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  • The Soul of a Friend – in Memory of Douglas Brady

    My dear friend Douglas Brady died and left this world on August 11. He was 60 years old. He was a great being. These words are written in his honor and memory. It occurs to me that one of the pristine and flawless ways we could show the world the value of a friend is to want to share that friend, to exalt them by saying “this is someone who I wish you could know as dea [...]

  • The Nutritional Value of Fire

    I live in Boulder, Colorado. As many of you may know, we've had some intense wild fires here in our beautiful state. Homes have been burned, lives have been uprooted, and for sure, many people in the community have worked hard to protect one another. Several years ago, a fire in this same part of the country came within 100 yards of my home. Needless to say, I took note. This time around, with the fire much furth [...]

  • Eating Psychology Coach Program Certification Highlights

    All of us at IPE are thrilled to announce our next Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. The distance learning format has made it possible for so many or our friends, fans and students to train with us in this very unique and cutting edge body of work. And, we have undergone a rigorous process and are now accr [...]

  • Nutrition, Food, and Love in Turkey

    The more I travel, the more I fall in love with the world, and the more I notice that America has a fascinating way of exporting not only it’s way of eating, but also the way it diets, obsesses about food, and stays locked in an endless, emotional battle with weight. As the world gets smaller and more connected, our nutritional habits become increasingly global – more fast food, less time to eat, decreased food quality, and a sense that despite the glories of a computerized world, we can easily fall into the nutrition dark ages if we don’t stay awake at the plate.

  • Are Your Thoughts Impacting the Nutritional Value of Your Meal?

    It’s no secret that there are all kinds of fascinating ways to get more nutrition into your body – take some supplements, eat organic produce, or just load up on the latest super-foods. For most of us, when we think about better nutrition, we focus on the outer world – food, but many don’t realize the power that our inner world has – our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. So when it comes to nutritional health, the secret to improving the nutrient profile of a meal without changing anything about the meal itself is to change you, the eater. And the way to accomplish this is through the untapped power of mind over metabolism.

  • Eating Disorders – 7 Deeper Insights to Consider

    I just returned from a teaching excursion to the Big Apple - my hometown of New York City. The Institute sponsored two evening presentations - The Future of Nutrition was our first event that sold out and was so well received by many of our old friends and new followers. It w [...]

  • 7 Reasons Why The World Needs More Eating Psychology Coaches

    If you take a look around, you might notice that the professional world has become abundant with nutritionists, health coaches, and those who are trying to make a living by telling people what to eat, and what not to eat. Surely this has been a great development over the last decade. The planet desperately needs clear and useful education around nutrition. Paradoxically thoug [...]

  • Are You Deficient in This Powerful Yet Overlooked Vitamin?

    One of the most powerful nutritional and metabolic enhancers you could ever include in your diet is a nutrient that is quite rarely used these days, and certainly overlooked. It is well studied and documented as a powerful antidote to many of our ailments and unwanted conditions. That nutrient is Vitamin R – Relaxation. It counteracts and neutralizes one of the most powerful oxidative and inflammatory toxins known to humankind – stress. The beautiful convenience of relaxation as a true metabolic enhancer and healer is that it’s simple, readily available, and free

  • 6 Secrets of Successful Coaches

    After being in practice as a healer, counselor, coach, teacher, mentor and facilitator for over 30 years, I’ve made enough mistakes and stumbled upon enough insights to finally feel qualified to say that I’ve learned some important lessons that I’d love to share with you. My hope is that you’ll be the kind of helping professional who is truly effective, serves others in a brilliant way, and experience [...]

  • Our Video Contest Winners!

    Dear friends, Happy 2012! I have a few brief and fun announcements: First, as many of you know, we held a contest for the best 5-minute videos on eating psychology. Thank you so very much for your amazing submissions. Quite frankly, I have never been in the position to judge and assess such a competition before. There were so many sweet, sincere, heartfelt and simply excellent submissions. It was ha [...]

  • A Holiday Message from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

    What a beautiful and powerful time of year this is. I hope you are easing into the holiday season and the upcoming year with grace, and with a smile. I'd love to share with you a simple story that comes down through the ages, has touched me deeply, and that I feel has a timely message. This story comes from the mystic Jewish tradition called the Kabbalah, and it's told something like this: Before w [...]

  • Can Thanksgiving Really Make Your Metabolism Hotter?

