Best 100 Food Blogs 2015

best-100-food-blogsThese are our picks for Best 100 Food Blogs 2015. Enjoy! Here at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating we’re on a mission to forever change the way the world understands food, body and health.

We’re “diet agnostic” – meaning we do our best to honor and support the wisdom and usefulness of ANY dietary approach that you choose to practice. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating is the world’s only online school dedicated to a progressive, positive, holistic understanding of eating psychology and nutrition. Unique and revolutionary in its approach, the Institute teaches students and professionals to effectively work with the most common and compelling eating challenges of our times: weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.

The Institute features an internationally acclaimed distance learning professional offering: the Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training. We also have a well loved online program for the public called Transform Your Relationship with Food. No matter what nutritional system you follow, we all have a relationship with food that profoundly impacts our behavior and metabolism. If you’re interested in learning more about the work we do, please check out our FREE Video Series called The Dynamic Eating Psychology Breakthrough. You can sign up for it HERE. The list below for Best 100 Food Blogs 2015 is in no particular order. They’re all ranked highly in our eyes!

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Best 100 Food Blogs 2015

1. Clean and Delicious – Clean and Delicious is written by Dani Spies, a health counselor, fitness enthusiast, and self-proclaimed health conscious foodie who specializes in making simple and nourishing meals. Her recipes demonstrate how it is possible to find balance, enjoy food, feel great, and live a full life.

2. Liz and Jewels – Lisa Nieschlag and Julia Cawley share their love for design, food, photography, and brilliant ideas on their blog Liz and Jewels. Despite living on different continents, the two women are able to collaborate on their blog, as well as their cookbook series, “Anni.”

3. This Rawesome Vegan Life – Emily von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life woke up one day and decided to be vegan and shortly after that go into raw foods. Her favorite foods are fruit, dark leafy greens, and chocolate — all of which play a starring role in her creative and gorgeous recipes.

4. Better Raw – Tanya Maher’s words are ablaze with energy when she writes about eating a raw diet on her blog Better Raw. Besides sharing her favorite raw salads, smoothies, and dessert recipes, Tanya also writes about how powerful physical and mental detoxification can be for the body.

5. Berry Ripe – Berry Ripe is a joint endeavor of a number of bloggers all committed to making the world a healthier place. This blog is packed with practical tips for eating healthy, staying in shape, and keeping the flu away.

6. Edible Goddess – Bethanne Wanamaker is the founder of Edible Goddess and author of a number of raw food and natural beauty recipe books. Besides offering delightful raw food recipes on her blog, Bethanne also writes posts that aim to encourage readers to find and live their personal mission.

7. Heather’s Dish – Heather Disarro, who writes Heather’s Dish, is a recipe developer, freelance writer, and lover of food. Her website is devoted to providing readers with tasty recipes and authentic, honest, and soul-satisfying dialogue.

8. Yummy Supper – Yummy Supper is Erin Scott’s blog where she collects her recipes dedicated to eating seasonally in Berkley, California. Her recipes also happen to be gluten-free as she must avoid gluten, which she does not see as a limitation, but rather the opportunity to be more creative with her diet.

9. XO Breakfast – XO Breakfast is written by a breakfast expert who really knows how to celebrate the first meal of the day. If you need inspiration for your next brunch party, be it muffins, granola, pancakes, or omelettes, this is your website.

10. Matt Bites – This is the home of the man obsessed with “food, drink, and everything in between.” If you haven’t discovered Matt Bites before now – prepared to be delighted. Matt has been involved with food culture for around 20 years and sees no reason to stop now – he’s all about real food, real flavor – keep the fake stuff – he says. In 2009 he began teaching food photography and food styling at conferences, schools and colleges.

11. Honest Fare – Gabrielle (Gabi) Arnold is the food artist behind Honest Fare, a blog devoted to turning fresh ingredients into something beautiful. Besides maintaining this blog, Gabi also runs a food truck specializing in gourmet empanadas and has developed line of adorable, yet practical, aprons!

12. Green Kitchen Stories – This is lovely Vegetarian site created by husband and wife, David and Luise (the photographer and nutritionist respectively), to share their endeavor to come up with healthy vegetarian recipes. They never fail to offer a story alongside their recipe that tells what makes this dish especially pure, simple, and delicious. They live in Stockholm with their adorable daughter, Elsa. Also check out their new cookbook: Vegetarian Everyday.

