful for that. The foundational concepts offered in the Eating Psychology Training (EPC) are centered on a Mind-Body approach to helping others, and redefining nutrition from a set of numbers to the ideal of nourishment: nutritional balance, pleasure and relaxation and using eating as a means to heal. I have been startled by the similarities with eating and weight issues and addiction, and indeed the principles of recovery run deep in the work. The teaching encompasses both enough simple science for the layman, practical experience and real world coaching to enable one to work as a counselor around a plethora of real world complaints: after all we are all eaters. Marc's assertion that one's relationship with food mimics our relationship with life echoes through the course. I was initially concerned about the online classroom. Would it stand up to the lecture halls of Cambridge University where I was an undergraduate? I am happy to say it does: the lectures are clear, succinct and annotated. The delivery system really works: the forums offered as discussion groups for each topic allow one to recreate the classroom discussion. The Facebook group too, has opened me up to a totally new group of people and motivated me to operate well outside of my comfort zone, highlighting to me how insulated my male-dominated, insular, professional world as a private schoolboy cum investment banker has been. Communicating daily with a global classroom of varying ages and backgrounds in and around the training has been a wonderful learning experience! I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in coaching others in any capacity. After all, we all have a relationship with food, but so many of us have eschewed the simple pleasures of eating in favour of a life of stress and fast food, to the detriment of our health. The practical training and fresh approach to eating and the eater, the simple science and the case studies all come together into a very detailed course that demands full commitment and is truly mind opening. [/su_testimonial [su_testimonial_student_all name="Jenna Abernathy" photo="http://psychologyofeating.com/wp-content/uploads/Screen-Shot-2012-05-31-at-2.51.25-PM.png" company="Mind Body Eating Coach + Founder - Divine Hunger"] As a health coach and food psychology coach, my business is all about helping women evolve their relationship with food, body and desire. What was so memorable about the Professional Certification Training is how thorough and deep we were able to dive into the concepts around all the life factors that surround one's relationship with food. It was powerful to watch how much my own relationship with food and even my partner’s transformed in this time. Through my own transformation, I am now able to more authentically walk clients through their food issues with much more relaxation, grace and trust in the process. I no longer feel the need to "fix" them. I would wholeheartedly recommend this training for so many reasons! For one, Marc David is by far the foremost thinker and speaker on these subjects. If you are helping people or yourself with food related issues - you want to be tapped into his completely positive messages around weight and eating behavior. With so much pain in our culture around weight, we need a fresh way to see things and work with people. I can't think of a more sane, intelligent or soulful approach than what you will find at IPE.
Thoby Solheim - LifeCoach 2.0 + Mind Body Eating Coach South Africa

Diana Bohan

IPE's Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training was the best educational investment I’ve made both in terms of time and money. I have gained a greater understanding of how our thoughts and beliefs about food and body image affect our ability to lose weight, love ourselves, and enjoy eating. Marc David's knowledge and his authentic passion taught me that there are so many ways to address challenges with weight , binge eating, fatigue, digestion, and body image by turning upside down the prevailing methods that practitioners have used in the field of contemporary nutrition with unsustainable results. Not only did I love the content of this course, I also loved getting to know others students through the private networks and class forums. This communication was vital to the learning experience, as all of the discussions brought more clarity to the class modules each month. I highly recommend this training to anyone who has a passion for helping others in this unique way or to learn more about their own body and healing journey.
Diana Bohan - Personal Nutrition + Embodiment Coach | Eating Psychology

Cynthia Stadd

When I started IPE’s Professional Certification Training, I had been a nutrition practitioner for about 8 years. After working with so many clients, I was frustrated in my ability to guide them in overcoming the true obstacles that were affecting their weight, health, and body image. I knew that learning more about food and nutrition was not the answer. What I needed was a new set of counseling tools to really get the core of our eating issues. Thank goodness Marc David launched this program! To say I was blown away is an understatement. It has changed me personally and professionally. I really thought I had my food stuff "handled", but as I went through the program I was intrigued to see how the exercises and homework assignments revealed things that were not so apparent to me on the surface, but were affecting my day-to-day life around food, and my love for myself. The container that Marc created to explore these experiences was safe, relaxed and so insightful. Professionally, I have launched an entire new brand as a result of this training. I now have solid tools in my toolbox to work with food and body concerns on a deeper level - tools that I have since used with much success in my practice. Clients still come to me for the same reasons as they did in the past- weight loss, digestive health, meal planning, etc - but my ability to guide them in the permanent changes they’re looking for has become truly effective and enjoyable. I can't recommend this training highly enough. Marc is the real deal as a teacher, motivator, leader and innovator. The material is so unique - and truly the missing piece in the modern nutritional world! I also developed juicy, fulfilling and beautiful relationships with many of the classmates I shared time with during the program. It may just be impossible to go through this program and not make friends and colleagues for life!
Cynthia Stadd - CEE, Chief Empowered Eater