    Last week I was contacted by CNN so they could get some "expert" advice on how not to eat like a pig when eating your turkey. Every year for the last several decades, some major news outlet asks me such questions around Thanksgiving as if they've never been asked before. Seems that too many people are worried about eating too many calories, which would mean too many extra pounds, which means too many [...]

  • Emotional Eating – Is It Really A Problem?

    The bookshelves are currently locked and loaded with volumes of advice on how to handle our emotional eating issues. True it is that we have some epidemic concerns around weight, overeating, under-eating, binge eating and bulimia. It’s a noble undertaking to find the healing ways that would bring relief to these poignant challeng [...]

  • The Nutritional Power of Change

    One of the great nutritional challenges that so many people face is a misguided search for the one perfect way to eat. The idea seems to be that if we can find the one true diet - then there's no more searching. The worry is over, the mystery is solved, we've found the answer, and life is now predictable, easy, and we are assured of the sweetest possible health and weight that will make us fabulous forever. But here's the catch: when we believe in the myth of perfection, secretly, we are fearing change. And Vitamin C - Change, is as potent a nutrient as there is. When properly a [...]

  • How to Eat

    I'd love to write a book called "How to Eat." The challenge is, every book on food, nutrition, and diet essentially has that same title, but it's simply hidden and invisible. It fascinates me how so many of us have such clear and good and truly useful ideas on what and how to eat. It's one of the more popular topics of our times, yet I wonder, where has it gott [...]

  • Your Unique Nutritional Voice

    This year marks the 20th anniversary of my first book, Nourishing Wisdom: A Mind Body Approach to Nutrition and Well Being, published back in 1991. It’s still in print, still sells internationally, and the publisher – Random House - believes in its timeless message. About 10 years before I wrote this book, I was frustrated t [...]

  • The Missing Ingredient in Nutrition

    Have you noticed that there’s a huge number of diet books, nutrition systems, and eating experts telling us what to do – and that they’re all saying something dramatically different? What’s even more fascinating, those experts are offering scientific proof of why their approach works best. Who’s right? How can science prove so many conflicting nutrition viewpoin [...]

  • Renew Your Relationship with Food

    When I first studied meditation in my late teens, my teacher would have us sit and meditate for 2 hours. It was excruciating.  Despite this rigorous amount of time, he had one interesting little trick that always caught my attention. At about 5 minutes before the 2-hour period was about to finish, he’d ring a bell and gently say, “Begin your meditation now.”  This would make me s [...]

  • Metabolism Lessons from the Sea Turtle

    It often amazes how many people I meet who say they want a faster metabolism. The promise seems to be that the faster one’s metabolism is, the more you’ll be a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine with the ability to conquer the world with an abundance of energy and a hot body. Over the years, this is the number one complaint I hear from clients – “my metabolism is too slow.” Well, when I was [...]

  • Do you want way more pleasure with food?

    So many people love food, love the pleasure of food, and in an ideal galaxy, would love to have a lot more pleasurable foods coming through the pipeline. This makes perfect sense, as we are literally and physiologically [...]

  • Deepening Into Healing

    Of all the important tools and tricks and deeper understandings I have ever learned about psychology and the human experience, the all important nugget of wisdom that I never saw in any textbook was this: We are profoundly sensitive and fragile. And perhaps way more so than we’d like to imagine, or could ever publicly admit. As I’ve worked in the fields of weight loss, body ima [...]

  • Are You “Thinking” Yourself Into Physiologic Stress Response?

    Stress – it seems to be everywhere. We all have it, and most of us are aware we have too much of it. But what is stress, really? When we hear the word “stress”, most people think of the usual suspects: sitting in traffic, tight deadlines at work, familial conflict, loss of a loved one, or disease. Certainly, these are significant stresso [...]

  • Celebrate Food – Really…

    I was approached this week by a major magazine and was asked to be interviewed on holiday eating. Specifically, they’re writing an article on how people binge and overeat and go crazy with food during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. “How to stop people from gorging themselves” is the basic theme. What are the tricks to harnessing our willpower, and preventing the horror of weight gain? What’s fascinating to me is I receive at least one such request every year since my first book came out in 1991. And every time an editor at some magazine or newspaper asks me these questions, they’re so sincere, so looking for answers, and so dumbfounded as to why America can’t seem to get its collective appetite under control. Needless to say, I’m absolutely finished answering such questions with “people need to eat more mindfully” or “put down your fork between bites” or “eat lots of fiber rich foods so you’ll feel filled up.” Here’s what I’d really like to say about holiday eating:

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