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Here are our picks for Top 100 Yoga BlogsPlease enjoy!  Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we’re on a mission to forever change the way the world understands food, body and health.

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The Institute features an internationally acclaimed distance learning professional offering – the Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training – along with well loved online programs for the public, including Transform Your Relationship with FoodNo matter what nutritional system you follow, we all have a relationship with food that profoundly impacts our behavior and metabolism. If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do, please check out our FREE Video Series called The Dynamic Eating Psychology Breakthrough. You can sign up for it HERE. The list below for Top 100 Yoga Blogs is in no particular order. They’re all ranked highly in our eyes! 

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Top Yoga Blogs

1. – YogaMint helps you transform your life with a mix of yoga moves, delicious vegan and organic recipes, and uplifting meditation that will defeat stress and let your spirit soar to new heights.

2. – For Brian, it all began with Rodney Yee. From there, what was a personal record of his own transformation become a collaborative adventure, complete with guests writers, tips, tools, wisdom, books and tech, including a great Sansrkit glossary of terms. Definitely worth a look.

3. Spirit Voyage – provides advice on integrating yoga into your lifestyle (ranging from herbalism to aromatherapy and even humor), material for meditation, music, and a guide to interesting yoga events.

4. Yoga Journal – A wide-ranging yoga blog that tackles topics like combining motherhood and yoga, where beginners should start, and practical tips on working yoga into your daily routine.

5. My Yoga Blog – Intriguing musings from a dedicated yoga practitioner. Also includes photo shoots, book reviews, and a diary of day to day attempts to follow a yoga lifestyle that may provide more insight on your own yoga.

6. AnacostiaYogi – The blog of Sariane Leigh, a yoga instructor who specializes in yoga practice and spirituality from an African-American perspective. Includes several different yoga programs.

7. Starr Struck – A yoga lifestyle blog with detailed examination of how to carry out some special yoga exercises. Also includes spectacular pictures and interviews of interest to yoga enthusiasts.

8. PowHow – Powhow is the leading global platform for live webcam classes. Powhow’s  vStudio™ Platform enables fitness, dance, music, and arts professionals to connect with their students in multiple ways. A truly great resource.

9. Yoga Lisa DC – Lisa’s blog is about the integration of yoga and knitting (two contemplative pursuits). She uses yoga to help her reduce daily stress and stay fit.

10. Ripple of One Stone – RippleOfOneStone provides advice on avoiding injury while carrying out your yoga exercises. A very unique feature is their inclusion of professional, anatomical analyses of the proper and improper ways to perform yoga poses.

11. YogaTwistOnLife – A great source of both deep and homely thoughts on the topic of yoga. This blog also features many interesting links for yoga fans to peruse, plus yoga events, yoga teaching, and much more.

12. Semperviva – SemperViva has tons of great advice on all aspects of yoga, including nutrition, yoga insights on other current health trends, interviews, reading suggestions and much more

13. Yoga Trail  YogaTrail was created to help people to find the yoga that suits them, which led to  the largest, most comprehensive directory you’ll find. But more importantly, Yoga Trail provides independent reviews and yoga-centric criteria for evaluating studios, teachers, training programs, or retreats.

14. The Everything Yoga – features long but fascinating thoughts from the life of a yoga practitioner, salted with inspirational notes on practical yoga exercises.

15. My Yoga Online – reports on a wide range of yoga related products that enhance your meditative lifestyle. Clothing, footgear, mats made of recycled materials, and even yoga games are covered in depth on their blog.

16. YogaCurious – At YogaCurious you will learn individual yoga movements, sequences, and relaxation techniques to improve your lifestyle in all dimensions.

17. Cowgirl Yoga – Who can resist a yoga site based on “Cowgirl Yoga” with the motto “Yeehaw and Namaste”? A Montana woman’s guide to combining motherhood, horses, the countryside, and yoga.

18. Elsie’s Yoga Kula – A rich source of information on yoga, alternative health practices, yoga videos, and health and wellness. They have a huge selection of online yoga classes and podcasts, as well as a gift guide for yoga lovers.

19. Five Points Yoga – This is the blog of Barrett, an advanced yoga trainer with over 500 hours of experience, located in the Boston area. Breathing, music, meditation, and asana are all covered.

20. Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama Yoga at Home – This blog features an in-depth discussion of Ashtanga Yoga and its technical and meditative aspects, as well as the potentially ego-building features of some yoga practices and the humbling effects of others.

21. Yoga Paws LLC – YogaPaws’ blog deals with the calming and spiritually soothing aspects of yoga. Their articles are very in-depth with high quality photos to help guide you along.