Julia Curry

It was not an easy decision at first to choose between a traditional graduate school experience and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I knew that I wanted to help people work through problematic issues surrounding food and body image. I also was hungry to explore more of my personal struggles in this arena. For over a decade, I struggled with a compulsive relationship with food. My logical mind said to choose graduate school, but my heart drew me to IPE. The first teaching brought me to tears of relief and ignited passion, because I quickly realized this was the perfect blend of what I needed and what I wanted to give away to others. The traditional "addictions" model had value, but it really never spoke to my struggles with food. I knew something was missing. Finally, It found me! Marc's soulful approach is like nothing I've ever experienced in a training or in life. My relationship with food and my body has been transforming in the past several months in a way that daily keeps me in a space of gratitude and wonder. My husband continues to be impressed with how much I have evolved as a woman since the onset of the program. He watched me over the years exhaust every resource while finding little change. The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training has led me to turn the corner and see my struggles in a whole new way! I am just starting to coach women and stand amazed at how well equipped I feel to work with them. I believe in this work because it is changing my life! The flexibility of this program works into my busy life with two kids and a massage therapy practice. The staff is so professional, yet you feel like you are sitting at a table sipping hot tea with them when you correspond or listen to the teachings. I am so thankful for Marc David's work and I am honored to share it with a world that desperately needs this approach to liberation!
Julia Curry - Mind Body Eating Coach

Nick Cedarlund

The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has completely changed how I live my life. I’d been interested in what I thought was health and wellness for a long time. What I began to realize as I went through the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training was that I was completely stuck in a hateful and judging relationship with my own body. I learned that my interest in being healthy was driven by fear and shame way more than it was being driven by my love of health. It’s hard to put into words what exactly I got out of the program, but what I can say is that I’m a different person now. These teachings are the wisdom of the future and this should be a required training in higher education everywhere.
Nick Cedarlund - Mind Body Eating Coach

Katie Holmes

Speaking from my body and my soul, the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training with IPE fed me just want I needed. I took the training because of an interest that would hopefully become a future practice. I was I completely under-prepared for the amazing education IPE provides! Truthfully, I have a hard time not talking about it. Even though it as an online training with some live components, I was surprised to feel such a personal connection with the school, the staff, the instruction and even the other students. Marc David and everyone who has helped have created a very warm yet universal way of teaching. It is a saturating experience, full of understanding, care, personal growth and humor. One of my favorite results is to see a new view of the world’s beliefs, attitudes and thoughts. I have a more positive understanding of everything, including myself. When the truth is laid on the table in such a refreshing approach, it is easy to see how much better we can do at this thing called life.
Katie Holmes - Health + Wellness Mind Body Eating Coach

Teri Foley

I can’t put into words how much this program has affected the course of my life. I was a personal trainer for 8 years, and had lots of knowledge about nutrition and exercise, but I felt like no matter what I did, my own health seemed to continually be deteriorating. I was exhausted and frustrated. I was referred to Marc’s program and intuitively knew this was the missing link for me. It felt as if a wise part of me that I had forgotten about a long time ago was reawakened by Marc’s teachings. His insights and perspective have profoundly shifted the way I relate to my body and life in general. This work is sacred and so needed by our world, and has allowed me to help people on an entirely different level in my Health Coaching practice. Marc’s ability to hold space and meet people exactly where they are is so healing. I am grateful to have found this training, and honored to be part of this growing movement.
Teri Foley - Mind Body Eating Coach + Founder - True Vitality

Karen Schachter

I first heard Marc David speak a few years ago when I was a student at IIN, and I was blown away by his wisdom and the way he was able to weave his knowledge into such profound and real-life insights. I knew I wanted to learn more. I enrolled in IPE’s seven-month Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training so I could deepen my knowledge and skills even further. The learning continues to unfold in layers, and I feel as though I could be a student of this work for years because it is not only fascinating, but it continues to strengthen my own work as a therapist and a coach. Because I have been a practicing psychotherapist (with tons of training!) for 17 years, I wasn’t sure how much I really “needed” this program. I felt I understood the psychology of eating and how to work with people. But I wanted to be part of a community that spoke this language and wanted to work with a teacher and mentor who could help guide me more deeply in this work. Well, I was in for a surprise! Although I did have a handle on some of the psychology around disordered eating and body image concerns, Marc has provided a whole new way of thinking, working and understanding clients. His teachings offer lovingly-guided solutions and strategies, grounded in theory AND compassion, that has absolutely made me a more powerful healer on so many levels. Not only do I love the “psychology” aspect of this work (which is more expansive than any I learned during my therapy training), but because Marc integrates nutrition and mind-body strategies into his teachings, it makes the work more accessible and useable in the real world with clients. In addition, I am more confident in my work and more effective with my clients, and I have become one of the “go-to” therapists in my city for this kind of work. People are willing to pay more because of my unique expertise, which is a nice side bonus. I would highly recommend IPE for anyone who is interested in taking their nutrition or therapy practice to a whole new level. Not only will you be gifting your clients with your new skills, but you will find yourself absorbing Marc’s teachings in your own life (another incredible bonus!).
Karen Schachter - Founder - Dishing With Your Daughter

