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It seems that “the last 5 pounds” has become far more famous and noteworthy than “The Last Supper.” We approach this final frontier of fat-loss with a religious fervor that would make any good preacher jealous. As a teacher and practitioner in the fields of nutrition and eating psychology, I’ve noticed that these last 5 pounds carry a lot of weight, so to speak. They have so much power. Of course, power is good. The challenge though, is that far too many of us have been efforting and struggling for years, if not decades, to lose this weight without any lasting success. That’s a heck of a lot of time, energy and life force going into a wee bit of body flubber. Let’s get this handled. It’s time to come up with what may well be a fool-proof way to indeed burn away something that we clearly need to say goodbye to. So, in the spirit of finding true and lasting success, here are 8 highly unique ways to get where you want to go and lose the last 5 pounds:

1 – Own It Before You Lose It

Perhaps this is number 1 on our list because it’s kind of important. The main reason why we can’t lose something that we so desperately want to get rid of is because we haven’t fully owned it. If you want to lose $100 you have to own $100 first. If you want to lose self-respect you must first have some self-respect. So, it’s time to own those 5 pounds. Owning it means acknowledging it, accepting it, embracing it, and fully embodying it. Owning it means that it’s yours, and it’s not your enemy. Owning it means relaxing into it, and spending at least several months fully possessing those beautiful 5 pounds. Admit it – you haven’t even considered this option yet. Are you brave enough to own it before you lose it?

2 – A New Kind of Exercise

Far too many of us have the experience of doing the kinds of aerobics and jogging and intense exercise that are really secret ways to punish ourselves for having eaten food. Eating is the crime, exercise is the punishment. A lot of dieters are miffed as to why they’re exercising harder but the last 5 pounds maintain their evil little death grip somewhere on our body. It’s time for a new kind of exercise. It’s called bending down, and lifting people up. Don’t tell anyone, but this is a proven calorie burning activity. Spend several months focused on service to others. Give more. Listen more. Love more. Reach out and be a mentor. Sneak out of your own head and notice the souls around you who can use a little love and cheerleading. Bend down, pick up, and repeat.

3 – Don’t Be So Heavy

Losing weight really means lightening up. I know, you want to feel lighter by getting rid of those nasty little pounds. But guess what: sometimes we can be pretty heavy. We get all deep and dense and morose about not being perfect, we focus on all the things we don’t have, and we fold up our wings, pack them away in some forgotten place, and we lose our ability to fly. Many people believe they feel heavy because they have extra weight. Often times though, we have extra weight because we feel heavy. Let go of some of the baggage you’re carrying so-to-speak, and you might just see some alchemy happen. So, what are you heavy about? What’s holding you down? How can you lighten your emotional or psychic load? If you don’t want to be so heavy, then stop being so heavy. Instant weight loss. Admit it – calorie burning has never been so easy.

4 – Get Help from Friends, Loved Ones, and Strangers

Most of us think that in order to lose weight we need to do all the work ourselves. It’s time to enlist an army of others to help us get where we want to go. Here’s your assignment: ask 12 different people the following question – “Would I be more attractive, more valuable as a human being, and more worthy of love, if I lost 5 pounds?” Ask your husband or wife and some close friends. But also ask a few strangers in the supermarket, and some young children. Really make an effort to gather the opinion of others to help you determine if you truly need to put more of your precious life force into starving 5 pounds off of your body. I’m willing to bet my hard earned cash that at least 11 out of 12 people think you’re fine just the way you are.

5 – Find Your True Nature

No, I’m not getting all spiritual on you. That will come shortly. When I say your “true nature”, what I’m really referring to is actual “nature.” So many of us have gotten so far from the natural world – from trees and plants and flowers and waterfalls and streams and unexpected visits from animals – and we miss the kind of magic that can powerfully heal us and transform our metabolism.  Time spent in the natural world where we can become quiet, and listen to something deeper is profound. It also feels really good. If we could truly put nature in a pill, and bottle and sell it, we’d have the cure-all for just about everything. I really mean this. If you want to lose 5 more pounds, talk to the trees and consult with the rocks. They’re wiser than most health practitioners, they won’t charge you money, and they don’t have annoying websites.

6 – Die Trying

I know you’ve probably worked very hard to lose those last 5 pounds, and I know you’ve probably felt that you couldn’t possibly do much more. First, I’d like to give you an A+ for effort. Congratulations. But I’m about to ask a lot more of you. I want you to put your life on the line. I want you to show me how important it is to really lose those 5 pounds by being willing to risk your life. Here’s what I mean: take the next 4 weeks and pretend they will be your last ones on planet Earth. Live life as if you have 28 days to live. What I’m saying is – who would you be and what would you do if your life WAS going to end real soon. Would you be worrying about losing 5 more silly pounds? Wouldn’t you find something bigger, more juicy, more spiritual or more worth your while. Hint – live the rest of your life this way.

