Best 50 Yoga Blogs 2015

These are our picks for Best 50 Yoga Blogs 2015. Enjoy!  Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we’re on a mission to forever change the way the world understands food, body and health.

We’re “diet agnostic” – meaning we do our best to honor and support the wisdom and usefulness of ANY dietary approach that you choose to practice. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s only online school dedicated to a progressive, positive, holistic understanding of eating psychology and nutrition. Unique and revolutionary in its approach, the Institute teaches students and professionals to effectively work with the most common and compelling eating challenges of our times: weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.

The Institute features an internationally acclaimed distance learning professional offering: the Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. We also have a well loved online program for the public called Transform Your Relationship with Food. No matter what nutritional system you follow, we all have a relationship with food that profoundly impacts our behavior and metabolism. If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do, please check out our FREE Video Series called The Dynamic Eating Psychology Breakthrough. You can sign up for it HERE. The list below for Best 50 Yoga Blogs 2015 is in no particular order. They’re all ranked highly in our eyes!

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Best 50 Yoga Blogs 2015

1. Yoga Dork – YogaDork’s network of contributors report on all things yoga. They offer commentary on yoga culture and the latest yoga news with wit, wisdom and a sense of humor. The information on this blog ranges from new research about yoga to the health benefits of yoga and meditation, to the politics of yoga.

2. Anacostia Yogi – Sariane Leigh is a modern day revolutionary tackling health disparities in her own unique way, and teaching wellness in her neighborhood of Anacostia. Her blog brings yoga to life as she weaves together the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of yoga and takes you on this journey with her.

3. Yoga Healer – Cate Stillman’s blog serves up genuinely interesting, effective, and practical life skills for vibrant health. Through her personal stories she shares how to live an awakened life. She delivers top information about yoga, Ayurveda, eating clean, and how to move gracefully at any age.

4. Kathryn Budig – Kathryn Budig is a skilled writer who covers all issues related to yoga for a number of popular publications. As you read her work, it is clear that she is passionate about yoga as well as about sharing healthy and eco-friendly recipes.

5. Mary Catherine Starr – Mary Catherine Starr writes the lifestyle blog Starr Struck which documents her adventures as a yogi, artist, and aspiring minimalist. Her blog is informative and engaging. She offers great tips in her articles and videos to help you live in balance and harmony.

6. Riverflow Yoga – Riverflow Yoga is a welcoming community of hot yoga practitioners based out of New Jersey. The collaborators of this blog answer all of your questions about hot yoga and you offer you insights on how to up the heat on your own practice.

7. The Yogini From Manila – Jane, from Manila in the Philippines, broadens the conversation about yoga and offers a perspective of how this practice is embraced in this part of the world. She shares her knowledge about Manila instructors, the different uses of yoga, talks about good yoga tools and books, and generally discusses yoga in a friendly, accessible way.

8. J Brown – J. Brown is a yoga instructor and writer who has published articles in a number of respected yoga periodicals. His blog posts and essays are thoughtful and explore the practice and philosophy behind yoga and yoga therapy.

9. Curvy Yoga – Anna shares her personal, inspiring, funny and courageous stories in her blog CurvyYoga – a resource for those with curvy bodies. She shows her audience a part of herself that reminds us that we are not alone in our journey.

10. Whole Life Yoga – This is the blog for Whole Life Yoga, a well-loved yoga studio in Seattle. Written by Tracy Weber, the posts are motivational, honest and understandable. The blog also features guest posts and student questions.

11. Synergy by Jasmine – This blog by yoga instructor Jasmine Kaloudis is an excellent resource for those interested in prenatal yoga, yoga for fertility, couples yoga and those wanting to make yoga into a romantic date night.

12. Yoga in the Dragon’s Den – Yoga in the Dragon’s Den features highly thoughtful and greatly acclaimed work of a yoga enthusiast, writing about Ashtanga yoga and philosophy.

13. One with Life – Stephanie Spence has been practicing yoga for 30 years and her depth of experience is evident in the blog posts she writes for One With Life. In addition to sharing her thoughts and advice for specific poses, Stephanie also includes musings about her personal life and her travels.

14. Alive in the Fire – Rachel Koontz, the author of Alive in the Fire blog, is a self-described yogini warrior, poet, and artist. Her intention for her writing is to inspire positivity and bring joy to other yoga practitioners, including those just starting out on their yoga journey.

15. YogaCurious – At YogaCurious you will learn individual yoga movements, sequences, and relaxation techniques to improve your lifestyle in all dimensions.

16. Ashley Josephine – This is a blog for the modern day woman looking for a little more balance in life. Here, Ashley has created a “bite-size” series of yoga videos to give you a taste of the studio in your own home. She teaches with a mind/body/soul approach to help you “Live the Life You Were Born to Live.”

17. Stephanie Culen – Stephanie, a renowned yoga teacher, twice named New York City’s best yoga teacher by New York Magazine writes a passionate, magical and happy blog to inspire readers to tap into their own personal and unique resources of inspiration, magic and grace.

18. Katie Silcox – Katie Silcox is a yogini, author, inspirational teacher and mentor to a worldwide network of vibrant, evolving seekers. Her blog offers up a wealth of wisdom about how to incorporate yoga into each day.

19. Desiree Rumbaugh – “Love is stronger than fear”, this is Desiree Rumbaugh’s motto. In her blog she explores all the aspects that love and fear influence our lives. She explores yoga off of the mat and discusses aspects of life and yoga that everyone can relate to.

20. Vital Yoga – In Vital Yoga’s blog, written by the studios owner Micah Springer, she shares how vitality comes from many sources and provides the tools to cultivate life force, found in: ourselves, our studios, our kitchens, our communities and beyond.