Alexandra Diaz

When I first joined IPE, I thought to myself, "Now is the perfect time because now I am at a good weight and now I feel comfortable in my body. I can now help people that are facing the same issues." I can honestly say that if I hadn't felt that way, I would have never signed up to take these classes. It is so sad for me to think of what I would have been missing. What I have learned has forever changed my life. Please allow me to explain: You see, it has always been my thought that I would never go to a hair stylist that has bad hair. I would never go to a gym trainer who was overweight, nor see a mental health counselor that I believed had personal problems. I was stuck in the "surface of things" mode. I looked upon people as nothing more than their superficial exterior instead of seeing into that deeper human dimension. That is the way I saw myself as well. I was stuck in "perfectionism". The sad part is that it isn't just my issue, it is a collective one. What if I happen to stumble upon my hair stylist on a "bad hair day"? And what if the trainer I was seeing at the gym had a killer body, but was a chronic dieter and was miserable for it? And why isn't a psychologist allowed to have personal problems?! We are not machines, we are humans after all. When I let go of the need to be perfect, there was a tremendous shift in my life. By knowing that people are not perfect, I let go of my need to be perfect. I let go of the need to be who others wanted me to be and I began doing things MY way. I AM perfect--for me. There is no other mold like ME. There has never and will never be another Alex, like me. Just like there will never be another hair stylist, trainer, or counselor like the ones I've met and will meet. This realization was so profound that it completely shifted the way I view myself and others. The road to self discovery is definitely an adventure! However with IPE, I have never felt alone. I have met many others that have or are going through my same experiences. We share our vulnerable, raw, naked selves and there is always someone listening. It was because of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training that I have learned to be kind and caring to myself. I have grown both as a person and as a professional. I truly believe that you will feel the same shift. You will forever be changed by your experiences within the program and you will have a much more profound view of the world. I recommend the Institute's training to whoever feels like there is a need for making peace with your body and your plate. If you are hesitant to join because of the money or the time commitment, do it anyway. I promise you that what I got out of the program is worth more than 10 times what I paid for. I found myself. And that my dear friends, is priceless.
Alexandra Diaz - Mind Body Eating Coach + Embodiment Counselor

Wieslawa Rusin

Taking part in the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training was my great life-transforming experience on both a personal and professional level, and perhaps the best gift I gave to myself in all of my life. The material in the Training showed me some new (though deeply suspected) dimensions of spirituality and personal growth, and a totally new approach to body and health challenges. As a result, I became a much more skilled mother and partner, and a better listener for my own body. Professionally, I feel confident to help people with challenges related to body image, weight, digestion, mood, energy and more. After the Training, I have so many tools and skills for coaching people to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life, along with greater self-accepttance and a well-nourished body. My big thanks for Marc David, Emily Rosen and the IPE staff.
Wieslawa Rusin - Mind Body Eating Coach Poland

Catherine Meiners

I found the website for the Institute for the Psychology of Eating completely by chance, and those fateful clicks of the mouse that brought me to IPE changed my life for the better. The minute I found the site, Marc David's message resonated with me. He put into words (very eloquent words, I might add) feelings and intuitions about food and eating that I had been aware of for a long time, but was never able to articulate. As I was considering signing up for the training, I noticed that I already owned Marc's book, The Slow Down Diet. I took this as a sign that I was headed down the right path. I cannot begin to express how informative the training is. Immediately, I was able to start putting lessons from the training into practice in my own life. My relationship with food and my body has been greatly improved. And, I'm excited by the fact that I will be able to share these insights with others and help them in their healing.
Catherine Meiners

Shelby Frago

My experience at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating has been profound, powerful and life changing. The Professional Certification Training has provided me with a road map and practical tools for how to navigate my personal and professional life. I have learned so much about the complexities and nuances that shape our relationship with food, self and so much more. I am indescribably excited to apply the principles I learned to my professional practice and I am confident they will help my clients heal at the deepest level. Being in this training has truly been one of the biggest blessings. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to truly heal and expand their appreciation for their bodies, and all the energies that impact healthy, nourishing decisions around food. You will never think about food and the connection to how we care for ourselves in the same way again. Marc David delivers his message with so much passion, deep knowledge and compassion for the individual. I am so grateful to have this education to guide me in my practice.
Shelby Frago - Mind Body Eating Coach + Founder - Evolve to Joy