7 – More Feng Shui, Less Weight

The majority of us assume that to lose weight we need to lose it off the body. Makes perfect sense. But if you haven’t had the success that you want, it’s time to mix things up. Sometimes, we need to lose the baggage that’s around us. So if you want to lighten your load, notice some of the dead weight around your home, your office, your basement, your kitchen, and any place that your possessions live. If you haven’t used it in 5 years, get rid of it. Sell it, give it away, throw it away. It’s conceivable that you can lose hundreds and hundreds of pounds in this way. How’s that for weight loss?

8 – Find your G spot

This is one of my favorite ways to help people lose those last 5 pounds. What I mean by G spot though, is “Gee spot”. The Gee spot is the part of us that says, “Gee, I wonder if I really need to lose 5 pounds.” “Gee, I wonder if all this obsession about a random bunch of fat cells is really the best use of my time?” “Gee, what would life be like if I could just lose the need to lose 5 pounds?” The Gee spot is the place in your being where curiosity is tickled. When you rub it just a little, you wake up. You discover that all along, you had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your life has been waiting for you. Grab it. Be you already. Stop waiting. Give the world what it needs -all of you, just as you are, right now.

What is your favorite or unique way to “lighten up”?

My warmest regards,
Marc David
Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
© Institute For The Psychology of Eating, All Rights Reserved, 2014

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  • Inspiring and brilliant. My favorite weight loss tips EVER!

  • Jayne

    I love these! Especially the Feng Shui strategy to lose hundreds of pounds! Brilliant!!

  • This. Article. Is. Priceless!!!!!!
    Freak Marc!!! You are a bloody genius!!! Im SO GLAD Ive made YOU my one and only trusty guru in the realm of weight loss!!!
    Where did you come from???!
    An incredibly special being!
    Thank you! Xxxooo

    • Marc David

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you so much for all of your incredible comments!
      Your feedback plays such a huge part in what keeps us going.

      I look forward to sharing my next article with you!


      Marc David

      • This is the most creative approach to losing weight that I have ever read! Fantastic!

  • Marc, You never cease to amaze me with your insight and brilliant articulation.
    I have always valued to have been one of your graduates and continue to learn more wonderful
    techniques to help my clients live healthier and more satisfying lives in mind, body and spirit.
    Thank you once again for sharing your kind thoughts with us.

  • Denise Edwards

    Thank you, Marc! This has been my struggle since high school. Except during pregnancy have I rarely had more than 5 pounds that I wanted, not necessarily needed, to lose. This struggle has used up so much energy and has caused me to be “heavy” psychologically. These strategies, presented in such a clear and concise way, have really helped me to see how using my energy in this way has stopped me from really becoming all that I can be in giving to Planet Earth while here.

    • KarnaN

      Hi Denise,

      Thank you very much for sharing your story with our community!
      We are very happy that this article has inspired you deeply.

      I agree that we are all here to give back in our own unique way.

      Warm regards,

      Karna Nau
      Director of Student Relations
      Institute for the Psychology of Eating

  • Zanele

    Wow… I am a believer in everything happens for a reason. And what i just read now moved me, for the pasts couple of months i have been OBSSESSING about losing 5kg and guess what no luck, instead i have gained 5kg weight emotionally. But i have had it, and i am no longer fighting it but surrendering to it all.

    • KarnaN

      Thanks for sharing! You situation is so common… Congratulations on your decision to let go!
      Warmly, Karna

  • I so enjoy reading these posts, the tips are always surprising and creative. They make me think in a new way about myself and self-image. And guess what, when I stopped worrying about it, I was so much happier- and still with those 5 pounds! Thank you for bringing awareness to holistic ways of being healthy and “light!” Getting over the need to be perfect frees up emotional space that can be used to help and lift up others- a much more rewarding way to spend my energy!
    Thank You.

    • Marc David

      Hi Jennifer,

      So glad you’ve been losing “the weight of perfection.”
      It’s comments like yours that instill the spark to keep writing.
      Truly appreciated!

      Warm regards,

      Marc David

  • Shaz

    Sheer brilliance…there aren’t many people out there that I look forward to their posts like i do yours. Everything you write resonates with me and makes such perfect sense. Each article, contains so much information but is written in a way which is so easy to understand.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us all.

    • Hi Shaz,

      Thank you for your kind words.
      I’m so glad to have you here in our community.