22. – This yoga blog by abellaYoga focuses on the spirituality of yoga and the possibilty of a yogic life, and not just “yoga as an exercise”.

23. Ashtanga Yoga Mother Earth – Yogic wisdom abounds in this blog, which tackles diverse topics such as Paleo and organic diets as a complement to yoga, yoga and modern journalism, and other food aspects of yoga.

24. Christina Sell Yoga – Christina Sell discusses the yoga lifestyle, the potential and problems of yoga teaching, and various experiments with yoga under different conditions.

25. Sadie Nardini – Sadie Nardini is a fabulous, fierce and fit Ultimate Wellness and Yoga expert and host of the daily yoga and lifestyle hour on Veria TV,  a 24/7 national wellness channel. She’s also the author of the upcoming book, Core Strength as well as creator of the bestselling Total Transformation yoga DVDs.

26. lululemon athletica – Lululemon goes into extreme detail of everything yoga. They have easily searchable subsections, including the popular “ask a yogi” section, plus details on food, fitness, education, music, travel, culture, dance, and many other yoga topics.

27. Yogi Times – Out to empower the lifestyle of a Modern Yogi, Yogi Times hopes to inspire your healthy, mindful, conscious life. Join in the great community forum where everyone can express their passion and knowledge and share what they know.

28. True Yoga – TrueYogaInc is a philosophical, inspirational yoga blog with a strong emphasis on reaching God through yogic practice. This blog also features posts about using nature to increase the effects of yoga exercises.

29. Riverflow Yoga – Hot yoga is in the spotlight But they know how daunting it can be. They focus on making their site a warm, welcoming hot yoga community and caters to all skill levels.

30. Chelsea Loves Yoga – Chelsea Loves Yoga is all about building community and connecting to others through yoga. There is a special section for kids and teens, too.

31. The Yogini From Manila – Jane from the Philippines shares her knowledge about Manila instructors, the different uses of yoga, talks about good yoga accessories or books, and generally discusses yoga in a friendly, accessible way.

32. Ishta Yoga – IshtaYoga is unique in the fact that they provide excerpts from meditation classes. They also give great yoga pose advice, info on ‘office yoga’, and elaborate on the spiritual underpinnings of yoga.

33. – EYogaForBeginners is designed to help those new to yoga make a fruitful start. This blog is loaded with step-by-step info designed to ease newcomers into the yoga lifestyle.

34. Yogijbrown – J. Brown is a yoga teacher from Brooklyn who provides his insights on how to integrate the physical and spiritual halves of the practice into an empowering whole.

35. Nadine’s Yoga – Yoga challenges are Nadine’s cup of tea, and her blog can be used as a guide to working yogic and Buddhist challenges into your own lifestyle for better flow and meditation.

36. Yoga Gypsy – YogaGypsy is a highly instructional blog with lots of great tips on safe, stable, effective yoga moves. It is all from the perspective of a Canadian expatriate living in East Timor.

37. Spoiled Yogi – SpoiledYogi rocks! This new mother and self-described spoiled brat spices her blog up with interviews, musings on the yoga community and reviews of yoga products.

38. Write on Yoga – Melissa Garvey shares her insights on prenatal yoga and yoga for new mothers. She also helps instructors with advice on the ways to arrange and not to arrange yoga classes.

39. Ashtanga-Yoga-Gainesville – Christine has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for the past 10 years and teaching for 5. Her blog contains yoga musings and insightful thoughts on the yoga lifestyle.

40. Curvy Yoga – CurvyYoga is about yoga for those with a generous, curvy build. Anna focuses on body positivity and the way yoga can be made to fit any physique or lifestyle.

41. Bernadette Birney – Bernadette Birney became a yoga teacher after realizing she wanted to be her first yoga teacher. She’s devoted herself to her yogic eduction and her blog chronicles her thoughts and insights into life and yoga.

42. YogaYak – Videos, postures, relaxation techniques, breathing, meditation — you name it, it’s covered here in free, downloadable class videos. Yes, we said free.

43. Yoga Download – Exciting tips for making your yoga awesome and unlocking its potential in transforming your life, your stress levels, and your relationships. A great how to guide for living yoga rather than just practicing it.

44. Five-Minute Yoga – Get inspirational reading from the thoughts of Eve Johnson, a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, who deals with such interesting topics as stretches, psychology, yoga and aging, and much more.

45. CorePower Yoga – CorePower Yoga is a yoga blog designed to help you live an extraordinary life. They cover everything from beginner yoga to inspirational quotes.

46. Gaiam, Inc. – Practical advice on yoga routines for different situations (at work, at school, while hiking, etc.) is combined with excellent posts on the significance and possiblities of yoga in this richly diverse blog.