13. Girl Versus Dough – Stephanie Wise is a writer and self-taught baker who pens the blog Girl Versus Dough. Looking at the recipe index on her site will make anyone stop what they are doing and turn on their oven in order to do some baking.

14. The Stone Soup – On her site The Stone Soup, Jules Clancy inspires home cooks to get out of their cooking ruts and try new healthy recipes. Her recipes revolve around using easy-to-find, real ingredients in simple recipes that do not require a lot of time or fancy kitchen tools.

15. Eating Brooklyn – Eating Brooklyn is a food photography blog that captures food stories in and around Brooklyn. The posts are mainly about food, but sometimes take a brief detour to focus on life in Brooklyn.

16. Tiny Urban Kitchen – Jen writes about living and cooking in a Tiny Urban Kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her experiments in the kitchen are well-documented, as are her experiences dining out in restaurants (many of which are located near Cambridge).

17. Teeny Tiny Kitchen – The Teeny Tiny Kitchen comes from a Vermont kitchen that makes food based on local ingredients and good taste.

18. Life’s a Feast – Life’s a Feast is written by a freelance writer living in France, who specializes in writing about food and culture. Often there is more story than recipe to the posts.

19. Living Lou – Living Lou was started by a (then) 17-year old food blogger with a passion for cooking that began at the age of 7. Now 22, Louisa is still writing about and taking photos of the recipes she develops, cooks and eats.

20. Edible Perspective – Ashley McLaughlin writes and takes photos for Edible Perspective, as well as working as a freelance food photographer and recipe developer. The recipes she posts are gluten-free and creative.

21. Cavegirl Cuisine – Michelle Fagone of Cavegirl Cuisine writes a fun-loving blog about eating a clean Paleo diet. She states on her blog that she is learning alongside her readers about how to eat local, fresh foods that fit into the Paleo lifestyle.

22. Paleoista – Nell Stephenson is a Paleo expert and successful author who shares recipes, research and product reviews on her blog Paleoista. Her blog is unique in that it does not dwell on the caveman, but pays special attention to the role of the feminine in the Paleo diet.

23. Ancestralize Me – Laura Schoenfield believes that without a doubt an individual’s health can be improved by changing their diet. Ancestralize Me is Laura’s blog where she writes about her health successes after switching to a Paleo diet that features nutrient-dense foods such as whole eggs, coconut oil, organ meats, and bone broths.

24. The Little Foxes – Ashlee Piper is a holistic health coach and lover of all things compassionate and vegan. Her posts on The Little Foxes highlight her fun-loving approach to food, beauty, and style.

25. Raw Food Home Recipes – Cathrine-Mette Mork follows a well-balanced raw vegan diet most of the time. The recipes on her blog Raw Food Home Recipes demonstrate just how easy, quick, and yummy “un-cooking” can be.

26. Oh my Veggies – Kiersten Frase is a self-taught vegetarian cook who started Oh My Veggies in 2011 mostly out of boredom. A few years later, her blog is a full-time job with a rigorous weekly schedule that includes posting at least two new recipes a week, updates about her garden, and a compilation of what recipes she made from other blogs that week.

27. Eatomaniac – Akhila, the writer behind Eatomaniac is a classic Indian dancer, clinician, artist, and vegetarian foodie. Their blog is stocked with posts testing and sharing veg-friendly recipes from all over the world, including dishes from Northern and Southern India, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, and the U.S.

28. Just the Food – Joni Marie Newman is the writer, photographer, cook, and baker behind the vegan blog Just the Food. She is also the self-appointed “Queen of Veggie Burgers” who has written a number of popular vegan cookbooks, including one devoted entirely to veggie burgers.

29. Hungry Hungry Hippie – Elise Dieden follows a mostly plant-based diet that is 100% committed to whole food and quality ingredients. She voraciously writes about her diet and her love of fitness on The Hungry Hungry Hippie.

30. Healthy Hungry Girl Kitchen – Wendy Solganik’s blog, Healthy Girl’s Kitchen, is about the challenges and delights of living life on a whole-food, plant-based diet. In addition to posting recipes, Wendy also shares her personal history of being an over eater in hopes of helping others find peace with food.

31. Brazen Kitchen – Leah Lizarondo is the recipe creator, health advocate and writer at The Brazen Kitchen. Leah writes about food and food policy, as well as the importance of making and sharing good food. She is also the co-founder of 412 Food Rescue and gave the TEDx Talk, “Why the farm is not getting to the table.”.

