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  • Interesting Studies, Research and Resources on Eating psychology, Healing and Nutrition

    Marc David here, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I love finding useful studies that help push the envelope – even if just a little – around a more integrative and intelligent approach to eating psychology, healing and nutrition. I’ve grown up in the sciences and have learned that the fields of scientific and psychological research are often like the wild west – there’s a lot of shooting back and forth, and not always a lot of agreement. With that said, consider how many of the studies listed here may likely validate what you already intuit, or know, or be [...]

  • How to Become a Holistic Nutritionist

    There are countless nutrition and diet programs that health and weight conscious people can choose from. If you’re like the majority of those who have tried to lose weight or change their body image, you know from experience that these programs often solve one issue, but not others. And sometimes these programs can even introduce new challenges into your life. In the end, they are generally only temporary fixes. Holistic nutrition takes a fresh approach. It looks at all of who we are as eaters. It aims to transform your relationship with food. And that right there i [...]

  • How to Stop Binge Eating Through Dynamic Eating Psychology

    It’s a terrifying thing to feel out of control. It leads to feelings of desperation, isolation, and even guilt or self-loathing. This is especially the case when it comes to feeling out of control with food. The reason this feels especially uncomfortable is because food is not something that can be abstained from the way some might choose to forgo a martini. Food is a necessary aspect to being alive, and we all carry within us a unique and complex story about our bodies and our history of eating. Each action and each thought we entertain related to food and the bo [...]

  • 10 Common Signs of an Overeating Challenge

    It’s very easy to overeat in our culture of over-sized meals, McDonald's on nearly every corner and high fructose corn syrup pumped into our foods. A great number of people worldwide are brought up on poor quality junk food that’s lacking in nutrient density. An assortment of highly salted food, intense amounts of sugar, and artificial flavor profiles have been created by the food industry to generate an addictive relationship to junk foods that can be intense and difficult to overcome. A study published in Nature Neuroscience in 2010 evaluated rats that were given access to a hig [...]

  • Top 5 Causes of Eating Disorders

    Eating disorders are complex psycho-physiologic challenges that require much more than simple determination and a strong will to conquer. One of every fifty children in the United States will deal with them at some point in their lives. And while eating disorders are generally seen as a form of mental illness, here at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating we see them as much more than that. We view eating disorders as powerful opportunities to look deeper into our lives at the underlying issues that inevitably have nothing to do with food. Eating disorders are a doo [...]

  • Wellness Jobs: Turning a Health & Wellness Education Into a Career

    So many of us trudge to work each day, coffee in hand, with only two goals in mind: to make it through the day and end the work week with enough money to pay the bills. It’s an un-fulfilling life for many people, especially for those who yearn to make a positive impact on our world. But you don’t have to keep living life with your passion suppressed in your heart. If you’re one of the many people who feel they are meant for something greater, something that would allow you to spend your days helping others heal and lead healthy, happy lives, the emerging field of wellness jobs m [...]

  • A Mind-Body Approach to Sports Nutrition Degrees

    Perhaps you’ve spent your life nourishing a long love affair with sports and the world of athletics. With such an interest, a career in sports medicine or nutrition could be a great way to live your passion close at hand. You can counsel an amazing group of people – athletes - who are incredibly dependent on honing healthy bodies and excellent dietetic practices to ensure performance. Anyone who’s been in the presence of professional athletes will agree that this is a community of people blessed with, often amazing, abilities to use their body to accomplish feats of strength [...]

  • Mindfulness and Wellness

    Have you ever watched your mind at work? Have you ever noticed its tendency to jump from thought to thought without any real connection between the first and the next? Most of us go through our day paying very little mind to …  our Minds. In fact, we are often oblivious of its activities, outside of acknowledging that yes, there does seem to be a perpetual stream of consciousness. How often do you make a point to become fully aware to yourself in the course of the day? As a practice this is called Mindfulness, or Awareness, and it describes a spiritual or [...]

  • Ideal Body Image

    Everywhere we look in the media, be it magazine covers, film and television, or fashion, we are surrounded by images of bodies seeking to teach us what is beautiful. And they’re having a very powerful effect. There’s just one little problem: the ideal body is an invention, culturally crafted, and determined by standards that have little to do with what it means to be and thrive within a human body. The concept is nothing new. Today, fit is in. Twenty years ago, it was “heroin chic,” before that it was Marilyn Monroe, and a generation of girls tried to add to their hips and [...]

  • Should I Become a Nutritionist?

    The fields of health and nutrition are blossoming in unique and exciting ways. There’s been a strong shift in our culture around food awareness, even greater than the fat-free diet that swept through the 1980’s. We want to live longer, healthier lives, avoid disease and feel happy with the bodies we’ve been given. And yet, there’s still a mountain of work to be done in educating people about the simplest of nutritional concepts. There are more dietary theories being promoted through the media, medical journals, and so-called gurus on the Internet, than ever before.  Perhaps t [...]

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