      Marc David

  • This is just perfect.
    I can’t stop smiling!!! You are THE BEST, Marc! 🙂
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

    • Jess,
      I’m touched by your enthusiasm.
      Thanks for the smiles.

      Marc David

  • dandelion woods

    your a beautiful person *~

  • Carmen

    Really! I just signed up and I get the last 5Ibs! Give me a break. People who really need help don’t need to see what every other site does focus on what a big person would see as a joke. You may have a ton of groupies but I am yet to be impressed with something that will help me.
    More I am seeing I think the only thing that can help me is me.

    • Hi Carmen,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.
      I am wondering if you indeed read the article???
      If so, I think you will find that it is not an article about how to lose 5 pounds.
      I’d love for you to give it a good read and let me know what you think.
      And even if it were, there are plenty of people who are driven by intense perfectionism, whose lives are spent in great pain and suffering even though they are wanting to lose a mere handful of pounds.

      No amount of supposed “perfect weight” or “perfect looks” is a guarantee of happiness. I have seen far too many clients over the years looking to lose every amount of weight you could imagine. What they all have in common is an inner world of unhappiness and struggle. Everyone of us in pain and suffering deserves some love and understanding.

      And I surely agree with you – you are the expert. You are the nutritionist your body needs most. We are doing our best here to create a new dialogue around food, body and weight – a positive approach that has room for everyone, no matter what their eating or weight concern.

      My best wishes on your journey,

  • Sandy

    Simply profound
    Profoundly simple
    Thank you so much for this article

    • Hi Sandy,
      Glad you found it helpful.
      Thanks for sharing.


  • vivian

    Thank you. This is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.

    • Hi Vivian,
      Always happy to bring out the smiles.


  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the comment from clients “If I could only lose 5 pounds, I’d be happy.” I ask them to name 5 things they would love to “gain” instead of the 5 pounds they want to lose, and then see if they could be happy. If they could think in terms of abundance, “gaining life”, instead of losing and deprivation, they could truly be more happy with their life. I’ve never had a client lose 5 pounds and be happy because the mere pursuit of the goal causes obsessive thinking, abnormal restrictive unsustainable daily life, the irrational desire for more loss, and distraction from true living. It’s like traveling north when you need to go south. It never gets you where you are going.

    Thank you Marc. I’ve been doing this type of work intuitively for over 20 years, and now that I am taking your training, I feel super validated.

    • Hi Donna,

      I love this idea of supporting others to “gain” useful or inspiring “life weight” as you’ve described. It just goes to show, you end up where you start.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Marc David

  • Kalpana

    Absolutely awesome article Marc!! loved the “new kind of exercise”!!!! I am so lucky to be training with you and I know that joining the Institute for Psychology of Eating was the best decision I ever made!! 🙂

    • Hi Kalpana,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article, and am thrilled that you are finding the program transformative and dynamic!

      Thank you for reaching out – your comment made my day!


  • David, I love what you are doing with The Psychology of Eating. I am connected to you on Facebook and G+ and I see your posts and videos often. They deeply resonate with me and echo my personal belief systems around food, weight, and wellness. This article is beautiful! Thank you for writing this!

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Ivy! It warms my heart to know that these words are resonating with you. Thank you for being part of our community! Best regards, Marc

  • Lidi Flo

    I just stumbled onto this page after googling “How to lose last 5 pounds” and I am pleasantly surprised. This new, profound perspective change might be just what I needed to accept and love myself just a bit more before reevaluating my “health” priorities.

    Thank you for supplying the world with such sweet and thoughtful ideas and approaches. I greatly appreciate itappreciate!

    • So glad that you found us, Lidi Flo! We appreciate your kind words and we are so happy to have you as a member of our community. Warmly, Marc

  • Ngan T

    Thank you so much for your post. It helps me to see what is most important in life. I sent myself this post so I can read over and over to remember how silly it is trying to do what your body does not want to do. People love me the way I am, not if I could lose 5 pounds or not. Lol. So silly me. Thank you again.

    • Hi Ngan! We are so glad to hear from you! You are so right that you are loved just as you are. It’s so wonderful to hear you say it. 🙂
      The IPE Team

  • MoOny Oo

    Thanks so much for such a positive and encouraging article. That too without a single trim, fit model- those articles make me feel worse even before I’ve started reading them. I’m going to save ur article for future motivation and courage.

    P.S: I’ve lost 9lbs and the last 5 just wont budge.

    • Thank you for sharing so honestly! We are grateful that you took the time to comment. It is a journey to unlearn so many of the beliefs we have been taught about bodies and weight. Please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or to simply share.

      Warm regards,
      The IPE Team

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