32. Vegie Head – Adele McConnell of Vegie Head mentors clients to eat a more plant-based diet, works with restaurants to add vegan menu items, and teaches private cooking and health classes. Her website is full of recipes that help overturn the reputation vegan food has of being full of tofu and fake meat.

33. Fork and Beans – Cara Reed of Fork and Beans takes pride in bringing her readers the finest in gluten-, egg-, and dairy-free cooking and baking. She is on a mission to convince others that eating allergy-free does not mean depriving yourself of taste.

34. Vegan Miam – Rika and Doni of Vegan Miam- are well-traveled vegan foodies who write about vegan food, products, and restaurants around the world. Their blog is also a great resource for Taiwanese and Asian vegan recipes, as well as the perfect place to find inspiration for your next trip — check out their Travel Schedule.

35. Alien’s Day Out – Mipa Lee of Alien’s Day Out is a vegan living in Seoul, South Korea. She blogs about her favorite vegan Korean dishes, fusion meals, sweets, and baked goods — which she bakes for her online bakeshop (it only delivers to addresses in South Korea).

36. Maria Mind Body Healthy – Who says healthy food can’t be fantastically tasty? If this is you’re opinion on home-cooked whole foods, then please check out what Maria’s been cooking up, from chocolate eclairs to seafood risotto.

37. Knead to Cook – Robin is a vegan, marathon runner, and mother. Balancing meals at her home can be tricky considering everyone has a different eating style. It is always an adventure!

38. Oh She Glows – Angela Liddon is an award winning recipe blogger. She features vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, kid friendly recipes.

39. Fed and Fit – Cassy Joy Garcia has chronicled over 200 Paleo-friendly recipes on her blog, conducts regular televised cooking demonstrations, builds customized corporate wellness programs, and works as a one-on-one Nutrition Consultant for individual clients.

40. A Cozy Kitchen – “Comfort food made cute” … no bells and whistles, this blog is dedicated to making her favorite comfort food recipes available for all.

41. Cooking Quinoa – This blog began as a site dedicated to all the ways quinoa can be prepared and enjoyed, and has blossomed into a great foodie resource with an emphasis on natural living.

42. Nutritionist in the Kitch – A website/blog by Christal Sczebel, Holistic Nutritionist, meant to inspire you to create and enjoy delicious and healthy food!

43. Mother Nourish – Janneke experiments with foods that tantalise the tastebuds while also providing awesome nutrition. Her blog consists of a library of recipes you and your family are sure to enjoy!

44. Delish Knowledge – Alex Caspero is on a quest to make healthy, vegan food that is delicious and nutritious.

45. No Meat Athlete: Runs on Plants – Matt brings together his love for running and food. This blog is filled with plant based recipes as well as running and exercise tips.

46. The Nutritionist and the Guru – A food loving husband and wife team – A university qualified nutritionist and talented chef. Inspiring people to live a healthy and happy life.

47. Choosing Raw – Choosing Raw is a website devoted to simple, nourishing, and delicious vegan and raw food recipes, compassionate living, and healthy body image.

48. Rawmazing – Susan creates a great blog page to learn about raw food. You will find articles and wonderful recipes that are easy and delicious!

49. Sprouted Kitchen – Sarah and Hugh are a food and photographer team. Sara focuses on seasonal ingredients in her recipes and Hugh photographs these delights. Together, they blog about their favorite seasonal dishes, provide recipes, and encourage their readers to eat as locally as possible!

50. Dinner With Julie – Julie has recipes for the whole family on her blog. Julie is a mother, wife, food and nutrition writer, stylist and she is on a mission to make meal and meal planning easy.

51. Damn Delicious – Most of the recipes in this blog focus on quick and easy meals for the everyday. Using simple and fresh ingredients, you can create sophisticated and elegant dish for your family in 30 minutes or less, which is much needed for those busy weeknights.

52. Divine Healthy Food – Susanna is an award winning raw food chef that loves to share her passion with others.

53. Whole Lifestyle Nutrition – Halle is an author of two cookbooks and has a passion for feeding her family healthy food, gardening, and sharing her knowledge about wellness with others. Her health approach comes from a holistic perspective and her recipes are easy to follow.

54. Natural Kitchen Adventures – Ceri is a natural foods chef, recipe developer, and food writer. Along with writing recipes she also teaches cooking classes, using a sliding scale model so everyone can join in and learn the power of cooking!