Andrea Radi

I am so grateful for faith pointing me in the direction of IPE. The Training far exceeded my expectations. The format is very user friendly - I have three young kids and a busy social life, so I really appreciated the flexibility of time spent on the lectures. What I especially liked were the live calls with Marc. I never participated live since the time was not convenient, but I could listen to the recordings at any time suitable for me. Another great feature was our online group. It was a very lively forum for discussions about the course topics, sharing personal stories and getting valuable advice from other participants; many of them experienced professionals already. IPE staff is very sweet and helpful, they always answered questions promptly and helped with any problems that we might have with technical or other issues. The value of this training is of course in the content. Honestly, it changed my life. The concepts discussed, new approaches to weight loss, body image issues, and coaching blew me away. The presentations provided so much useful information about various topics and extraordinary views and I do not think you can find anything similar in other coaching courses. Marc presents in a light and understandable manner, while at the same time challenging our intellect by putting new perspectives on old nutrition dogmas. My personal benefits from the program are many-fold. First of all, I feel confident to start working with clients and I feel I have the tools to help them in a truly sustainable manner. Secondly, the course changed the way I see myself, my body; and how I feel about eating. It's as if I got a new pair of eyeglasses that work better and I can see the world and modern culture with its twisted attitudes toward food and people in a much sharper way. This training in my view is essential for anybody who wants to be a health, nutrition or diet coach, or for already practicing professionals that feel the techniques they use are not yielding sustainable results.
Andrea Radi - Mind Body Eating Coach Saudi Arabia

Stacey Morgenstern

Marc taught me that it's not just about what you eat, it's about HOW you eat. And when we engage all the senses, our pleasure goes up and we are way more satisfied with less. I used to binge when I was frustrated, bored or depressed. Food was punishment, a method of self-destruction versus self-nourishment. Marc made me realize that it's impossible to be fully mindful when you are binge-eating. In fact, the only way to fully binge is to check out and eat behind your own back. Now when I'm tempted to binge, instead of shutting down emotionally, I stay present and listen for what wants to be healed. This is a way more honest, empowering, and loving way to relate to my body. IPE will change the way you work with clients. Some trainings focus on how to work with clients on a physical level, some trainings focus on the mental, Marc includes both of those and then takes it all the way to the soul and spirit levels. Just listen to Marc teach for 5 minutes and you'll know that you're in exactly the right place. I am so grateful for this work!
Stacey Morgenstern - Founder of Holistic MBA

Lauren Raines

Marc David needs a flowing robe and a rock from which to share his wisdom, as he is a modern day prophet. His lessons are insightful, engaging, humorous, thoughtful and compassionate. There are programs that focus on dietary systems, programs that pertain to the science of nutrients and ones that preach fear of food, fat, sugar, meat and toxins. The wisdom that Marc so generously dispenses cannot be found anywhere else. He covers familiar topics in the field, but approaches them from a refreshing, common sense, scientific, yet spiritual angle. He presents an enormous amount of information, and layer upon layer weaves his lessons into an incredible tapestry of knowledge, leaving his students informed, enlightened and prepared to practice. Marc shared a dream with us, that whoever he mentors, "becomes the fullest and most beautiful creative human expression of who they can possibly be on planet Earth." This training provides both practitioner and client a giant step forward in attaining that goal.
Lauren Raines - Mind Body Eating Coach

Emily Kaplan M.A., CHHC, CYT

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training changed my life both personally and professionally by empowering me with the principles of Mind-Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology. What I learned from Marc David and IPE changed my life when nothing else that I had tried did. What I learned not only shifted me as an eater and changed how I approached food and what I ate, but it also helped me to begin to evolve again after many years of being stuck and navigating my life from a place of fear and feeling the need to fix myself. After taking the training, I have stepped into a place of empowerment in both my personal life, and my coaching practice has mirrored that growth and exploded with clients. One of the most powerful concepts that I learned is that our personal power is equal to our metabolic power. So if we want our body to be all it is supposed to be, first we have to be all that we are meant to be. Wow, now that's a different way to approach the collective weight and body issues that we see! Thank you Marc, for freeing us all from the outdated and toxic nutritional beliefs that we have to eat less and exercise more, be afraid of food and see fat as the enemy - in order to have the body that we desire. Marc elevates the conversation to a soul level that is so much more inspiring and effective. The training provided many useful and unbelievably effective coaching tools and "done-for-you" protocols to use with clients. There is not one training that I would recommend more if you really want to evolve personally and get results for your clients so they go through life as the fullest versions of themselves. This work is simple game changing and should be headline news!
Emily Kaplan M.A., CHHC, CYT - Health + Body Transformation Coach for Professional Women Founder, Soulful Weight Loss™

Katy Draper, N.C. E.P.C.