47. Alignment Yoga – Scott Anderson is the writer behind Alignment Yoga. His lifestyle yoga musings are very entertaining, but it’s the audio and video tutorials that set this blog apart from the others.

48. Whole Life Blog – provides holesome, clear-sighted advice & commentary. They want you to beat stress, overcome suffering and anxiety, and unlock your full potential.

49. Aura Wellness Center – Aura Wellness Centers blog provides advice on how to use yoga for specific uses. For instance, how to energize yourself if you’re a runner or how to use yoga to ease physical discomfort, like nausea.

50. Yoga for Healthy Aging – YogaForHealthyAging is an in-depth guide to creating a healthy, stress-free aging process using yoga to reduce the effects of arthritis and other aging related problems. The staff includes two medical doctors, a scientist and a physical therapist.

51. Yoga Tune Up – YogaTuneup is a head-to-toe health and fitness system. Their blog shoes you how yoga, combined with other techniques, can create balance and flexibility in your body, while relieving pain from past injuries.

52. YogaWiz – YogaWiz is a sleek, professional blog that includes many articles on the health benefits of yoga. They provide tutorials on breathing techniques, as well as advice on inducing relaxation and improving strength.

53. LexiYoga – LexiYoga is a fascinating mixed bag of yoga related articles, detailing everything from yoga for singles to yoga for healing or relief.

54. Mastery of Meditation, Zen & Kundalini Yoga – is a yoga self-help blog that gives you insight into yoga for kids, ways to be happy or inspire yourself, and exercises tailored both to beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

55. Eco Yogini – Eco Yogini has been a self-professed ecoholic yogini and feminist for many years. She shares her journey with yoga on her blog.

56. SynergybyJasmine – Promoting yoga, health, and a non-judgmental culture, Synergy by Jasmine is a breath of fresh air that gives both vital insights into yoga practices and ways to apply these principles in our lifestyles.

57. The Joy of Yoga – Poetry and yoga abound in this blog which, despite being only three years old, is jam-packed with everything from uplifting thoughts to practical advice on how to handle yoga classes and relationships.

58. Young Yoga Masters – Make yoga fun for your kids with the awesome and exciting advice on the Young Yoga Masters blog. With all kinds of tips on young yoga, this is a blog yogic parents appreciate.

59. Yoga Spy – A serious yoga blog with occasional flashes of humor, Yoga Spy is what you need to get a good perspective on yoga practices, etiquette between teachers and students, and much more.

60. Is Yoga Legal? – Offers insights from a lawyer yogi in how the non-judgmental process of yoga and the completely judgmental process of the law mesh, and what it means for the yoga lifestyle.

61. Karma Spot – Solid advice on how to use yoga breathing and other methods to meet life’s challenges, with observations on female empowerment and how it relates to yoga.

62. Yoga Minded – YogaMinded offers creative yoga solutions, from yoga while hiking to yoga for teenagers. You can read about good books on the subject, get some advice on poses, and enjoy pithy observations on yoga and life in this blog.

63. Radiant Child Yoga – Children need physical and spiritual health just as much as adults, and this blog is rich with detail on how to give kids these gifts through the use of yoga.

64. YogaImmunity – YogaImmunity’s high quality photos of perfectly performed yoga techniques sets it apart from the pack.

65. Yoga in the Dragon’s Den – Ashtanga yoga and philosophy make a riveting combination in Yoga in the Dragon’s Den. This blog is a highly thoughtful and greatly acclaimed work of a yoga enthusiast.

66. Yogi Crystal – The author behind YogiCrystal started yoga in 2008. She blogs about her goal to grow and learn more on her yogic journey, while spreading knowledge and joy to others and helping them heal from their injuries through yoga.

67. Yoga Untwisted – YogaUntwisted is written by Carissa, a lover of all things yoga! She started practicing yoga after a mountain biking accident and found it was a great way to heal. Ten years later, she’s still practicing and now blogs about the benefits of yoga.

68. Yogapossible – YogaPossible is written by Adam Hocke. Adam has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and his blog focuses on joy, suffering & the health benefits of yoga.

69. Tiffany Yoga – Tiffany Cruikshank is an international yoga teacher, author and health & wellness expert who travels the globe inspiring people to live their lives to the fullest. She is known for her lighthearted attention to detail and passionate dedication to the practice

70. YogaG33K – YogaG33k is written by Courtney Pearce. She helps yoginis and yogis along their path to living a more yogic and creative life. Her blog is lighthearted, whimsical and full of personality.

71. YogaDork – YogaDork writes about the most unique stories in yoga, while chiming in her own perspective on the stories.