55. The Rising Spoon – Elaina is a self-taught cook and her blog is a compilation of great recipes along with nutritional suggestions and DIY at home projects to help her readers feel supported. Her recipes emphasize local, seasonal, and minimally processed ingredients.

56. Tasty Yummies – Tasty Yummies is a real food blog that features recipes that are gluten-free, unprocessed, clean, fresh, whole & seasonal. Many are vegan recipes, though not all.

57. Mind Body Oasis – Mind Body Oasis focuses on holistic health. Awesome recipes, tips about how to save money at the grocery store, thoughts to living a fun and healthy life, all aspects are covered!

58. Savory Lotus – Katja’s blog is her experience sharing how she maintains balance in her life. She provides whole-food based Paleo recipes along with many other tips on how to achieve and maintain balance in your life.

59. Homemade Mommy – Lindsey works full time, is a mother, and a food blogger and focuses on real food in her recipes. She shares food recipes as well beauty recipes that are healthy for the human body and the planet.

60. From the Land We Live On –  Sofia is a holistic nutritionist and emphasizes the connection we have with our food sources, intuitive cooking, urban gardening, traditional food preservation, herbalism, and foraging. She explores how all of these aspects of life come together to cultivate personal balance and a healthier food system.

61. My Cultured Palate – Dina-Marie lives on a vineyard with her family and uses her blog to share her life! This includes real-food recipes and projects that she is currently working on. Because she has experienced tremendous health benefits from the GAPS diet, many of her diets are oriented to this lifestyle.

62. Food Renegade – Kristen is the engine behind Food Renegade and is passionate about informing people on the importance of eating real food. On her blog she provides whole food recipes as well as how to eat healthy on a budget and be an informed eater.

63. Susi Kochen und Backen – Susi shares her family approved recipes that range from savory to sweet with a German touch in her blog.

64. Tartelette Blog – Helene is a food photographer, chef, and food enthusiast. She shares her passion for her art on this blog!

65. Delicious Obsessions – Here Jessica supplies simple, real food recipes to nourish the body. She also provides along with health & wellness articles, giveaways, and information about coconut oil!

66. Nourishing Meals – Both Tom and Ali are nutritionists and use their blog to post their healthy and tasty recipes. They have 5 children so their recipes are kid friendly (mostly!), as their primary focus is to raise healthy children. Elimination diet, gluten- sensitivity, and celiac disease recipes are offered here.

67. Chocolate Covered Katie – Katie focuses on creating healthier versions of her favorite desserts.

68. Not Without Salt – Ashley shares her passion for all things salty, sweet and savory on her blog. She provides recipes that inspire creativity in your kitchen and feed you well!

69. Maple Spice – Debbie shares her love for vegan and healthy food with tasty recipes!

70. Hello Natural – Hello Natural is a destination for healthy recipes, DIY beauty ideas, green-cleaning tips and wellness advice.

71. Country Cleaver – On Megan’s blog she brings together her love for country comfort food with whole food ingredients.

72. Gluten-Free on a Shoe String – Nicole agrees that living on a gluten-free diet can be expensive. For that very reason she has created a blog to make this lifestyle shift available, on all levels, to you and your family.

73. Planks, Love and Guacamole – Alanna is a mother and Paleo foodie! She writes recipes and shares her ideas using real food so Paleo enthusiasts won’t miss a thing!

74. Inspired by Charm – Michael is a recipe developer feels inspired to make all things beautiful. He has lots of DIY projects and tips on how to entertain.

75. Smitten Kitchen – The Smitten Kitchen is all about bringing you some home cooking from a tiny kitchen in New York City. This is the place to find your new favorite thing to cook.

76. Happy and Raw – Laura’s site is full of inspiring recipes as well as tips and articles to enhance your life and assist people in feeling better.

77. Laurel on Health Food – Laurel on Health Food provides delicious recipes that promote good nutrition and healthy eating. If you’re hungry, check out this blog to get ideas for your next meal.

78. Couture Nutrition – Alina Zhukovskay’s culinary expertise and knowledge of nutrition ensures that her recipes are clean eating and delicious! She is a health and nutrition coach who helps clients find the diet that reflects their unique personality and lifestyle.