Being a student at IPE has been both personally and professionally transformational for me. The team is professional, helpful, and insightful. The culture they have created supports integrity, learning, and is a safe place to share ideas and ask questions. On a personal level, I have really been encouraged to work on myself. As we go through different symptoms, situations, and client case studies it has encouraged me to reflect, practice, and to explore my own core beliefs. I continue to slow down in my life, and work on relaxing in to the unknown. Professionally, I have new tools to use when working with clients with binge eating, over-eating, and body image concerns (among other areas). This is such important work! I can’t imagine not feeling like I was able to help people with these common and universal concerns. Attending IPE has made me a more complete and well-rounded practitioner and human being.
Katy Draper, N.C. E.P.C. - Certified Mind Body Eating Coach + Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Carey Peters

IPE's professional training was PRICELESS - both for my own personal growth and comfort in my skin, and for my business. I was able to integrate powerful concepts about weight loss, body image, emotional eating and digestive issues into my coaching right away. The Institute’s training is REVOLUTIONARY and a must-have for all practitioners who work with clients on their health and well-being. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Carey Peters - Certified Holistic Health + Business Coach

Alexandra Jamieson

When I first read Marc David's book Nourishing Wisdom, I was introduced to his revolutionary ideas about nutrition and metabolism - that how we eat and who we are being when we eat is as important as what we eat. These ideas have become a cornerstone of my health and weight loss coaching business. The professional training program through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is unparalleled. My own health and evolution have benefited from the training, and I infuse the wisdom of IPE into working with my own clients. The training program through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating is truly unique, and invaluable for anyone who stands for deep health and wellness. I highly recommend it to any nutrition or health coach interested in growing their skills to help heal others.
Alexandra Jamieson - Certified Holistic Health Counselor

John Sanchez

I can't say enough great things about the experiences that I've been through while taking this training. Learning the material is great, but integrating what I learned into true lifestyle transformation was my goal. And this program has literally shifted, transformed and expanded me personally and professionally in ways that I am eternally grateful for. So, Thank you all so much!!!! I learned the "art of languaging", teaching and communicating mind/body principles in a clear, focused and understandable way that produced results. I gained a better understanding of how the body, soul and spirit communicate with each other to create an environment of wholeness. Because of the rich content of this program, your practice will grow through positive and enthusiastic client referrals. If you're wanting to expand and deepen your physical, emotional and spiritual life: this school is for you. Tired of hearing the same information in different ways? The tools, techniques and concepts in this training are truly new, practical and innovative in ways that are life changing!
John Sanchez - Mind Body Eating Coach

Csilla-Laura David

This training "trained " a new version of me. So much of the information was so profound and interesting that I couldn't take a bath without my laptop and my notes. English is not my mother language, but I will try to express myself clearly. The whole training was profound for me, probably more profound than for many persons, because it was entirely different from what I was used to at school or university. It changed my life. I felt that I was taken seriously, that my opinion and thoughts were important, even if I'm a shy person and I didn't speak English so well. The benefit I received from this training is that I'm a different person now, in a good way. Since this training started my digestion improved 70%. I'm more happy with myself, I love my body more, and of course I still have to learn more about my myself, to understand more why am I binging or overeating, but all these take time, and I learned that with patience everything can be resolved. Professionally, I can affirm that this training helped me more than I imagined at the beginning. I would recommend it for everybody who wants to help others change their life. The training is profound, intense, true, and the most important thing that any student would need is to be willing to listen with an open heart.
Csilla-Laura David - Mind Body Eating Coach

Kerrie Martin, CHC

From my first day of class in IPE’s Professional Training Program, I was struck by the richness, depth, and relevance of the training. With a professional background as a holistic health counselor, I was thrilled to enroll at IPE as I had been looking to deepen my understanding of the mind-body connection and to find new ways to work with my clients. What I discovered was a soul-infused program that exposed me to a new paradigm for eating, health, and healing. In addition to learning new resources to use in my professional practice, I also experienced a personal transformation. I resonated deeply with Marc’s postulation that anything that nourishes us is “nutritional.” In a culture with so many "hard and fast" rules about eating, it was refreshing to hear a preeminent nutritionist teaching about the importance of listening to one’s own body wisdom. To top it off, my classmates enriched my experience at IPE profoundly. I am so appreciative of the presence and reflections that each of them offered me as I journeyed through the program. Thank you to Marc and the entire team for their dedication, energy, and wisdom that made this ground-breaking course a reality!
Kerrie Martin, CHC - Founder - Live in Rhythm

Sue Ann Gleason

When I first began my holistic health counseling practice, I had what seemed like hundreds of dietary theories swimming around in my head. I found myself thinking, "I can't do this work. I can't be one more practitioner teaching women how to lose weight, feel good in their clothes, detoxify their bodies, curb their cravings, beat the sugar blues, and wrestle their bodies into their little-black-dress." I knew I needed something deeper. The women entering my office knew all about those dietary theories. Only they hadn't "studied" them. Like me, they had lived them. I came to the Institute’s Professional Certification Training with a mile-long list of credentials, and with the trust that somehow, this program would be different. I wasn't disappointed. It was one of the most deeply profound studies I've ever undertaken - and I'm no stranger to academia. The reading list alone was awe-inspiring. I'm a bookaphile, and I was in heaven. At IPE, we didn't study dietary theories. We studied the nature of eating: why we eat, how we eat, our stories around food and nourishment. But even more important was the space we created to reflect on our own nutritional stories and explore the nuances of nourishment... IPE gave me the tools and the language to nurture and guide my clients into a more nourishing relationship with food and their bodies. This course of study should be a prerequisite for all health and nutrition counselors.
Sue Ann Gleason - Nourishment Counselor + Strategist

