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  • Four Secrets to Getting Unstuck With Weight Loss

    Sometimes losing weight can be a venture in frustration. It’s hard enough to lose a few pounds but suddenly you find yourself hitting a plateau. No matter what you do or try the scale does not budge. When this happens it’s time to look beyond just what you are putting in your mouth. Here are four secrets to stoking the fires of your metabolism so you can get unstuck and start moving toward your weight loss goals!

  • Five Surprising Reasons You Might Be Constipated

    Let’s talk poop. Or lack thereof. It's not a topic we really want to talk about - but it's important when it comes to good health! You may consider yourself a healthy eater but for some reason you get stopped up. No matter what you try nothing seems to work and you are left feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Pooping every day is healthy! It’s a sign that your body is doing what it’s meant to do. If you are finding yourself constipated it might be time to investigate why. Here are five surprising reasons why you might be irregular:

  • Boost Your Nutrition: How to Get the Most Out of What You Eat

    What we put in our mouths is only part of the story when it comes to good nutrition. Did you know that how you live your life and the thoughts you think can have a profound impact on how you metabolize and digest food?

  • Fatigue Getting You Down? Sleep May Not Be The Problem!

    If you are struggling with lethargy and fatigue, but you get a decent amount of sleep, it’s time to look at other areas of your life that might be impacting your energy level. These are areas we often overlook that if addressed can have a profound impact on how you feel each day! Let’s work on getting some pep back into your step!

  • What Is Weight Hate?

    Weight hate is a form of bigotry that identifies larger bodies as “wrong” and privileges thinner bodies. Just like racism privileges white bodies over bodies of color, or sexism privileges male over female bodies, weight hate is an ideology that considers thinner bodies to be more valuable than heavier bodies. It’s an ideology that believes, whether it’s stated or not, that “thinner is right and fat is wrong.”

  • Can Happiness Be Learned?

    There are a lot of happy people out there, and there are a lot of miserable people out there, too. Are happy people happy because of habits and outlook, inborn traits, or life circumstances? On the other hand, are unhappy people unhappy because they’re born that way, because they don’t have enough stuff, or because of how they habitually think? Can happiness be learned, is it a byproduct of our situation, or is it an innate trait?

  • 3 Surprising Reasons Why Your Digestion Isn’t Great

    You might watch what you eat, or subscribe to a particular diet, yet when it comes to digestion it’s still not where you want it to be. If your digestion could use a little help, there may be some areas you haven’t thought of as to why. Here are three surprising reasons why your digestion isn’t great:

  • 5 Weight Loss Strategies That Just Don’t Work

    Have you tried different ways to lose weight, only to gain it right back? Or to have the weight-loss method not work at all? Or you might lose weight, but then live in constant fear that it may come back? It could be that you’re investing in strategies that aren’t feasible. Here are five weight loss strategies that just don’t work:

  • 4 Tips to Help You Get Out of a Rut with Food

    Are you feeling dispassionate about or uninspired by the foods you eat? This blog is for you if you are feeling bored around diet, not liking food, not sure what to eat, or somehow wanting some new energy when it comes to what you eat. Here are four tips to help you get out of a rut with food:

  • 3 Surprising Reasons Why You Keep Getting Sick

    You don’t go around licking Petri dishes with illnesses in them, you sleep decently, and you eat some nutritious foods, so why are you still getting sick? In spite of good nutrition, plenty of sleep, and limited exposure to illness, some other factors may be at play. Here are three surprising reasons why you keep getting sick:

  • 3 Surprising Reasons Why Your Digestion Isn’t Great

    You might watch what you eat, or subscribe to a particular diet, yet when it comes to your digestion, it’s still not where you want it to be. If your digestion could use a little help, you may want to explore some areas you haven’t thought of before! Here are three surprising reasons why your digestion isn’t great:

  • 3 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

    You’ve squeezed yourself into jeans that are too small, hoping for that day they’ll fit just right. You’ve starved yourself only to gain it back, plus some. You’ve punished yourself and cut yourself off from love until you’ve attained a body you believe makes you worthy. But none of that is working. Here are 3 surprising reasons why you’re not losing weight:

  • 3 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Tired

    If you’re constantly feeling tired and run down, it may not be for the reasons you tell yourself. You’re probably not lazy, or boring. The reason may be you’re not getting the fuel you need to energize your life! Read on for 3 surprising reasons why you’re tired:

  • 4 Surprising Ways That Food Can Impact Your Mood

    Mood isn’t just for the realm of psychiatrists. In fact, any mind-altering substance, whether from the street, a bar, or a doctor, only works in our body because we have what are called endogenous—naturally occurring within our body—receptor sites. In other words, the key (substance) wouldn’t work if we didn’t already have the lock (receptor site) in our body. Food is another substance we can consume that will impact our mood. However, the type of food, and how our bioindividually unique body processes it, determine whether the result is mood stability or instability. Let’s take a look at four surprising ways that food, or pseudo food, can impact your mood:

  • 3 Surprising Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

    Although the word diet can mean what foods and drinks we consume regularly, it more commonly refers to a regimented, restrictive way of eating for the goal of weight loss or medical improvement. The latter type of diet can really shift our mind and our body into deprivation mode, which is not a fun way to live. The former version may not come with a mindset or feeling of deprivation, but we may still miss important nutritional needs that can have us working against, rather than with, our body. When our body-minds perceive we don’t have enough, we start to live life in survival mode, rather than thrive mode. If you’re wondering why your diet, in either sense of the word, isn’t working, here are three surprising reasons why:

  • 5 Ways to Have More Freedom with Food

    Tired of adhering to limited, boring food options? Do you feel like food is the enemy? If you find yourself being rigid with food and longing for freedom, here are five ways to have more freedom with food:

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