21. Kindness Collective – Kindness collective’s blog features many authors and the subject matter is wide. Offering information about yoga and health, partner yoga, massage, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and so much more!

22. Silvia Mordini – Silvia is passionate about leading a life of joy. Her enthusiasm for life ignites the fire of joy inside of the people she connects with. Silvia lives her happiness in such a big way that you can’t help but leave her her blog spiritually uplifted!

23. Jennifer White – As a voracious reader, obsessive writer, passionate yoga instructor and drinker of hoppy ales, Jennifer writes about life in her blog. The important up and down moments in life and how to make the most out of each moment.

24. Daily Cup of Yoga – Daily Cup of Yoga is a a yoga blog with tips, tools, gear, apps, the wisdom of yoga, books, and technology.

25. Rachel Brathen – Rachel shares her personal stories of her travels, recipes, and yogic wisdom on her blog. She is bright, witty, and fun to ‘travel’ with!

26. Elena Brower – Elena says: “Your attention is your currency: practice how you spend it, save it, give it.” In her blog she speaks about her yoga practice and how she brings the wisdom of yoga into her life.

27. The Yoga Blog – The Yoga Blog is a unique and collaborative platform that hosts Yoga news, health advice, humor, opinions, and experiences of everyday Yogis. Everywhere from how to treat sciatica with yoga to unique yoga sequences, their goal is to expand awareness of the underlying community we all share.

28. Ekhart Yoga – Filled with yoga asana sequences, light humor, great wisdom, this blog has something for the very beginner and more advanced yogi.

29. Everything Yoga – This is a great site to educate yourself in anatomy as well as tune into another perspective about yoga and how it translates into our lives outside of the yoga studio.

30. Tara Stiles – On Tara’s blog she shares her handstand tips as well as awesome recipes with her fellow yoga tribe. Along with her personal stories you will also learn about her favorite cold remedies.

31. Chickadee Says – Learn what yoga poses help to beat the winter blues, relieve headaches and lower back pain, and to support you feeling better in life. Kait is curious about life and passionate about adventure, and this comes through her very colorful blog.

32. Om Gal – Rebecca shares her adventures as a yogi through her life stories, her yoga asana practice, as well as relevant social issues. She is bright and inspiring, and her perspective is a breath of fresh air.

33. Yoga Tune Up – Are you a teacher and wanting to continue your education of anatomy? Are you a student and want to know what the snapping sound in your hip is all about? Or have you had a c-section and wonder what poses to do and not do? Jill Miller’s blog features many informed yogi authors that provide you with lots of tools to support your practice and teaching.

34. Yoga Modern – Thought provoking and engaging articles about how we interact with ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Along with insightful wisdom that will enhance your practice on and off the yoga mat.

35. Eat Simple Love Yoga – Meg shares her travel adventures and how she keeps up her yoga asana practice. Along with great yoga travel sequences, she is also a passionate nutritionist and shares her whole food recipes.

36. It’s All Yoga Baby – A blog about yoga and life (because it’s all yoga) on a mission to spark conversation about the commercialisation and corporatization of the yoga and so much more!

37. Spoiled Yogi – Contentment is a journey and on this blog, Erica shares her adventure. From tips about how to clear your mind and how to find more freedom, she talks about everything from yoga fashion to enlightenment.

38. Matthew Remski– Matthew invites us into deep enquiry with his writings about yoga, Ayurveda, and evolution. His style of writing is poetic and his content is inspiring and insightful.

39. Michelle May – In Michelle’s colorful blog, she brings to life the art of a yoga practice with the unique and beautiful photographs she posts as well as insightful information.

40. Azulie Yogic Life – This is an amazing site to visit. The photographs are mesmorizing and the content is refreshing. They describe themselves as: “Azulie expresses a contemporary evolution of yogic consciousness. Azulie is a source for yogic art, travel, photography, design and wellness. Through a contemporary and artistic lens we share with you the lessons and healing beauty that yoga brings to each of our lives.”

41. The Yoga Trail Blog – Do you wonder how you can make money from being a yoga teacher? And what about suggestions about how to orgnanize a successful retreat? The Yoga Trail features different guest bloggers to give you the insight and inspiration to take exciting next steps in your personal yoga practice as well as a professional.

42. Yoga Download – Yoga Download combines the modern technology of portable media with the ancient practice of yoga, offering an unparalleled selection of yoga styles, class lengths and world-class teachers. Yoga Download’s blog addresses a variety of interests including: yoga, nutrition, healthy recipes, inner-awareness, and much more.

43. Evolation Yoga – Everywhere from ways to improve your life to listening to your body, Evolation Yoga offers an exciting range of content that speaks to beginner and advanced yogis.

44. Peace Love Yoga – Laura is an Ashatanga teacher and shares poetry and personal adventures that continue to inspire her along her yoga journey.

45. Little Flower Yoga – The Little Flower Yoga blog provides yoga and mindfulness tips and techniques for children and teens. Here they share activities that you can do with your own child or your students, review books and other relevant resources, share information about research in the field, and discuss topics that impact teachers, parents and families.

46. Yoga Basics – Yoga Basics is a resource center and guide for your exploration of the yoga postures, meditation techniques, pranayama, yoga therapy, and the history and philosophy of yoga. Filled with useful and exciting information their intention to heal and uplift is felt.

47. Sassy Yogi – Angie is a Singaporean yogi who describes herself as a dreamer and an idealist. She shares her fun and enlivening journey of yoga with you in her articles.

Our list is a work in progress and we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to email us and post your favorite Yoga Blogs in the comments below!

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