Rachael Codina

Marc’s philosophy that “How you do food is how you do life”, was something I had not heard in all my many quests for the perfect way of eating. I wanted to learn more about this because it felt like I was missing something very simple, but also profoundly wise. I had tried many radical diets in my search for “perfection”, and was now ready for a totally new approach. My education at IPE has been life transforming. It has led to a beautiful unraveling of all the knots and twists I had generated over the years – both physical and emotional. Until this training, I didn’t realize the self-destructive path I was on in my relationship with food. It has helped me to reclaim my appetite for life – which encompasses so much more than just food. From a professional standpoint, I now have my own practice, called “Appetite for LIFE”, and I work with both adults and teens seeking relief from “food confusion” and digestive issues. The Professional Certification Training provided excellent “ahead of its field” business coaching, which helped me to get really clear about myself as a professional, and the gifts I have to share with others. It empowered me to make my passion for this work a business reality. One of the biggest gifts of this training has been to finally let-go of the need for “perfection” in my diet, and all the mis-guided ways of trying to control my life. I realized that simply showing up and accepting my “human-ness” in all its imperfect glory is the best way to navigate life, and from there, I could find peace in my relationship with food. I highly recommend this training for just about anybody who eats! Marc is an outstanding teacher with one foot firmly in the world of science and logic, and another in intellectual and spiritual curiosity, which makes what he has to say very authentic and powerful. There is something in this training for everyone.
Rachael Codina - Mind Body Eating Coach + Founder - Appetite for LIFE

Staley C Sednaoui

The curriculum at IPE turned out to be the missing link in my study of nutrition and wellness. Teaching clients what to eat can be easy, but helping them to stay the course is more much difficult. Enter IPE! The training guided us into the psychology of eating with clear and thought provoking teaching. Not only did we learn the underlying dimensions of health, digestion, overeating, dieting, and cravings, we were also taught simple, straightforward techniques and practices to implement change in our clients and ourselves. What I have learned at IPE has given me a completely new understanding of eating and the role food plays in our lives. It has provided me with the tools to approach my clients and their health issues in a whole new way, which is proving to be highly successful. Marc David is a dynamic speaker who leads every class in an engaging and articulate manner. This work is his passion and that clearly shines through when he teaches. The staff at IPE is warm, engaged, accessible, and interested. IPE offers the teaching resources of a large school but it reflects the personal touch and authenticity of a small school.
Staley C Sednaoui - Nutritional Counselor + Mind Body Eating Coach

Debra Dennis

I have come to believe that where we are at any given moment in time on our life’s journey is divine nourishment. With my background in Mental Health and Holistic Nutrition, I understood which foods where healthiest and that having a positive attitude certainly helped the day seem brighter, and yet, something was personally and professionally lacking in my message and ability to coach and to help clients heal the constant state of stress around body image, weight loss and energy in a way that was sustainable. They say that when the student is ready the teacher appears. When I was introduced to The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I felt I had stepped into a world whose message was so unique, yet deeply resonated in me as truth. From the beginning, Emily Rosen and the IPE staff presented themselves as authentic, caring women who spoke from a place of experience and have throughout the training, provided genuine support, insight and guidance. IPE’s founder, Marc David is a “true thought leader.” He delivers his knowledge in a symphonic expression that is passionate, beautiful, open, compassionate, funny, compelling, loving, scientific, factual, spiritual, heartfelt, soulful, honest and sometimes so raw and touching, that I cried. The transformation I continue to experience awakens me to being a more effective coach, teacher and role model for my clients, family, friends, community and business team. The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training at IPE dives deeply into the exploration of weight loss, eating challenge, body image, metabolism, mood, immunity and so much more, in a way that is joyfully digestible and sustainable. In a world where nutrition and dietary beliefs can be confusing and conflicting, where stress is a way of life and success is based on outward appearance, IPE has provided a learning and skill set that differentiates my professional practice in a way that deeply touches, moves and inspires others. Rather than locking onto the next new diet of the week or forceful, punishing exercise, my clients are learning to trust that extra weight, sabotaging behavior or chronic symptom is a divine wisdom, here to provide us something extraordinary, while gracefully pointing toward the direction of self-evolution. It is in the loving and accepting of whom we are right now on our journey, free of judgment and without the need to fix, that long-term inner and outer shifting occurs. I am so grateful for Marc, Emily and the IPE community for how you have shown up in my life and continue to create a loving, lasting shift in the world with your presence and through those who are called to train with you.
Debra Dennis - Founder + Nourishing Sage at Indigo Lifestyle Solutions, Inc.