79. Eat.More.Plants – Christie Fischer is a Nutritionist, blogger, and a health and wellness chic whose philosophy is based on researched scientific fact and her understanding of nutrition, blended with her personal passion of aiming for optimum health and living a well-rounded healthy holistic lifestyle.

80. Julie’s Lifestyle – Julie’s raw food recipes are simple and delicious. She has a great index of recipes, hot restaurant spots and energy and weight loss tips.

81. The Balanced Blonde – Jordan was once a vegan, and now she is all about balance. She shares her recipes and stories and hopefully some inspiration that help her readers out along their path.

82. Philosophie – Sophie’s blog focuses on informing her readers about health and wellness. As a Raw Food Nutritionist and Raw Food Chef she provides a lot of recipes as well as information about how to live in harmony with health.

83. Food Fitness Fresh Air – Grace’s blog focuses on seasonal, when she can, and mostly vegetarian cuisine. When she is navigating her way through the grocery store, garden, and into the kitchen, she is keeps health/nutrition on her mind. She agrees that a healthy body is a happy one, and many of the necessary elements to ensure this are derived from food.

84. The Healthy Apple – Amy’s blog focuses on clean, simple, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes that are intended to heal and maintain wellness in the mind and body. She is a Personal Chef, Culinary Nutritionist, Professional Recipe Developer, Food Photographer and Writer.

85. Dawna Stone – On Dawna’s blog she provides video, tips, and recipes to help people ignite their health. Her content is inspiring and motivating and she invites everyone to this health and wellness celebration.

86. Carrie Vandelac – Carrie is on a mission to make whole foods simple and to help people find lasting healing through food. Simple and creative recipes that you are sure to enjoy!

87. 18 Grains – Easy and healthy recipes are featured on Hayley’s blog. Her background in psychology and teaching, combined with her training in holistic nutrition, allows her to uniquely understand the underlying issues that affect weight issues, allergies, and other poor health conditions.

88. Cooking with Claudine – Claudine brings together chic, smart, and incredibly busy women and encourages them to unleash their inner domestic divas. She provides lots of different recipe options to explore.

89. Heather Braaten – Heather Braaten is a Plant-Passionate Foodie and Healthy Eating Educator. In her blog she not only gives great recipes but she also provides nutritional information as to why she uses specific ingredients.

90. Elise Smartwood Wellness – Elle helps you make inspiring and beautiful meals. She encourages that we prepare our food with love, ensuring that it will make you feel radiant!

91. Super Charged Food – Lee Holmes, the founder of Supercharged Food is a great place to find easy to make delicious anti-inflammatory recipes that are gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar free.

92. Jessica Lauren DeBry – Jessica’s recipes help her readers feel good from the inside. They are plant-based recipes designed that help you live your ideal life.

93. PaleOMG – Juli Bauer, writes about Paleo and Crossfit from Denver, Colorado. She aims to make you laugh and inspire you to eat something delicious and become more confident with yourself.

94. Garden Fresh Foodie – Jessica began this blog to help her dental patients who were suffering from diabetes, periodontal, heart disease, and food allergies. All of the recipes are plant-based and all are gluten free, with options change them into traditional flours if desired.

95. Red Nails, Green Veggies – Alena, a newly married 20 something living in NYC, created Red Nails, Green Veggies out of a passion for seasonal whole foods and nutrition. The recipes are creative, fun, and full of nutrients that will have you feeling and looking your best!

96. Katie Hussong – Katie healed her own health challenges by changing her diet. her blog explores holistic health,culinary nutrition and natural living.

97. Eatori – Sydney born food writer, Victoria (Tori) Haschka shares the story of The Hungry One (the husband) and their mutual search for the best ways to eat, drink and be merry.

98. Jewish Food Hero – Jewish Food Hero is your one-stop resource to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. The mission is to help a global community of women come home to themselves. Visit the site to grab a FREE guide: 18 Effortless Ways to Eat Less Meat and Dairy

99. The Fit Foodie – The Fit Foodie blog is a hub for all things healthy, fit, stylish, aspirational and influential. Here Sally shares her passion for wellbeing and fitness, with a mission to give women information and inspiration to feel nourished and happy.

100. Feed me Pheobe – Pheobe is a food writer, chef, competitive French fry eater, and owner of one too many frilly aprons. This blog is where she share her recipes for healthy hedonism, gluten-free finds, and tips on living a more balanced life beyond food.

Our list is a work in progress and we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to email us and post your favorite Food Blogs in the comments below!

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