72. Yoga Brains – YogaBrains was founded in 2012 by five Southern California yoga teachers, practitioners and enthusiasts as a way of demystifying the discipline of yoga and moving the conversation towards the intersection of science, comparative mythology, philosophy and contemplative practice.

73. Daily Downward Yoga – TheDailyDownwardDog is dedicated to cool yoga experiences documented as the author journeys through the spiritual worlds of yoga and meditation. She hopes to share the benefits of yoga for people over 40, including the relief of back pain sufferers everywhere.

74. Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom – ChicagoNow is about the ups and downs of a yoga mom. The authors goal is to help take the isolation out of parenting. She accomplishes that through sharing her yogic journey.

75. The Veganasana – TheVeganAsana is one woman’s adventures in veganism and yoga. Her blog is full of inspiration for not just yoga, but for life.

76. One with Life – Stephanie Spence’s One With Life blog is about the tales of a traveling yogini. Her blog is an expression of the love of yoga and the love of life.

77. Movement – Georgie Abel’s blog combines life, yoga, beauty, rock climbing and overall movement into a web of beautiful vignettes. Highly recommended.

78. Kat Saks Yoga – Kat is a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher who invites her students and blog readers to uncover and express their most powerful and authentic self. Her blog helps you in every aspect of your yoga journey, from cultivating an at home yoga practice, to building a yoga music playlist.

79. Flowtation Devices – FlowtationDevices is written by Jennifer, whose blog mission is to share her practice experience in dance and yoga, while fulfilling her desire to grow with the world around her.

80. Elephant Journal – Elephant Journal is one of the Internet’s leading yoga blogs. ‘Nuff said.

81. Connect to the Sky – Connect to the Sky is written by Bram Levinson, an enthusiastic yogi since 1999. His blog is his way of sharing with the world and communicating the shift that yoga provides.

82. Alive in the Fire – Alive in the Fire’s tagline is being at home within the self, and all her posts are about careful asana practice, giving hugs, letting go and living green.

83. Yoga Healer – This is the blog of Cate Stillman, who gives you effective, practical life skills for vibrant health and an awake life. She delivers top information about yoga, Ayurveda, eating green, and how to move gracefully at any age.

84. Yoga Lunchbox – Welcome to New Zealand’s premier online yoga magazine, published by Kara-Leah Grant in the wake of her insatiable curiosity for the human experience. She believes in the power of yoga to transform lives – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

85. Ashley Josephine Yoga – This is a blog for the modern day woman looking for a little more balance in life. Here, Ashley has created a “bite-size” series of yoga videos to give you a taste of the studio in your own home. She teaches with a mind/body/soul approach to help you “Live the Life You Were Born to Live.”

86. Reflections Yoga Studio –  The Reflections Center for Conscious living is a great place for practicing yoga and meditation in New York City. Home to teacher trainings and other “Rad Workshops”. Definitely worth a look.

87. Body Divine Yoga – Written by a certified yoga instructor and therapist, Body Divine Yoga is a wonderful look into yogic philosophy at work in the modern world, or as guru B.K.S. Iyengar put it, discovering that: “the needs of the body are the needs of the divine spirit which lives through the body.”

88. Yoga Earth This collaborative community of health-conscious consumers and ambassadors exists in the world to share the best in nutrition, yoga, and eco-design. Their blog hosts great interviews with yoga practitioners all over the world.

89. Do Yoga With Me! – This site is dedicated to sharing the gift of yoga with people of all walks of life. They offer full-length yoga classes, as well as yoga poses, and everything is 100% free! Classes include advanced poses, breathing techniques and anatomy videos. They also offer guided audio meditations and great blog.

90. Green Yoga – Welcome to the online home of the northern California operation known as the Green Yoga Association, out to inspire eco-compassionate living through yoga. They also offer great getaways and a highly followed newsletter for your enjoyment and education.

91. Kathryn Budig – Kathryn trained and taught in LA for 8 years and now travels the globe, sharing her zeal for life, yoga and food as Women’s Health Magazines yoga expert. She’s also the co-founder of “Poses for Paws”, an organization dedicated to raising money for animal shelters through yoga.

92. Marianne Elliot Zen peacekeeper and storyteller, human rights advocate and author, Marianne spent time serving the UN mission in Afghanistan with a focus on human rights and gender issues. She is a profound teacher and advocate for the benefits yoga brings to the body and mind.

93. MindBodyGreen – MindBodyGreen has evolved quite a bit in the last three years. While most people know is as a wellness resource, few know how much yoga goes on here! Check out their pose instructions, articles and interviews from best in the yoga world.

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