Stephanie Abbott CHHC, RYT,

My experience in IPE’s training was so educational. I was uplifted and energized after each session with knowledge that I could use not only for myself in the journey of healing, but even more for my clients...A major breakthrough or Aha moment for me came in really understanding stress response living, what the entire body goes through, the physiological changes, flight-or-fight. WOW. My desire from this program is to help my clients understand that by slowing down, savoring, breathing, being present in LIFE, a wonderful lifestyle awaits. Thank you Marc David and the entire IPE team for a lifelong learning experience.
Stephanie Abbott CHHC, RYT, - Mind Body Eating Coach + Founder - Live Well Yoga

Barbara G Smith

I have loved my journey with IPE. It synchronistically showed up in my life as I was finishing my holistic coaching training with IIN. Marc David's program was the piece I intuitively craved and was missing. His program has heart. You can feel it in the content, the delivery, and the integrity. Much of what he says is like "coming home" - like I know that information, and yet he weaves through the material in such a way that I am always looking forward to what's next! Marc uses one's journey with food as the doorway. The training is a transformational conversation unlike anything else that’s out there in the nutritional world that we’re all immersed in. It contains such great wisdom and invites us to relax into our journey, trust, get curious and listen. I learned the importance of giving every symptom and unwanted behavior a “voice”, and how in so doing we open up the possibility for healing magic to happen - allowing one to step into their truest life's purpose. I LOVE this work. If any of this touches or inspires you, I'd totally invite you to sign up for the next training. I am so grateful I did.
Barbara G Smith - Eating Psychology + Health Coach

Susannah McAlwey

Out of all the many trainings I have completed, I can honestly say that IPE's Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training was a supreme and transcendent experience. It was everything I needed to consummate my own healing journey, and everything I required for the actualization of my new journey in helping others heal. The depth of each and every lecture was empowering, unique, visionary and transformative. Marc David's charismatic, engaging, energetic and genuinely passionate approach was a compelling combination! The organization of the training was superior - ten out of ten! The proficient and charming support staff seemed available 24/7, and overall I feel very blessed and grateful to have found IPE. If you want to immerse yourself and dig deeper in understanding food and body issues on a phenomenally profound and artful level, then this training will surely meet all your expectations. It definitely exceeded mine. If you feel a calling in this line of work, do yourself a favor and join IPE for an invaluable experience.
Susannah McAlwey - Nourishment and Mind Body Eating Coach + Founder of Full Spectrum Healing Perth, Australia

Mary Craumer

"The body is here, in part, to make us happy. Designed for pleasure. The body is its own gift to us.” Those are Marc David’s words from the professional certification program. And this is the message I have been seeking - or I should say my body and heart have been seeking. Feeling complete and done with dreary dieting and excessive exercise, I’ve wanted to study with Marc David for several years. When the IPE certification training went on-line this year, I jumped. A deep dive it is - intellectually stimulating, heart softening, soul welcoming. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Yes, I’ve been challenged mentally and emotionally, but I am having more fun as an eater than I can remember. I am a much happier eater. It’s contagious. I’ve caught a virus. A really good virus. I’m a happier person. My very favorite part of the training? I’ve found my tribe. I have a place to hang my hat. From Marc to Emily to every fellow student, we all speak the same language of positive transformation around food and body and health. “Truth spoken with compassion and love is heard.” Yes, more words from Marc. I am gathering a bucket full of reliable tools and intellectual understanding, but there is something so much more. It is Wisdom. The training helped each of us tap into our own wellspring of body and heart wisdom. I can’t wait to begin to share with other women like myself. Thank you Marc and Emily for being such wise guides. I wouldn’t have missed this journey for anything.
Mary Craumer - Mind Body Eating Coach

Jayne Beker, PsyD

I am a psychologist, and have spent my professional career consulting with parents and teachers of children in day care. A lifelong learner with multiple graduate degrees, I have taken many continuing education classes in the last 20 years, and I always find something useful to incorporate into my work and my life. I was drawn to IPE because I have struggled with food and weight for my adult life, and I have lived with MS since 1996. I embarked on the training more for my personal evolution than to boost my professional career. I hoped this training would provide me with the hidden wisdom to transform my body and health so that I could feel good about myself. Instead this training has changed my thinking and my life. After years of looking to books and experts for answers, I have begun to find the answers within myself. I am learning to embrace body, mind and spirit, and I have come to see MS as body wisdom to be cherished rather than shunned. Marc David is a gifted teacher who delivers his message with passion, grace, humility and humor. It is clear he has invested years accumulating knowledge and wisdom. Drawing on the science of biology and nutrition, archetypal and spiritual psychology, and an in-depth understanding of the human psyche, Marc augments theory with a rich reservoir of case studies which illuminate the successes and challenges of counseling and bring to life his theoretical constructs. I learned a new way to listen to clients, to relax into the uncertainty that is always part of counseling, along with the tools to nurture and guide clients into a more nourishing relationship with food, their bodies, and their lives. In addition to lectures packed with information, Marc has compiled a comprehensive reading list to augment his teaching. Many of the books inform the evolution of his message - to redefine how we, as a collective, approach food, eating, nutrition, nourishment, embodiment, and healing. The class boards and online group provide forums for participants to interact and support each other, and I feel blessed to be part of a community of like-minded individuals walking this part of life's journey together. I recommend this course for its extraordinary learning experience to anyone seeking a unique approach which integrates nutrition science with mind-body psychology to advance a nutrition or therapy practice, and to anyone wanting to evolve personally.
Jayne Beker, PsyD

Diane Schnier

I want to express my gratitude to Marc David and the entire IPE staff for a truly unique and invaluable learning experience. While I’m accustomed to picking up new pearls of wisdom through various educational programs, emerging research, and from each new client I have the privilege of working with, your program was different in that it offered an entirely new terrain in which to work. Overall, it's not just "change" that your program evokes - it's more of an "elevation" to the highest degree. In other words, I rely on the same strong foundation I’ve spent years building for myself, but incorporating your principles of Mind Body nutrition has propelled me forward more than words can explain. Thank you for bringing humanity to the field of nutrition, and paving the way toward the future of wellness.
Diane Schnier - Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Consultant and Certified Psychology of Eating Counselor

Karin A. Connelly, PhD

I’ve worked many years as a Clinical Psychologist and have long felt a fundamental gap in my work. I would complain about insurance companies and medical model mentality—doing my best to work around it and keep it out of my sessions with “patients.” But there it was - I wasn’t truly happy. I was not aligned with… what?I stumbled upon the Institute or the Psychology of Eating while exploring ways to heal my own health issues - after meeting the obvious limits of my doctor’s prescriptive fix. I could see early on that I would be learning a wealth of practical information and interventions through the Mind Body Eating Coach Training, but there was something more to this training. The process of this work holds a mystery and reveals itself, not so much through knowledge, but through direct experience and transformation. I put my trust in it because it resonated deeply with me, and I was able to enter wholeheartedly—not really knowing where I was headed.So much has changed for me during this time, both personally and professionally! A weight has been lifted, and I can simply do what I need to do to create the work I truly love. It’s a holistic, innovative way of working with clients - to discover that the problems we face are actually mirrors for exploration and a way home to being more fully ourselves. I’ve loved my time in the Training! I’ve learned that it’s never too late to shift and tap into a more joyful, energized way of working—and being.
Karin A. Connelly, PhD - Clinical Psychologist + MindBody Nutrition Coach

Tara Crawford

The Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is both a personal and professional journey. Through each module, I was able to study the techniques to enhance my coaching skills while also closely examining areas of my own life along the way. Personally, my biggest “aha” has been the ability to embrace slowing down in life. Shifting out of high gear and dropping into the present moment has brought me greater peace and clarity everyday. Marc has taught me to really relax into uncertainty. That is far more than I could have ever expected to receive from this training. The case studies were an invaluable and illuminating piece of this training. Learning the techniques and then “seeing” them in action helped cement the concepts. As well, it provided countless examples of coaching languaging and applications of the content. This training has given me new confidence in my abilities as a health coach and my clients are benefiting from my studies with IPE everyday.
Tara Crawford - Holistic Health Coach

Nina Manolson

Studying with Marc David and The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has made me a more insightful and powerful coach. Frankly, I wasn't sure if doing IPE's Professional Training was for me. I have a Masters degree in Psychology, over 20 years of study and work in the field of Health and Wellness and I was already working steadily with clients. I wasn't sure if I would learn anything new, but that wasn't the case at all. Not only did I learn new and highly effective ways of working with my clients, but I deepened what I knew and put it into a framework that makes me much more confident about my work and it's efficacy. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating has guided me and elevated me professionally and personally. IPE's approach is clear, compassionate, authentic, grounded and scientifically based. The Professional Training is the key to helping clients develop a positive relationship with food and body. I highly recommend studying with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating if you know that "what" you eat isn't the whole story when it comes to health and wellness.
Nina Manolson - Health Coach + Psychology of Eating Coach

Stepheny Antrobus

IPE’s Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training is by far the best program I have seen or heard that supports people through meaningful changes concerning how we eat, why we eat, what we eat, and how to heal patterns that no longer serve us. It supports both practitioner and client in a more holistic and integrated way. The training created powerful shifts in my own life, which helped set the foundation to support others in a meaningful way. We may eat everyday, but it's not easy for us to be honest about what is going on in our relationship with food. IPE’s program is highly sensitive to this fact, yet it provides clarity at the same time. I highly recommend this training and would absolutely take it again if I had to do it over! Marc, Emily and the IPE staff have been wonderful, patient and very supportive. Once potential clients hear about this professional training I've taken and how I am practicing, they want me to work with them. I love bringing this quality of expertise to the table. If you dive in and put what you are learning into practice for your own life, I believe you will be a powerful force for positive change! If you want to be on the leading edge of eating psychology, this visionary organization is the best.
Stepheny Antrobus - Nutrition Consultant + Mind Body Eating Coach

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